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image from Help me (and the Sew Weekly readers) find new blogs to read! If you have a sewing/vintage/craft blog, please leave the address in the comments below. Even if you know I read you already, leave it. I want to have a master list to work from. And if you're a lurker, here's your chance to delurk. 


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I’ll start to get the ball rolling:
    The Sew Weekly

  2. I admit: I am a lurker. I’m new to sewing but I keep a blog to keep track of everything that I’m learning:
    Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  3. I don’t sew exclusively but it’s definitely my focus in the summer. Here’s mine:

  4. My blog is not directly sewing-related, but there is sewing mentioned. And it’s not really a blog as much as a “project” in which I transcribe a daily diary from the 1960s.
    She has been doing quite a bit of sewing lately, though there’s not a lot of detail.

  5. Hello, I’m Ashley and I blog about my sewing adventures :) I also share a knitting project now and again.
    Ashley x
    ps. I’m currently holding a giveaway, it ends on the 20th May!

  6. Hiya! My blog is It’s, uh, on a temporary hiatus as I get my life back in order post-wedding…but it will be coming back! Transforming from wedding dress sewing blog to something sewing. It will be coming out of its cocoon soon. Thanks!

  7. Hi! I’m Katie, and I blog about sewing, vintage, home projects, knitting – anything crafty!

  8. I’m Bethany. My mom, Linda, and I run our sewing/craft blog together. And we have an etsy shop connected to it.
    Mena, this is a great idea!

  9. Delurking now:
    It’s about sewing and pattern making, with a little bit of vintage.

  10. I have a relatively new blog about sewing and creativity. It’s Come on over!

  11. Fun! Thanks Mena! :D
    I have a crafty, but mostly sewy blog @

  12. Oooh all the fab blogs in one place. How will we ever get any sewing done? :) hehe

  13. I write a sewing column twice a month for my local newspaper,, and I post the columns on my blog:
    PS. Love the Sew Weekly! Although I can’t keep up now because there’s so much content!

  14. i’m sort of lurky, but i try to come out of my shell every now & again! my sewing blog!

  15. My blog is fairly new, I post about vintage sewing and vintage inspiration at Sew Something Vintage

  16. jacey_sinkorswim

    Ooo, can’t wait to check out all these blogs. I just started mine — knitting and sewing.

  17. Hi! I’m Rebecca and I blog about sewing and occasionally other fun things! I’d love for you to visit!

  18. Tearing things apart and (slowly) sewing them back together again at The Sewcratic Method.
    I enjoy your blog a lot, but sometimes I have trouble finding things here.

  19. Oops. What did I do wrong?
    The Sewcratic Method

  20. Hi Mena and everyone else in Sewing Blog Land,
    I write about my sewing adventures over at my blog, Sew Well:
    Do say hello if you stop by. Thanks!

  21. Hey Mena! I’m a huge fan of The Sew Weekly and like many of your fans, I too have a sewing blog. I’m quite the amateur, but please free to stop by any time ;o)

  22. Delurking to say I sew and craft, as sporadically as I post but I do do both. I’m over at Welsh Pixie

  23. Hello all,
    Hands up I’m a Sew Weekly lurker too. I write about my sewing escapades here:
    It’s lovely see new people :-)

  24. Hi! my sewing blog is at
    come visit sometime!

  25. My name’s Emily and I’m a lurker…and I didn’t mean for that to sound like an AA meeting. My blog tries to focus on things besides sewing but it doesn’t always achieve it: Thanks!

  26. I’m mainly a lurker, but I’ll add my blog to the list. And I can’t wait to check out some of the ones posted here I didn’t know about!

  27. My blog is rather a diary dealing with finding your personnal style (a least I hope to), but I intend to sew most of my garments (hopefully including undies) from now on, so there are a few sewing post already.
    You can consider it a bit on the vintage-y side, since most of my posts feature vintage illustrations from René Gruau (and I’m also especially inspired by vintage 1970’s patterns). It’s a bilingual blog, so if you want to practice French, that’s a bonus ^^.
    It’s here ! And now, let’s have a look at all these new blogs…

  28. Lurker comin’ out!
    Mine’s a general craft blog. Come on over!

  29. Mine’s

  30. Hi Mena. I have a sewing blog – but it’s not quite the same calibre as the Sew Weekly! Nonetheless, more than happy for everyone to pop on round and say hi!

  31. Thanks for the blog roll! My blog is What’s Up, Cupcake? I blog about my crafty endeavors and every Saturday, a tasty sweet treat.

  32. I’m a jewelry designer/crafter (who wants to learn to sew better and uses your blog as motivation). I blog about all kinds of crafting projects, vintage finds, and my garden @
    Thanks for writing such an amazing blog!

  33. My blog gets a bit wander-y, but if you stick to the sewing, howto,knitting, and crochet labels, it should be fine ;)
    I really need to create a ‘make’ label. That’d keep the crafty bits apart from the travel bits, apart from the food bits, apart from the life bits!

  34. Hi!
    My blog is
    I also run Sew Retro (I do believe you’re a member!) which can be found at

  35. I just started a blog to document a wardrobe challenge that I’m taking. I’ll be putting together (sewing and knitting the majority) a thirty piece wardrobe for fall/winter 2011 in an effort to sew/knit with intention and understand what makes a good wardrobe.
    The blog is still a little sparse and rough around the edges but, hopefully, it will start to come together.
    I’m looking forward to being introduced to some new (to me) sewing blogs. Thanks for starting this, Mena.

  36. Just started blogging my adventures a few weeks ago.
    Not a lot sewing related yet but there will be!

  37. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to showcase ourselves! I knit and sew over at I sew exclusively from vintage patterns and knit from both contemporary and vintage patterns. I have a three tiered monthly goal and hope to complete an entirely hand-made wardrobe… eventually.

  38. I sew (and enjoy vintage and other crafty pursuits) here:
    Please stop by and say hi!

  39. margueritedesigns

    Well I’ve just got going at:
    I wasn’t keeping one regularly but I’ve been inspired by everything I’ve seen on here and it’s become a habit to keep it updated now.

  40. I should probably include the address:

  41. I have been blogging for a few months now at Thanks for asking this question. Now I can look at all the blogs above!

    Thanks for showcasing all these fabulous blogs! On a shirt blogging break for now, but will be sewing lots more once I get back on track. Thanks again!

  43. I’m a lurker, but I have a sewing blog
    I’d love for you to visit, and I have loved your blog and all the sewing you do!

  44. Hi Mena,
    Confession time: I’m a lurker on The Sew Weekly. The timing of your post is interesting as I just started a blog this past weekend where I’ll be capturing snippets of my sewing (and sometimes knitting) adventures. You can find it at
    There’s only one post so far, but more in the works so come visit any time.

  45. Hello! Thanks for the invitation to post our blogs. :) My name is Amy and I have craft/sewing blog that mostly features my jewelry designs but I’ve been chronicling my adventures into sewing on it as well. Your blog is certainly and inspiration! You can find it here:

  46. Oh it would be so nice if you came by to visit! :) I started my blog last year and it is mostly sewing related, though there are posts about other crafts, too.

  47. – but it is in German! On the positive side: I do show the good and the bad :-)

  48. I have a blog which I’ve been trying to get moving along. Thanks for the invite!

  49. I’m a lurker too! The sew weekly is so inspiring, I wish I was as productive!
    My name is Freya and I write a sewing blog over at

  50. New to blogging, old to dressmaking. (But not that old!)

  51. Oh, boy! New blogs!! Great idea, Mena!!
    Here’s my blog:
    Sarah :)

  52. I’m a fairly new lurker–just found the blog a couple of weeks ago!
    I actually have two blogs:
    Sewing: where I currently blog about my adventures studying custom clothing in design school.
    Vintage: where write about living a fabulous Technicolor life (or, at least, trying to…) channeling my grandmother, June Cleaver (while secretly wishing I were Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly)

  53. oh my oh my I have sooo many new blogs to look at! I too am a lurker, I’m a blogger who chats about vintage, sewing, great finds, life, my business, you name it it’s there, having said that I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks due to a failing hard drive but I’m back and posting tomorrow!

  54. Yes! I love finding new blogs to read! Mine is!

  55. Glad to see so many fellow lurkers out there. My blog is not just sewing but I sew a lot so it’s in there more then half the time I’d say.

  56. I’ve been sewing all my life and reading sewing blogs for several years, now I’ve started my own blog Toferet

  57. I am newish to sewing and am having fun trying new things. I blog about both successes and big flaming failures! I am amazed how many people are reading what I do and love all the positive feedback I get through blogging.

  58. My blog is and is about using books to guide your sewing. I’m still new and have yet to make a wearable garment, but not for lack of trying!

  59. judy roberson

    Mena.. what a great idea.. All in one place and easy to find..thankyou.
    I just started a blog..So, its not too impressive..I am in the learning stage [and not computer savy,ha].But..would love to have visitors..
    My blog is:

  60. I blog about sewing, painting, and crafting in general!

  61. I write about my husband’s fabric designs:

  62. I blog over at
    Can’t wait to check out all these ‘new to me’ blogs :)

  63. I’m a lurker and love this blog!
    I write about my sewing adventures over at

  64. I’m definitely in the beginner/intermediate camp when it comes to sewing and I document it all here:

  65. Nice idea, Mena! My blog is Sewin’ in the Rain and I post my sewing projects there.
    A family illness has slowed my sewing since I started blogging in January, but I’m currently working on a plan to keep me on a more relaxed sewing schedule that’ll show up on the blog soon!

  66. I blog about my addiction to thrifting, and particularly typewriters, sewing and my obsession to make something everyday. And sometimes cupcakes.

  67. What a wonderful idea, Mena! Thanks for the opportunity to lurk on other blogs too. Just kidding.
    I blog about sewing, baking, writing, and anything else creative I can squeeze in a day.

  68. I am another lurker, and I adore your blog! Thank you!! I blog about sewing and painting here:
    My readership is less than vast — it consists of my mom (if she remembers!) and a few kind friends — so guests are always welcome!

  69. Lurker Alert ! I’m so inspired by your weekly challenges, but I usually sidetrack myself. details here:

  70. I do lots of sewing, knitting, spinning and weaving. I love to craft and I’d love to see what others think of my crafting!

  71. I am excited to visit all these new blogs!

  72. At my blog, I cover sewing, knitting, a bit of recycling and upcycling of clothing, gardening, DIY, small livestock raising, and home economics.

  73. Have a read of mine if you want! :)

  74. Hey Mena
    So far, just a lurker. I’d love to join in your weekly challenges as they are so inspired and fun! But for the time being I must resist since I’ve a list of projects as long as my arm including hosting a pattern drafting “Draft-along” over on my blog. If I take on any more I shall collapse!
    I’m keeping my eye on you though, mwa-ha-ha-ha….;)
    aka Miss P

  75. I am delurking.
    I still consider myself a beginner at sewing, and my blog started out as a crochet/knitting blog and now I sell patterns too.

  76. I’m at – I’ve been sort of sketchy about posting photos of my projects with any regularity, but it’s one of my goals for this summer :)

  77. Delurking here :)

  78. Hi there,
    I am a lurker ! lol :-)
    I love your blog, especially the 7 day challenge. I wish I could finish my crepe but I have had serious issues with fitting !
    I love sewing – but am not that great at it yet, hence the unfinished crepe. I am keeping a record of my sewing adventures on
    K xxx

  79. ooooh i loves me a master list!!! (i once did an excel spreadsheet of ruggy grandmother’s silver.)

  80. I don’t have a lot of sewing up yet, but I do run an embroidery business out of my house so I can stay home with my 3 little girls and I make a point to post something on my “Monogram Mondays!”. I hope to start putting more of my sewing up…but I still have a post-baby body (10 months later) and I don’t want to take pictures of myself quite yet!

    I like to read, sew, quilt, do graphic design, and cook. Not all at once, but you get what I’m saying! ;)

  82. I blog every so often about the things I make namely sewing, knitting, bookbinding, painting, and most recently embroidery…

  83. Hello! I’ve only recently discovered the Sew Weekly, and love it. I write a blog about craft, fashion, vintage and art at

  84. I’m very new to sewing and new to blogging. I try and blog about everything I make but I haven’t got too much content yet. I mostly crochet but I do a lot of other stuff, too.

  85. I’ve been blogging about sewing projects just since January 2011 at
    I was (and am) inspired by all the great blogs out there!

  86. I don’t post super regularly and I don’t focus on vintage anything (though I did sew a shirt using an old pattern of my mom’s once)… anyway, my sewing, craft and sometimes food stuff is at
    And can I just tell you that I love that you want a closet full of homemade clothes? What an accomplishment and empowering feeling! I’d like to just sew something that fits me alright other than skirts. I think sewing for your own body is hard. So, kudos to you! :)

  87. !!
    I lurk.
    Hi! I’m Kait.
    Mine is still just a wee little blog, but I have a regular studio space feature of independent artists and I am slowly gathering content to delve further into craftiness, as well as my design and sewing endeavors.

  88. I love your newest challenge, 7 projects in 7 days. I’m not sure how you’re going to be able to top that one. :)
    My blog is zilredloh. I cover my sewing projects, knitting projects, and any other randomness that I feel like doing.

  89. Appartently I’m link-challenged here’s by blog link:

  90. Good idea! I have a blog together with a friend:
    Mostly about garment sewing, pattern making and a little knitting.

  91. Ooh, fun. I’d love to see the master list when you put it all together. Are you going to post a link to it?
    Liza Jane Sews

  92. Hi, love and follow your blog for more than a year now :) My blog is where I write about sewing and knitting in English and German.

  93. De-lurking — Hello! I have a sewing and general vintagey-life blog at:
    (Incidentally, my husband used to work with you at 6A. I came across your blog via Sew Retro and recognized you from the various office parties I went to with him. I felt like a bit of a weirdo stalker not saying anything, but also felt like a weirdo if I did. So I lurked, like a TOTAL weirdo. Anyhow, hello.)

    Don’t be alarmed at my current lack of some fabulous project. I’m sure my mojo will return this week.

    No fears, I blog in English even though the blog name is German… :)

  96. I’m a lurker de lurking:)
    I’m new to sewing (badly) and here is my blog:

  97. Mine is just a baby, but I’ll be posting my first sewing project in a few days!

  98. Oh I’m going to be busy clicking on all these links!

  99. … and for some reason, my link didn’t post.

  100. Delurker here! I blog at
    Mostly sewing, with an increasing amount of knitting, the occasional jewelry-making, and whatever other random creativity I’m up to. I’d also love to see the master list when you get it all compiled– I’m always looking for new blogs to inspire me!

    It isn’t just about sewing, but also about cooking, gardening…whatever I’m doing at the moment. But there is sewing and will be more soon!

    I do a little gardening, sewing, knitting, spinning, etc.

  103. My blog is fairly new, but here it is:

  104. Yay lurkers! I write about sewing and style with the occasional book or television review at:

  105. Well it is not all sewing, all the time… there are other crafty things too on my blog:

  106. Hi there, am Dibs and my blog is I blog about stuff I sew, and any other crafty thing I make, and I’ve decided I want to try pattern making too.

  107. I run a craft blog at
    A lot of the posts are links to good crafty tutorials, but I also post about the things I make myself.

  108. Aaaah, I can’t wait to sit down with a cup of tea myself and have a look through the blogs! Or maybe that’s a bad thing, my reader-list is kind of getting out of hand…
    Reana Louise x

  109. Lurking is fun, but de-lurking is funner! Hello, and thanks for a reliably splendid read!

  110. I’m at and try to do mainly sewing crafty stuff on there. Some food stuff too. But I’m a bit behind this week. :(

  111. I’m new to blogging and just trying to find my groove. I blog about my sewing adeventures and the odd other thing as well:

  112. Delurking alert! Heh. I’ve been knitting and refashioning off and on of late … and philosophizing in between.

  113. Wow, what a lot of blogs to read! Yes!
    I too am delurking

  114. I’ve only been following your blog for a few weeks now, but I love it! Here are mine.
    The first is my crafty blog:
    The second is my toy blog, which sometimes features goodies I’ve made for my daughter:

  115. Hey there! I do have a sewing/craft blog. :) My stuff deals a lot with crafts and children (I have a 4 y/o and an almost 2 y/o, though I’ve been posting more sewing things lately. I love sewing, but forget to post about it! Ack!
    Anywho, here’s my blog:

  116. Hi! I have a blog about sewing, crafting, cooking, baking, pickling, fermenting and growing things. Well, the name says it all :-) I’m a grad student who needs a non-study outlet!
    I’d love it if anyone wanted to drop by! It’s a pretty new blog so not a ton of posts yet but it’s getting there!

    This will be a fun list. I ran across an old sewing blog list once; it’ll be nice to see a refreshed version.

  118. I’m a relatively new follower of your blog – and I love it! :) I have two blogs right now.
    The first is my crafty blog:
    The second is my toy blog (sort of a photography project) where sometimes I feature things I’ve made for my kids:
    Thanks for checking them out! :)

  119. Oops! I didn’t see my first post show up… so I double posted. Sorry about that! :)

  120. My blog is, please come visit!

    My name is Kat and I blog at Petticoats & Peplums. It’s my new blog which I just started a few weeks ago to coincide with my new vintage etsy store I opened.

  122. Hi everyone!
    Veronica Darling here, from Melbourne Australia:
    Looking forward to flicking over some of those blogs I haven’t seen yet!

  123. hi! long-time lurker, first-time poster!
    i blog about my sewing business- writing, sewing, patterns, teaching- and my life in los angeles and my obsession with all things french. join me!

  124. My one is here:
    I blog about my sewing adventures, which these days seem to largely be what I make as Sew Weekly challenges! (Plus some pattern and fabric finds thrown in for good measure.)

  125. So many wonderful blogs! My contribution is:

  126. I have a new blog with mostly sewing and collecting ideas, as well as some retro pattern finds. Have a look at

  127. I definitely fall into the “lurker” category. Possibly because I don’t feel productive enough to advertise my blog. I don’t have enough sewing that I’m proud of to show everyone. I think I’m slowly improving. :)

    Unfortunately, I’m having camera and computer difficulties so I haven’t updated in a while. When everything is working as it should, it’s a sewing blog with a bit of sightseeing and odds and ends mixed in.

    dont have a lot of time to blog so posts are few and far between.

    Rather new and not just sewing.

  131. Wow… finger cramp from scrolling down so far! What a wonderful if not hugely distracting list! I’m Janene by the way and have been blogging my novice sewing projects for a few months now. You can find me at . Nice to meet you all! :-)

  132. Hi, I’m katie/monkeysocks, an I blog over at about me attempting to manipulate patterns and refashioning into fitting my overly curvy form! with varying success! I use current and vintage patterns but by the time I am done refitting it frequently bears little resemblance to anything!

  133. Hey! I’d love for you to come by and visit my blog!
    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  134. Hello, my name is Maralena.
    I just found your blog today on May 11, 2011! May I just say I am “sew inspired”!
    I sew, but not to the professional looking extent that you and your other readers do.
    I blog about my sewing fun from time to time on my blog, but not every day. But this inspires me to do more! Thank You…

  135. I blog about some of the things I make (baking, knitting other crafts) at I’ve not really blogged about sewing (apart from a couple of pictures of a patchwork quilt I’m working on) because I’m only just dipping my toe into the water as far as sewing is concerned. The last time I sewed something I could wear was when I was a teenager. I’ve got as far as buying a pattern and some fabric, just need to be brave enough to start cutting!

  136. I mainly do a lot of costuming, usually steampunk, but there’s some “normal” as well.

  137. Kinda delurking. My blog is:
    I always have something going on.

    my blogging is a bit sparse but every once in a while i post a new project…
    thanks for reading !

  139. The master list will grow forever, but I’m excited to have so many new things to read and gain inspiration from. I too am a lurker, blogger and lifelong sewist. My blog about sewing, quilting, and life in a tiny town is here at

  140. Okay. Trying to stop lurking.
    I blog at
    It’s not updated super frequently, and it’s not always about sewing, but I try.

    I’ve got a new-ish blog about sewing and fashion. And yay, more blogs in my reader!

  142. Oh I love the idea of one big fat master list…too fun…good bye and possible free time!
    I’m at:

  143. Here’s mine – it bilingual. I’ve had many discussions with myself wether or not to keep it in all English or all Danish.

  144. I am a lurker. My blog is about sewing and fashion. I haven’t updated in a while, I know I should. :-/

  145. Oh no! More blogs to read! I’ll never have time to sew again!

  146. Really enjoying your blog- I’m new here! Thanks for sharing your wonderful world! My tiny bloglet goes by the name of A Bit of an Enthusiast:

  147. I have been a lurker and would like to de-lurk myself. I sew in spring/summer and knit in fall/winter.
    I am blogging at

  148. I’ve been lurking around the sew weekly for a while. My blog (which is still very much gearing up) is at

  149. Oh, perfect! I’m looking for new blogs to read too, so this is really helpful. My blog is at It’s a mix of sewing and gluten-free cooking.

  150. I really like your projects! I tried to leave a comment there, but couldn’t find a place to leave one. Maybe I’m just not used to Tumblr? But great work! I love how you point out the techniques you used for each one.

  151. hello! i have a blog about my sewing projects:)

  152. Hi there!
    No sute if you’ve seen my blog:

  153. Delurking to join in! I’m Kendra and I’ve been reading your blog for over a year. I’m a knitter who just inherited a huge stash of fabric, notions, and vintage patterns:
    Hope it’s not too late!

  154. My blog is in serious need of updating as I haven’t done anything to it while in the process of two miscarriages. I have a lot of pictures of projects to go up – hopefully in the next week or two? Hope you’ll visit soon!
    Thanks for Sew Weekly – it’s really an awesome website, I’ve loved it!

  155. or… because I think my earlier link is broken…

  156. for my sewing adventures for my guide to shopping for fabric, trim, notions and more in NYC’s garment district.

    I don’t know if I’m a lurker or not. I just found your blog a week ago, and am enjoying every minute of it! I sew, quilt and craft on my blog. And cook, and parent, too.

  158. Hi! I’m Lola and I’m just starting out. I blog about sewing, knitting, fashion and cooking! My style is classic-modern, I love using high-end designers and couture for inspiration!

  159. Thanks Mena! I love finding new blogs to read :)
    Mine is

  160. Thanks Mena! I love finding new blogs to read :)
    Mine is (I do hope this doesn’t appear twice – I’ve had some problems logging in LOL!)

    I blog about my clothing and quilting projects, and sometimes to shamelessly up my post count, the projects of my blogless friends

  162. I’m not very prolific but you can see my inspiration and work at

  163. Hi! My blog is about refashioning with the emphasis on cutting up charity shop finds… I hack things apart and use Burda, vintage patterns, self-drafted patterns, and often no pattern at all to create fashionable treasures out of other people’s trash.

  164. I have what I like to think of as an “online scrapbook” of stuff I do and make. I’m earning certificates in Custom Dressmaking and Theater Costuming, and would love to have people stop by now and then for encouragement.

  165. Mine is – sewing and gardening. And book reviews sometimes too.

  166. haha! better late than never i suppose.!