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image from I believe that this is a new development — Liberty of London fabric is now available for purchase over at Now, I've yet to purchase any Liberty fabric because I tend to be fairly cheap when it comes to my fabric choices. The pressure that comes with cutting $35/yard fabric is a type of pressure I don't need in my life. And (and this is probably a more important point) I've never seen a Liberty print in real life and I find that, online, they just don't do it for me. That said, I'm sure Liberty fabric would win me over if I could just see and feel it in person.

Now, if I was to buy some $28/yard Liberty of London fabric from, it would be one of these:

Liberty Of London Tana Lawn Angelica Garla Pink Liberty Of London Tana Lawn Umbel Pink Liberty Of London Tana Lawn Poppy and Daisy Pink/Yellow

But knowing me, I'll probably just settle for this lesser cotton lawn that's only $3.98/yard.

Cotton Lawn Traditional Floral Green/Blue


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I saw some in a local fabric shop, and, not know what it was at the time, my inner dialog went something like this…
    “Hey, that’s a nice print. Oooh, it feels soft too! (Flips price tag over) Holy s***, that much for cotton?! It wasn’t THAT nice.”
    I can vouch for the Serenade cotton lawns at They are silky soft… and only about $5/yd.

  2. I actually gave in and bought the cheapy lawn, in a Liberty-induced stupor.

  3. I bought some Liberty of London fabric and I *love* it. I made a short summer kimono robe for myself with it and it feels like a dream. I’ve had this robe for over 15 years now and the fabric is still as vibrant and pretty as the day I purchased it. It was very pricey, but considering how long the garment has lasted, it was worth the investment.

  4. I told myself that the only way I’d ever buy Liberty fabric was to buy it in person from the Liberty store (which I was able to do last week for £19/m) because then at least I could factor in the Liberty experience as part of the cost. Otherwise, living in Canada, I can’t justify both the shipping costs and the duty fees (which, when combined, often cost just as much as whatever I’m ordering)of ordering online.

  5. I got a couple yards of Liberty tana lawn from ebay last week. I’m planning on making the Violet blouse from CP with it, but I’m nervous about cutting into it – definitely don’t want to make any mistakes!

  6. I’ve made two dresses out of the Anna Maria Horner cotton voiles and found them to be every bit as soft, silky and buttery as Liberty cottons.

  7. I actually think this is quite the development! $28/yard is already a wee bit cheaper than Liberty is sold elsewhere, and often has coupon codes…

  8. margueritedesigns

    Anyone in the UK, you can get it for a reasonable price in the John Lewis sale. I managed to get some Liberty ‘Art Prints’ for about £5.50 per metre in there this past winter. The colours are beautiful and the fabric is so soft to handle. Sewing with it was a really enjoyable experience.

  9. I do love the feel of Liberty fabrics, and I did indulge myself with some fabric last year (which I used for the stash busting challenge)- but it is usually way too expensive for me. I’m with Mena – it is way too stressful cutting into expensive fabric, even if the result is beautiful – I’m just not that confident!

  10. I love Liberty fabrics! I have had a gorgeous scarf for years of, I think, wool challis in a peakcock print, it is so beautiful and I always get compliments when I wear it. The tana lawns are so fine, and the prints are such high quality and are so detailed. They really are a treat! and so recognizable. They are very expensive to buy in Aus too about $A45 I have seen recently. Spotlight has recently done a knock off range. I think I found a piece (the design is not their usual style – but this week – in an op shop for $A3 – bargain! Will put some pics up later. If you ever get to London and shop in the store – it is mind blowing and so beautiful.

  11. I didn’t see what the big deal was either, until I visited the fabric room of the Liberty store in London. Wow. Just…wow. It’s phenomenal.

  12. Ive been to London loads of times but as yet never been to liberty’s but I’m off to visit family there in a few weeks and plan to go. I can’t wait I’ve already got some of there material, some it it was half price and it’s lovely. I only managed to get myself enough for a few tops but hoping that when I got to London me and my cousin can go mad in liberty’s a few other fabric places!!!!

  13. I’ve adored Liberty of London Tana lawn for years. The best prints are gorgeous, and the fabric has a pleasing coolness and smoothness. Dresses and skirts must be underlining, however.

  14. I’ve never been, but I get the Liberty RSS feed. Wonderful stuff! I love Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts and Jugendstil.

  15. I agree with the others in that once you’ve been in the store, the fabric feels like an extension of their aesthetic and history. It’s such an experience walking through this art nouveau heaven! Personally, I don’t think I’d wear the cutesy prints but the tana lawn is a very nice quality, kind of silky on the surface, and the colors very vibrant.