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The Facts 
Fabric: Navy/white stripe from ($6.98  a yard – 2 1/2 yard)
Pattern: Colette Ginger
Year: c. 2011
Notions: 9" invisible zipper
Time to complete: 3
First worn: May 2011
Wear again? Yes

Total Cost: ~$18

I have spent a good deal of time in the UK in my life. In college, I spent a summer studying in London. For vacations, my family and I go to England, Scotland and Ireland (both the north – UK side and the south, Republic of Ireland side). The first time I set foot in the UK, I was hooked. I felt instantly at home – tea time with tiny sandwiches and cakes? Bacon AND mushrooms at breakfast? A pub on every corner? Sign me up! 

One of the souviners I brought back from my adventures in London was a raging tea habit. Tea, in my experince of England, is a pretty big deal. It served at breakfast, during breaks, as an after-lunch treat and after dinner. It's served to cure a hangover, to mend a broken heart and to make new friends. It's diverse, delicious and easy to make – just add hot water, grab a scone and you have a tasty snack my good friend.

When I heard that we would be making red, white and blue outfits to celebrate the UK meetup, my first thought was "How much are plane tickets to London right now and how can I get off work?" Upon realizing that it would take a second mortgage on my house to fly right now (YOWZA airlines? What is all this with the crazy prices?), I realized that a trip to my backyard for a bit of afternoon tea was in order. That and a blue and white skirt to enjoy my tea time in!

I had a bunch of the navy and white striped cotton from the previous challenge (Mother's Day) and knew it would be perfect for the Colette Ginger.


The fabric, a medium weight cotton, was perfect for the a-line shape of the skirt – giving it a bit of body and sturdiness that a lighter fabric might not – and was incredibly easy to sew with. The pattern was very, very easy – even with the version I used, which used an amended layout for a chevron stripe detail. 

Detail shot
To test-run my tea skirt, I headed out to the patio for some tea and macarons – next time, I'm making scones!

Full body


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. I’ve been enjoying seeing Ginger all sewn up around the web. It’s such a cute design and the stripes make it incredibly flattering! Wonderful job!

  2. I love tea, I love this skirt on you, and I love your darling shoes! So much love going on in this one little comment!

  3. Your matching of the stripes is spot-on. This is a lovely simple skirt. I’m not a tea-drinker myself but if you’re making scones I’ll be there! Yum!

  4. I love the skirt! The stripes are fab. Weirdly I am drinking tea as I am reading this, and i’ve thought of one more thing that we use tea for – sweet tea is traditionally given to people when they’ve fainted or gone a bit hypoglycaemic. It really does cure everything!

  5. Beautiful results with the chevron stripes and you look great!

  6. I LOVE this skirt! I think it’s my favourite skirt so far on the sew weekly! The stripes are fabulous and I love how they are wide stripes…gives the skirt such a chic yet casual flair! oh, and I love tea–drinking a cuppa as we speak (of course, I’m no stranger to the pub either :)

  7. I love the wide stripes! I think I’m going to have to invest in this pattern even though it is a simple one. It seems to have such a nice finish. Gorgeous skirt!

  8. I love your skirt, Ginger. The strips are perfect and so crisp. You look lovely! I agree what’s the deal with airlines? It is so dang expensive to book a flight, three times more expensive then I could imagine, but your porch looks like a grate alternative!

  9. Absolutely love this skirt especially the bias fabric and matching stripes! I am not really into tea but love macarons and scones anytime!

  10. Wow! You did an incredible job on this skirt! I love the directional stripe and the shape! It’s gorgeous!

  11. I love this skirt more and more every time i see it made up, great job with the stripes

  12. judy roberson

    Beautiful well done. The stripes are matched just perfedt..Great Job..You look great in it..

  13. This is stunning. Just the right balance of chic and casual. Perfect.

  14. I’m loving this skirt- awesome job!

  15. I love it! I’m waiting for the delivery of my Ginger pattern and I hope that when I eventually get to make it that mine looks as fantastic as yours. Wear it well.

  16. Super cute skirt, and I love the whole outfit! Nice work matching the stripes. I just bought stripe fabric and want to do this very thing :) I’m also a tea drinker and loved the tea aisle at London supermarkets – endless supply and variety!

  17. WOW! This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try this out!

  18. I know- the prices are crazy right now :( It means going home is hard for me :(
    Funnily enough, I don’t drink tea myself, but I always serve it to guests… sheer habit and upbringing ;)

  19. You did a great job! What a great fabric selection. I need to find this skirt pattern. So many patterns, so little time….

  20. I am super impressed with your stripes! amazingly lined up!

  21. OMG love love love! This is fabulous. The chevron stripes are delightful, and the style of the skirt is perfect! Very well done!

  22. They drink so much tea in England! Whenever I am visiting my family they drink it every hour basically, and defiantly every time they come home from being out.

  23. I love tea too!! And your skirt of course.

  24. the skirt is great – and I am now inpired to try that patten myself
    Those clogs are gorgeous – where are they from?

  25. Chevrons! I love it :)

  26. Look at that amazing pattern matching – I’m so impressed! The skirt is gorgeous, hope it brings with it lots of happy, sunny, relaxing tea times with the people (and pugs) you love.

  27. Thank you so much Amanda! Pug tea time!?!? Love this idea! I might have to kick out the people to make room for more pugs – that would be amazing!

  28. Thank you so much Missfee! The clogs are Swedish Hasbeens from ModCloth – they have tons of cute variations!

  29. Yes yes! I love that culture – I wish we drank tea every hour! Matter of fact, I just might start!

  30. Thank you so much Meg! I love this pattern and can’t wait to make more!

  31. Thank you so much Nichole – I can’t take credit, Colette is very specific about the layout and it makes it so easy! Left to my own devices this would be a crazy looking skirt!

  32. Right?!? I wish there was one more day of the week, reserved just for sewing, so we could try all the cool patterns we come across!
    Also, thank you so much! I love this skirt!

  33. It is crazy! I’m shocked with these prices right now! We need a Groupon for airlines or something!
    You sound like a great host – and probably an appropriately caffeinated individual! I’m always hitting the tea or coffee too much – wish I disliked one of those!

  34. Thank you Amanda! Can’t wait to see your skirt – LOVE stripes!!!

  35. I can’t wait to see yours – it’s a great pattern and I love it! Thank you so much for the kind words!

  36. Thanks Leanne! I can’t wait to wear it to everything this summer!

  37. Thank you so much Judy!

  38. Thank you Molly! I am so happy Colette made the stripes so easy to line up with the pattern – saved me tons of time and crying jags!

  39. Thanks Adey! SCONES! I want one right now – I love anything made of sugar and bread :O)

  40. Thank you so much Cathe! Airlines drive me nuts, but I love to travel – so boo to them for being kinda evil and expensive!

  41. Thank you Lisajane! I love this pattern – it’s simple, but so classic and versatile that you can make tons and each skirt can look different!

  42. Thank you so much Debi! We are going to have to grab some tea (and hit up a pub!) next time I come to Scotland – I LOVE Edinburgh!

  43. Thanks Freya (beautiful name!)! Tea seriously does cure everything – I had no idea about the faint cure – will bust this out at the next wedding I’m in (always someone trying to faint at weddings!)

  44. Thank you so much Jen – heck yeah Scones! Let’s do this!

  45. Thank you so much Reana! You have made my day – I love this skirt and the shoes are becoming fast favorites!

  46. Thank you Elizabeth! The Ginger is so much cuter than I realized it would be – I’m addicted to the Colette patterns, so I just order a copy when something comes out and hope for the bet – haven’t been let down yet! Also, love you blog – it’s awesome!

  47. Thanks, Sarah. I just received my first Colette pattern (Sencha) and now I understand what all the fuss is about. The packaging alone is a delight – I can’t wait to sew it up.

  48. Beautiful photos Sarah!
    AND what amazing fabric and matching up as well! I love your work this week! AMAZING!

  49. I ‘sew’ love your Ginger ! And feel it should be shared with the rest of us Ginger lovers at the ‘Ginger tea party’ ! You have done an excellent job, and I totally LOVE it xx