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Top photoI'm sucking in so much in this photo.

The Facts 

Fabric: two thrifted pillowcases – chambray or light denim fabric ($2)
Pattern: Remixed Colette Violet pattern 
Year: c. 2011
Notions: 7 vintage buttons and vintage bias tape, from stash
Time to complete: 3
First worn: June 2011
Wear again? Yes – when I lose a few pounds

Total Cost: $2

Holy pillowcases people – I'm shocked how much fabric you can get out of two standard ones! Two, two-dollar pillowcases, three hours and one remixed Colette pattern later I was the proud owner of a super cute top – albeit a tight one. Yes that's right – I cut this sucker too tight y'all!

Not wanting this shirt to look too much like my other Violet I decided to make this version sleeveless with a nipped in, peplum style waist. I used bias tape to finish the armholes and cut the bodice under the breast area, adding a band at the bottom (the hem is the finished edge of the pillowcase!) I also gathered both the bottom of the bodice and the top of the band and matched them together. The only fabric I have added to this was some Liberty scrap under the color and inside the facing to add some contrast. 

One important detail I neglected was making the blouse bigger to accomodote the new waistline. D'oh. It is now justalittletootight in the waist and hip. No worries though! I'm in the process of losing weight and it should be perfect once I drop the next 2 – 3 pounds. So BAM – goal weight top!

Full top 


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Wow, I would never have known this was made from a pillow. I was a little skeptical about the idea of pillow-clothing, but its really growing on me!

  2. Very cute and what great incentive to lose a few lbs. (As if you need to otherwise!)

  3. You look great no weight loss needed! However your top is really cute.

  4. It looks really sweet! I love that you used the existing hemline of the pillowcase for the hem of the shirt, cutting corners is my thing! Congrats on aiming to lose that extra weight, but I think you look SO gorgeous right now!

  5. A very sweet top, the blue color is perfect combination with the chosen pattern, beautiful!

  6. great pillowcase reuse that turned into a fantastic top! I have some of those vintage sewing books in the last picture! those are great and I love the fabric coverings.

  7. I love the top. No one would ever guess it started as pillowcases.

  8. I need to try this soon – your creativity is inspiring me!

  9. Love, love, love the collar on this! So adorable! What a fantastic idea!!!

  10. This would be a great shirt in chambray, but knowing it came from a couple of pillowcases is just impressive. I too have been amazed at the amount of fabric in pillowcases. I even unpicked the overlocking (easy once you know how)and the quantity is surely enough for a decent top.

  11. You’re so funny! I love reading your posts.

  12. Yay chambray is back! I love the pattern alterations you’ve made – and the Liberty additions of course! I think it looks great on you now, you don’t have to lose weight to wear it. Good luck with your weight loss goals, I won’t offer a motivational speech as last weeks’ photo shoot has proven you already know how to ride your bike :)

  13. I love your “remix,” the Liberty-faced collar, and the pillowcase hem. Very inspiring!

  14. This is such a cute blouse! I love the floral facing:)

  15. judy roberson

    Cute blouse.. You did a great job , changing the it.. Good luck on your weight loss. Know its hard.. You are looking great!! Keep up the good work..

  16. Thank you so much Judy!

  17. Thanks Lee – I love the hem; I’ll never look at a pillowcase the same way again!

  18. Thanks lady! Awww yeah chambray! You know I can’t resist it!

  19. Thank you Clarissa – that means a lot! You just made my week!

  20. It’s incredible how much fabric is in these things – I was blown away! Thanks for the kind words about the shirt – I can’t wait to wear it soon!

  21. Thanks Rachel! And OMG – how cool are those books? My neighbor gave them to me!

  22. Thank you Jessie – you guys are making my week! I might file this post under “Self-Esteem raiser!”

  23. Thanks Melissa! I know what you mean – I am floored by what everyone was able to make!