Hot! Guess Next Week’s Theme

You have one hint:



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. cocktail dress? i like the black one–MTL?

  2. Ditto!! I am loving the black one too!!
    My guess is a “Make this Look” week. ;)

  3. I’m going with Make This Look based on a ModCloth dress??

  4. I’d say the theme is either bridesmaid or cocktail dress

  5. margueritedesigns

    Evening dress? Or something in a shape you’ve never made before?

  6. Something to wear for the Royal Visit?

  7. IS this a Make This Look Challenge?!!!!?

  8. partytime!
    great inspiration

  9. Your favorite Modcloth Dress.

  10. I’m going with something in a solid color…

  11. No one has got it yet! Keep guessing!

  12. I would have said cocktail dresses as well but now I have no clue…
    bridesmaid dresses redone? will kick myself once Mena reveals it but until then will keep guessing!

  13. special occasion?

  14. Here’s another hint: DK-BJ-MJ-ZP-CK-MK-ODLR-RL-H

  15. I would have guessed American designers, but Oscar de la Renta is Dominican…..hmmm…

  16. designer imitation???

  17. Born Dominican, but naturalized American citizen :)

  18. Yeah, how about tribute project to your favourite American designer?

  19. Looks like Mad Men to me!

  20. Never mind, I hadn’t yet read through the comments! Those are definitely american designers…Donna Karen, Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Oscar De La Renta, Ralph Lauren, Halston.
    I don’t recognize any of those being from B. Johnson’s Fall 2011 RTW, so maybe just American designer inspiration?

  21. margueritedesigns

    Is it ‘design your own dress’ and put you own label on it?

  22. Oh, yes!! plagiarize, plagiarize, please, heh, heh.

  23. margueritedesigns

    Wasn’t really advocating that … just thought it might be a ‘be a designer’ theme …

  24. Ah, American designers make sense. I was trying to think of something patriotic since Independence Day is next week! First I thought these were dresses Michelle Obama or first ladies wore, but that short green dress didn’t seem to fit that :)

  25. So yes, in honor of the fourth of July, we’re doing American designers as inspiration.

  26. Any ideas where to look for insparation as someone who knows next to nothing about designers?

  27. Yay! I pick Ule Herzner from Project Runway, since I love her maxi dresses and caftans, but don’t live anywhere near her shops (or have 100s of $$ to spend…)

  28. Hooray! This might give me an excuse to make my Gunne Sax-inspired dress.

  29. if you need a list of designers to choose from, I found this list on Wikipedia
    its given me a few ideas.