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The Facts 
Fabric: Anna Maria Horner dobby dot fabric ($? – I can't remember!)
Pattern: Anna Maria Horner Roundabout Dress and Slip
Year: c. 2009
Notions: none
Time to complete: 1 year. Should take the average seamstress, stuffing the half finished project behind a bin notwithstanding, about 3.5 hours.
First worn: June 2011
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: $I have no clue!$

Procrastination. It has plagued my family for centuries. Or at least it's plagued me throughout my life. One of those. 

Like any crafter worth their salt, I am also a bit of a hoarder. Not the "OMG there are 100 cats in there!" kind of hoarder you see on TLC, a much more sinister kind: I'm a half-finished project hoarder. 

When I heard that this week's challenge was going to be all about the UFO again, my first reaction was "Thank goodness. I have SO MANY things to finish!" then followed by "Oh no. I have SO MANY things to finish." How can you pick just one?!?

The brightness of the fuchsia fabric hit me first. Then the realization that I had all the required pieces to create this project. YES! Decision made: the Roundabout Dress and Slip, abandoned and stuffed behind a bin of fabric from last year, will be my UFO this week.

I used Anna Maria Horner's dobby fabric from her Little Folks line (purchased God knows where for who knows how much!) to make the simple, drop waist dress/tunic and it was a dream to sew with. I learned from using that slippery polyester that a silk thread will glide through the fabric like butter, so I stocked up on it at my local Jo Ann's (see also: I couldn't find any matching thread at home. Past Sarah – how were you planning on sewing this item? Seriously.)

The only complicated parts of this project were the pleats on the neckline and the bias tape used to finish the neckline. Seperate, they are easy sewing tasks. Together they seemed to be the oil and water of the sewing world – they just wouldn't match up! I finally wrestled the bias tape into positon and all was right in the world. Or at least in my project.

Detail 1
After finishing, I can say I will definitely wear it again – as a tunic. It looks lovely over skinny jeans or over leggins, but as a dress? A little too short for my taste! At least it's lightweight – it's literally 100 degrees here right now and I can use all the lightweight clothing I can get. 

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Sarah Gabbart


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  1. I think Fushia is definitely your colour! What a gorgeous bright material and a lovely relaxed pattern. In the heat you’re talking I’d be wearing it as a dress (maybe a pair of shorts underneath if needed)

  2. margueritedesigns

    Gorgeous colour and shape – congratulations for finishing it!

  3. Looks good and is such a sunny, happy color!

  4. Very pretty, and your yard too. I agree, fushia really is one of your colors!

  5. I have a blouse in that fabric too and it is so comfy! Love that color on you and what a fabulous tunic! Yay to getting it finished!

  6. judy roberson

    so proud you finished this tunic..So pretty and the color is great on you..

  7. try it with some shorts, Sarah!! This is really cute!!

  8. Sarah! I love this pattern on you, but totally think you need to put on some kick ass biker shorts underneath and call it good. :-D

  9. Awesome tunic! Ah, dobby dot… how I love you but you are surprisingly difficult to come by in Adelaide. And yay for all the pattern pieces being there – looks like Tex the Sewing Room Magpie* has been lying low since the discovery of his exploits with your Lady Grey coat pieces….
    *Explanatory note probably required: A magpie is an Australian bird that collects pretty and shiny things to build its nest. I’m convinced Tex has a secret nest somewhere in your house comprised of all your missing pattern pieces and sewing notions.

  10. So pretty! You look magnificent in that beautiful garden.

  11. you know– it’s so mod but at the same time you could throw some accessories on and wear it to gatsby! sans jeans. you can totally rock this as a dress.

  12. Sarah, pinks and reds look so gorgeous on you!
    It’s such a nice casual shape and so perfect for your hot summer! xoxo

  13. Thanks lady! I am loving how loose and comfy it is!

  14. SWEET! Great idea Ooona!! I’m still trying to convince the husband that we need to go to San Fransisco for the occasion – maybe this will help!

  15. Love this tunic/dress…very reminiscent of 1920’s flapper dresses..I could see this with a cute cloche hat! Great job!

  16. This is so cute but it does look like a dress to me. I love the color and the pattern on the fabric. The style is great. I think Jan is right though it would look great with shorts. Maybe some tight calf length leggins would be good too.