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The Facts

Fabric: 4 pillowcases–2 for each blouse (yes! I made two blouses this week), 1.5 metres of lime green crepe back satin (all of these from my fabric stash!!!) approx: £5 total
Pattern: Idea/inspiration from Simplicity 7760, skirt from McCall 3968
Year: c.  1968 for wrap blouse and 1940 for skirt
Notions: 3.5 metres x 2 of yellow trim £5

Time to complete: 8 hours for two blouses and one skirt

Wear again? Yes….the blouses go great under sweaters! I need to fix the hem of the skirt but other than that I love it!!

Total Cost: ~£10

I really had no idea what to make for this challenge.  Luckily when I was out at a charity shop with my niece, I came across Simplicity 7760, a pattern from 1968 for a wrap blouse and dress:

60s wrap Perfect, I thought!  I’ll just make a wrap tunic blouse.  As I unfolded the pattern the main piece was ridiculously large requiring me to unpick the pillowcase and probably add a seam down the back.  Then I started thinking, wouldn’t it be great to use all the seams already in the pillowcase and make a faux wrap blouse?  Would that be possible?  I’ve been soooooo longing for a simple/easy project that I jumped at the chance to give it a try.

Enter pillowcase set #1: bright yellow and sunny


So, it’s a faux wrap blouse because I actually slip this over my head!  Both of the pillowcases I used were 18 inches across.  They fit me fine except for the hips.  I had to chop off quite a bit of length because of my hip width (I’m 39 inches in the hips, so the pillowcase was about 3 inches too tight).

This first version was really my test version to see if it would work.  On this version, I made the length a bit longer and cut a small slit at the side to mimic a wrap opening.   I sewed the trim on this version going across me and all the way down to the bottom of the blouse.  I also sewed the trim onto the sleeve openings.

DSC02719Version #2: Sunny with blue tones

Once I had experimented with the first pillowcase, I felt confident to cut into the second set which has a very colourful print.


I followed the same technique I did for the first one except I made the blouse shorter (without a bottom slit) and I had the trim go across my bodice in the opposite direction.


Here’s a better close-up of the entire blouse:


I made the blouse from one pillowcase but needed the second pillowcase for the sash ties.  I ended up tying them into bows.

Lastly, I made the skirt from a pattern I’ve used before, McCall 3968 from 1940:

Picture 55
I love this skirt pattern as it’s so versatile.  I’ve made it before in lightweight wool (which was the perfect fabric for the pattern).  This time I decided to try sewing it up in crepe back satin with the crepe side showing out and the satin inside.  I used some fabric from my stash that amazingly matched the two pillowcases perfectly (I love it when that happens).   I was originally going to make a blouse with this fabric but I had enough to make this skirt instead!!  The only thing I can now see in the photos is that the invisible hem is not invisible!!!  Argggghhhh….lesson learned, do a narrow machine hem on crepe back satin instead of hemming it by hand!

So, which one do you like better?  Version 1 or version 2?

Picture 56
If you’re curious how this all came together, stop by my blog this week as I’m going to do a step-by-step tutorial on how I made these faux wrap blouses.


Debi from My Happy Sewing Place

Debi Fry LOVES vintage patterns. She started sewing in 2009 and has been going since. In 2011, she participated in the Sew Weekly challenge and looks forward to the new challenges that lie in store!


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  1. Great shirts and skirt – interesting how the brightness of the yellow top really lightens the colour of the skirt, but the ‘bluer’ top makes it look darker and shinier. So bright and spring-like all told.

  2. margueritedesigns

    Lovely and fresh looking.

  3. As ever, looking absolutely beautiful. What a clever blouse!

  4. I think the Sunny with Blue Tones one is my fave, it’s softer and blends well with the green! Nice work on following through on an idea! I reckon pillowslips and bedspreads are wear dreams are made and tested out!

  5. So beautiful and spring! I like the three garments alike, you have two different suits with three pieces, Awesome!

  6. So cute I love the skirt and the blouses!!! Who knew a pillow case could be so versatile.

  7. Aren’t you miss clever! I like them both! And it is an interesting color combination, I’m so used to seeing you in deep reds and greens and browns. You look like you’re off on a cruise.

  8. Debi, I adore these! I love color and both of these are perfectly summery. Excellent use of trim, by the way…and I am looking forward to your tutorial very much! You are a true fashionista :)

  9. I love them both, although more partial to the blue just because I like blue… Will definitely be checking out your blog for the tutorial – these look like easy, office-appropriate blouses… And what I need for hot & humid DC summers!!

  10. Ooh, Debi! I can’t believe those blouses are pillowcases!!! They look amazing and I really like both of them. I really like the bright green skirt, too, it looks great on you! :)

  11. Fantastic!! Now I need to find me a pillowcase. I like the colours of yours :)

  12. They really don’t look like pillowcases at all! Great print choices, and a very clever shirt.

  13. They’re both so nice, but I especially like the second one! The trim goes so well with it, and I like the fabric. No one who saw you in these darling tops would ever guess that you were wearing pillowcases!

  14. What a clever idea! I thought they were real wrap blouses when I first saw the photos. I love the second one cos it has a more colorful print and absolutely adore your choices of trims!

  15. judy roberson

    How clever.. so pretty..You look great.

  16. Always fabulous Debi, and a clever pattern too. You look amazing in these colours, I have a soft spot for green myself.

  17. Thanks Jen! I know…isn’t it funny how the different blouse colours really tone down or liven up the colour of the skirt?

  18. Thanks Karen! I had fun with it!

  19. Thanks Veronica! It was fun to try out something new!

  20. Thanks Rosy! I know…I can’t believe I made three things this week…yay for pillowcases!

  21. Thanks Jessie! I know, right?? I never thought you could make a dress or a swimsuit from a pillowcase!! :)

  22. Oh! I wish I was off on a cruise! Actually I just wish it was warm here so I could wear these blouses without a sweater…ehehhehehehe

  23. Thanks Meg! I like these summery colours as well! Loved your pillowcase blouse/coverup as well!

  24. Definitely office appropriate! I don’t usually like real wrap blouses because, well, they come unwrapped! But these are perfect!!

  25. Thanks Sarah! I thought of you when I was making these garments…definitely cheery fabric!

  26. Thanks Rachel! I am definitely drawn to bright colours!!

  27. Thanks Melissa! I’m partial to the blue one too! I especially like that trim. It’s funny because the trim was the only thing I needed to buy and I went to the fabric store (I hadn’t viewed my pillowcases for awhile…maybe 2 weeks) and I picked up yellow and red trim. I could have sworn one of these had red in it! hahahhahaha. Lesson learned..I have a horrible memory and need to bring my fabric with me! Anyways, I now have red trim too for a future project!

  28. Thanks Adey! I’m partial to the second one as well! The trim is really nice! I ABSOLUTELY loved your pillowcase swimsuit this week. It’s official, I think you are my sewing guru :)

  29. Thanks Kazz! I never thought I would be drawn to these colours but I SO AM! :) You look fab in green…I’ll never forget your green and brown dress! One of my favourites!

  30. Very cute! Love the colours :)

  31. thanks so much! They are not my ‘usual’ colours but I like them as well and they felt very summery!