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The Facts 

Fabric: Black and white linen fabric and white cotton for lining ( 3 yards each from Jo Ann's; ~$30 total)
Pattern: Simplicity 2444
Year: c. 2011
Notions: 1 invisible zipper from stash
Time to complete: 6
First worn: June 2011
Wear again? Yes – to a fancy summer party!

Total Cost: $30

Confession time: I have never been to a horse race. I have seen a turtle race, a duck race, a sack race, a dog race and sadly been witness to drag racing in my teenage years (sorry mom!) But never the classic grab-your-hat-and-a-mint-julep-and-let's-see-some-horses! kind of affair. I have, however, played host to a few Kentucky Derby parties at my home and Royal Ascot parties at my London dorm room. These event revolve around three things: races, hats and booze. All three are required for a successful event, but the hat is probably the most important element. 

Horse hat

As I learned during my time abroad, having a killer hat is nothing if you don't have a great looking dress on to complement it. That's why I was super excited when I heard about this challenge – a black and white stunner to show off my crazy looking horse race hat? The one with the tiny horse on it? Yes please!

I have passed over this Project Runway Simplicity pattern in my stash many times, but hadn't yet found the right project for it. The awful cover did not help matters. After finding some lovely black and white linen at Jo Ann's, I finally decided to give it a go! I was so glad I did – the pattern is easy, cute and classis. Oh, and includes lots of design options, so I can make this summer version and then make one with sleeves for the fall!

The fabric was very easy to work with, much more wearable for the literal 100 degree heat (38 C) we are having right now in Texas than the poly number I made a few weeks back. Dang Texas – why you gotta be so hot? Anywho, the dress breathes, which is much better than I'm doing when I'm outside. It's hot y'all!

Overall, I would wear this dress again to any summer party I get invited to – as long as I get to wear my hat!

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  1. Lovely- you look cool :) And the hat- well I LOVE the little horsie ;)

  2. That is a nice dress – better than the pattern cover for sure. Simple and elegant, but the hat! We won’t miss you in that! Definitely a statement hat – love the horse.

  3. Nice pattern, nie dress, bring on the sun as it would be great for a summer party. Thanks for sharing, you look great

  4. You look so cute and your hat is great!!! Wear it baby and wear it proud.

  5. So So Gorgeous! I’m all inspired now – my favourite this week me thinks x

  6. judy roberson

    Love your did a great job.. I used this pattern too.. I had it for awhile and thought..this is a great time to use it.. Very comfortable, isnt it??
    YOu look great..

  7. Oh, I wish you’d worn your amazing horse hat to the drag races! The dress is gorgeous, definitely a good fabric and pattern choice. Yay for your skill to see past an ugly pattern cover to the potential – I haven’t quite acquired that skill yet…. Here’s to lots of summer party invites (where the booze is more important than the hat)!

  8. LOVELY dress! Such a nice print and super classy! I think it will probably be a summer staple! AND OMG. love the hat…the horsey pin is so cute!!! Have fun at the party!

  9. Thanks Debi! I want to wear this hat all the time, but my husband restricts it to hat related outings. I might have to start sneaking it out to wear it to the grocery or something… :O)

  10. YES! Summer parties – this is happening today and next weekend, so off to a good start already! I hope that your winter down under is like summer and that you get to swim! Or like winter and it’s cool outside – one of those!

  11. Thank you Judy! I am so shocked at how great this pattern is – it’s really versatile and the pleats are flattering (I wasn’t so sure about them at first!)

  12. Thanks Jessie! I am so going to rock this hat on any occasion I can!

  13. Thanks Jen! I needed a hat that could compete with a visor my friend Mo made that has a whole racetrack of tiny horses running for the crown of roses!

  14. oh your hat. how can your husband restrict such a hat. this hat was not made for rules.
    your dress is so sparkling, you know what i mean? such spiffy black and white, such a classy line.

  15. Oh Sarah, the dress looks lovely and so classy! Love the print too!

  16. HAHAHA! Yes! That hat doesn’t play by our rules – it’s a loose cannon!