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Top top photo
The Facts 

Fabric: Target Liberty of London top from two years ago
Pattern: None
Year: c. 2009
Notions: Elastic thread
Time to complete: 1
First worn: June 2011
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: $0

Original shirt As you might have guessed from previous posts, I'm a huge fan of Liberty of London! When Target, my home away from home, came out with a line of clothing designed by the famous British department store, I couldn't get there fast enough. I was literally in the door of my local Target for their 8 a.m. opening. On a Sunday. I'm not messing around with this stuff y'all.

I purchased a few winners that day – a pair of adorable gardening gloves, a one-shoulder maxi dress, a few summer tops and one three-quarter sleeved, drop waist top. As much as I loved the other items, this top just didn't look right on me. I really liked the print, but the shape was all wrong. 


When this challenge came along, it made me look long and hard at my wardrobe for something to remix. You see, upon starting this year of sewing clothing with the lovely Sew Weekly ladies, I cleaned out my closet and did away with anything I didn't absolutely love. Everthing ill fitting, damaged or past its prime was tossed or donated. Everything except this top. It was hiding in plain sight for almost 6 months!

After top
For this new version of the top, I simply removed the sleeves and ruffle, and added a peplum-style waist with elastic thread in the bobbin. It could not have been easier! It literally took me the course of one episode of Veronica Mars and boom – new, well-fitting and weather appropriate summer top!

Top photo


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. I can see why you kept it – the fabric is so sunny, but your revamped version is much better. (the frill on the bottom was a bit dowdy).

  2. LOVELY!! It looks fantastic! And I think your liberty love is rubbing off on me!!! I got very excited to see some liberty prints in my local fabric store yesterday!

  3. I’m truly feeling the liberty love too haha :P Love the transformation, so easy and yet it made so much difference to the blouse. Great job!

  4. And you got to keep your fabulous liberty fabric!

  5. Sarah I have kicked myself so many times for not buying the largest maxi dress from the Liberty line at Target just for the fabric. On top of that, I work for the company I should know better! This one was hot, hot, hot!
    I’m glad you did the “smart girl” thing and doubly smart to refashion your top and make it yours! I love it and will live through your happiness…but next time I’m in line with you at the crack of dawn!

  6. okay, i love that you went berserk on your closet before starting the year of challenges… i have been meaning to annihilate all offenders from mine for months now.
    your top is perfect! i too have kicked myself for not buying something, ANYTHING, from their liberty jaunt. this print is so pretty!

  7. margueritedesigns

    Much better!

  8. judy roberson

    Sarah.. love what you did with the blouse.. so cute.. and the Target store in the background.Fantastic…
    [Now Cathe.. cant believe you missed out on this.. shame.shame..[hahhahha]]

  9. It is great. I love the pattern of the fabric and you refashioned it perfect. Fantastic!

  10. Perfect refashion! This is great for summer :)

  11. Target did Liberty of London?? I’m not even going to pretend that this revelation didn’t send me straight to eBay the minute I finished reading your post. I LOVE your refashioned top – it’s gorgeous and looks great on you! Like, really amazing. I am coveting that top like Tex covets cheese. Amazing work Sarah, yay for being able to see potential in things!

  12. I totally agree! I was like “Hmm ruffle. Ok – I’ll try it!” and then it looked so old lady on me!

  13. Yes! I love converting people to the gospel of Liberty – can’t wait to see the stuff you make with it!

  14. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to wear this top out more – it’s so bright!

  15. Right?!? Can’t ask for a better refashion – keep something you love, but a better version of it!

  16. Girl I know what you mean! I missed a dress in the Zac Posen line and really hate myself for it – it was so pretty!
    I have one of the maxi dresses and I love it – it’s the one shoulder, pink print one! I have only worn it once to a fancy dinner, but I have it on deck for some summer events!

  17. Thank you so much Sue!

  18. Thanks lady! I have totally done that before – hit up eBay for stuff I missed and been like “WHAT?! $200 for a $40 dress?! Well it is really cute…” LOL