Hot! The “Raspberry Sorbet” Dress | Debi Fry

The Facts

Fabric: 2.5 metres linen-look synthetic fabric £6
Pattern: McCall 5834
Year: c.  1941
Notions: Vintage zipper from charity shop £0.05

Time to complete: 8 hours

Wear again? YES!!!! I love it!!!!

Total Cost: ~£6.50

This is the perfect pick-me-up dress! First off, thank you for all your sweet comments last week! I am definitely feeling much better (and like I can tackle anything)!  This week I decided to pick the easiest looking pattern that I have (I tend to like really complicated patterns :)  And I'm so glad I picked McCall 5384 to make!

I really love the pockets on this dress and the shoulder yoke details.  It was fairly straight forward to make–though I did stumble a bit on the pocket instructions but eventually figured it out (my problem was that I hadn't clipped the corners to the edge of the seam allowance allowing them to be turned inside without bunching up the outside).

DSC02352 The pockets are pleated at the top and the skirt is attached to the bodice with an overlap seam.

I love how streamlined the back looks:

The bodice darts line up with the back seams.  I decided to go sans belt with this for the photos because I think it looks great without the belt but I bet it would look really cute with a matching belt too!

This is the perfect summer dress for me because I think it can be layered with all sorts of jackets, sweaters (it doesn't get too hot here) AND it has pockets!!

What is your perfect summer/winter dress?


Debi from My Happy Sewing Place

Debi Fry LOVES vintage patterns. She started sewing in 2009 and has been going since. In 2011, she participated in the Sew Weekly challenge and looks forward to the new challenges that lie in store!


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  1. This is one sweet dress- so elegant in its lines and the pockets! Oh, the pockets!! (I love pockets). An ideal dress for a not-so-summery summer.
    Really glad to hear that things are looking up.

  2. You look so beautiful in this Debi! The colour.. the cut.. it’s all just perfect. What a fit! I couldn’t believe your ‘un’luck last week. Glad to hear you are feeling upbeat in spite of it all. It’s fun to see how everyones choices this week reflect the climates they live in.

  3. It’s gorgeous! I love how you saw this as an easy pattern – I’d see that pattern and think “eek!” but you now have so much experience with vintage and advanced patterns. I’m so impressed!

  4. I love everything about this dress – the cut, color, fabric… all gorgeous! I have to agree with a previous poster, though… looking at the pattern I didn’t get an “easy” vibe. But I’m not experienced at garment making! I’m impressed by your skills! :)

  5. This is such a lovely dress! And what a wonderful color on you!

  6. What a wonderful dress! You’re reminding me, right there, why the late 1930s and early 1940s is my favourite fashion period. I just need to figure out how you get it on. :) I assume the zipper is on your left, because we never really see that side, but is there a button closure at the back of the neck? You can’t possibly get your head through that tiny little neck hole, can you? There’s no way my big head would fit through.

  7. I am so glad you are doing better. I can’t believe this is your easiest looking pattern. Just proved how skilled you are at sewing I guess. It is a beautiful dress and I love the pockets.

  8. That is just the sweetest dress! And it looks so great on you :-D

  9. Gorgeous dress and the colour looks fantastic on you!
    I love summer dresses but with the UK variable weather is so difficult to plan ahead. Ideally I need something I can pair up with a cardigan and some tights (if it gets cold). Versatility is the key.

  10. That is utterly adorable! I love the colour and you’re right the seam lines on the back are to die for! Well done on yet another fantastic creation :)

  11. margueritedesigns

    Beautiful dress Debi and, as you say, so useful. Hope things are a bit calmer for you this week …

  12. Debi, this may be my favorite thing you’ve ever made! Well done!

  13. Oh its lovely! and the colour is amazing! Good work on the fit too, you look beautiful.

  14. You are looking very pretty in pink my dear. I love the dress and that fabulous fit!

  15. This is such a lovely color on you. Gorgeous!

  16. It’s so beautiful and fits perfectly! Synthetic “linen” is one of my favorite fabrics, especially for summer.

  17. You look fabulous! Love everything about it.

  18. I think this is definitely my favourite dress on you that you’ve made to date. You look amazing in it and the colour is divine!

  19. I love it! The fit is amazing, the colour so pretty and the details so cute but sophisticated. What an amazing make.

  20. Debi, I would say this is a dress you could take the world on in. It’s very sophistcated, and such a rich color, just yummy to look at. Oh and the details, you know it makes my heart beat a little faster. It truly is lovely and fits you perfectly, and so stylish!

  21. Adorable! I love the raspberry colour!

  22. debi, when you walk around in a dress like this, ALL your problems will simply jump out of the way, give a little bow, and scurry off to find solutions.

  23. judy roberson

    Debi,, I just love this dress.You look beautiful in the pink.The pattern is great..Happy Sewing.

  24. I love this dress – it’s tailored so nicely. Beautiful as always.

  25. I love it! But then I am a sucker for 1940’s dresses anyway ;) Looks lovely and I love the colour :)

  26. Oh my goodness, the fit and the color are perfect for you! Such lovely work, and so flattering! You look a vision, as they say. And it is in fact perfect for summer, such a rich and true color says hello, summer in Scotland, bring it on.

  27. I love this dress! The color, the drape, the lines – all so sophisticated!

  28. Debi, that dress is perfect!
    I have a question for you though: What sort of seam finish do you use? I’m making a dress out of a synthetic linen-look fabric now and wondering what is best– especially in the princess seams around the bust where I’ve clipped and notched as this fabric tends to ravel.
    What do you use? (Or do you just serge it?

  29. Oooh, I LOVE this one!

  30. Really lovely! I’m getting more and more inspired to try some vintage 40’s patterns.

  31. Debi – you look beautiful! Love the color and the cut is perfect on you – way to go!

  32. Also, it makes me crave some Raspberry Sorbet – to the grocery store I go!

  33. I love it. The color, the fit and your hair! It is all just too nice!

  34. I looooooooooooooooooove this dress. Everything about it. And you look fabulous in it! Beautiful work.

  35. The dress is darling. Yes, you most certainly can dress up this baby up or down…and the choice of belts is just limitless, any would be most flattering to you, Debi. I love how you went with the shoulder pads…modern sewers seem to be afraid of the shoulder pad. They think pads will make them look 1980s bad. But you’re an example that shoulder pads ROCK! (Done right of course)

  36. Debi, I adore this!! This color looks amazing on you, and the style is stunning. You definitely don’t need a belt to wear this dress! The pockets turned out perfectly. Yay! Well done!

  37. This is just lovely! Debi, the color is perfect on you! I adore the soft gathers at the shoulder and the pockets! Any dress with pockets is fabulous. Totally gorgeous! xoxo, Sunni

  38. This is my favorite dress that you have made so far! (and that is saying a lot)

  39. Oh MY! I love this dress…
    as my favorite era is the 40’s this is the best!
    I have to make something like this, so classy yet sexy at the same time!

  40. That is a very flattering dress…and the color is exceptional against your beautiful hair :)
    Now to make mine…

  41. Debi!! What a gorgeous dress! You look utterly fantastic and I love that colour on you. So pretty!

  42. Thanks so much Jen! I’m really happy to be in a better place this week too :)

  43. It is really fun to see the climate specific summer dresses! Funny thing is that we’ve just had two days of crazy hot weather (hot for us–22 degrees). Now it’s back to being around 14!!

  44. Thanks Tilly! Maybe ‘easy’ doesn’t exactly describe the pattern…I wanted something straightforward and this almost fit the bill (minus the instructions on the pockets which were interesting to say the least)…I’m definitely getting used to vintage patterns…especially McCall ones from this time period–so that really helps :)

  45. Thanks Michelle! I absolutely love this pattern as well! It’s funny because I think ‘easy’ is relative…I find making a dress like this much, much easier than making a modern pattern or even a straight 60’s shift dress! hahahaha…crazy right?

  46. Thank you Rachel! I really, really love this colour as well!

  47. Yes! The zipper is on the left…funny how I favour my right side (I notice I do that in all my photos)! And yes, there are a couple of buttons on the neck back. Even with that opening, it’s still a pretty tight fit around the head getting it on!

  48. Thanks Sue! I love the pockets on this as well!!!

  49. Thanks so much Esz! I feel great in this dress too :)

  50. DEFINITELY! This week was the perfect example of UK weather…we went from 22 degrees to 21 degrees to 14 degrees in the span of three days!

  51. Thank you so much! I really love the back! Usually I don’t get it quite right with the back but I’m really, really happy with the back fit on this dress!!

  52. Thanks Diane! Oh yes, much calmer this week! I have the week off and we have my niece and her partner in town…so it’s been really nice to take a step back this week and relax a little bit!!

  53. Thanks so much Elise! What a lovely compliment!

  54. Thank you so much! Looking forward to getting together!! :)

  55. Thanks so much Adey! I love this colour!

  56. Thank you so much! I adore this colour…definitely one of my favourites!!

  57. This is my first time sewing with synthetic linen and I really like it!!

  58. Thank you Sarah! I love it too!!

  59. What a lovely comment! Thank you so much!!

  60. Thanks so much Karen! I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING your me-made June photos!!!

  61. Thank you so much Cathe! I definitely feel like I can take on the world in this dress! I love how the details really make the dress too!!

  62. I know! There is just something about this colour that puts a smile on my face :)

  63. FABULOUS comment….I really like this mental image!!!

  64. Thanks so much Judy!!!

  65. Thank you so much Sarah! I was quite happy to have gotten the fit just right on this one!!

  66. Thanks Rachel!! I am very partial to the 40’s style as well ;)

  67. Definitely!!! I can’t wait for summer in Scotland!!

  68. Thanks so much Katie!

  69. Hi Elise…really good question as I noticed the synthetic linen unravels quite a bit at the cut seams. I pinked the fabric and also used a zig-zag stitch on the clipped edges. You might be able to fold the seam edges under and sew them again in the princess seam areas that you clipped and notched as an alternative.

  70. Thanks Alex! I love it too!!

  71. You SHOULD! They aren’t half as difficult as they look…amazingly well-drafted with neat details!!

  72. Thanks so much Sarah! I absolutely LOVED your dress this week! That pattern is AMAZING with the print fabric!!

  73. hehehehe…fabulous!

  74. Thanks Stacie! Such a lovely comment!

  75. Awww…thank you sooo much!!

  76. Thanks sooo much :) I think I’m going to make a matching belt as well just to see what it looks like!

  77. Thanks Meg! I do love the pockets as well!!!

  78. Awww…thanks so much Sunni! I just love the pockets :)

  79. Wow! Thank you so much Audie! What a lovely comment!!

  80. Thank you so much Angela! I love the 40’s style as well…they sure did know how to draft dresses :)

  81. Thanks so much Sarah! I love it tooo!!!!

  82. I love that your “least complicated” dress still involves yokes, gathering and pockets! This dress is just stunning, the colour is so beautiful on you. I’ve also never heard of “linen look synthetic” – is that like linen that doesn’t destroy your soul with endless wrinkles due to its synthetic properties? Glad you’ve had a lovely week, here’s to many more xx

  83. Thanks Amanda! Oh yes, synthetic linen is FABULOUS…no maddening wrinkles that never quite iron out!!! I will definitely toast to many more lovely weeks!! Thank you!

  84. Those pockets are gorgeous! (off to find a dress pattern with pockets now!)

  85. Thanks Veronica! Cute pockets are fun…it’s amazing how they add so much to the dress!! :)