Hot! 7in7: Day Two, Parfait

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The Facts

Fabric: 1930s repro fabric from the Antique Treasures line, $15
PatternColette Patterns, Parfait
Year: Contemporary
Notions: Invisible zipper, $3, buttons, $.05
Time to complete: 6 hours
First worn: May 2011
Wear again? Yes!!!

Total Cost: $18

Presenting day two of the Seven in Seven Challenge. Here's to Parfait!

There's bound to be a Colette Pattern that I'm not going to enjoy sewing, (I'm looking at you Oolong) but I just have to say Parfait isn't it! My goodness, there are parts to this pattern that are like magic (the midriff lining, for one example). At first I was scared of Parfait because there are a lot of pattern pieces and the bodice seems a bit difficult to get the right fit. I kept on waiting for the next step in which I'd make some horrible mistake. But it didn't happen!

Things I'd do differently next time


  • I wouldn't make the buttonholes/buttons on the tabs/straps and instead just sew the pieces together and use buttons as a decorative touch. With the side zipper, there's no need to take the straps off ever. I tried to think if there would ever be some sort of emergency which would require unbuttoning the straps, but alas there was none. For this dress, I made the button holes, but I ended up stitching it all closed to guarantee a good fit.
  • I'd make the straps a little shorter. They're a bit longer than they should be and this change is easy enough.
  • I  might omit the pockets. The pockets are cute, but I might want to try a more streamlined look.

Things I loved about Parfait

  • The above lining of the midriff piece. When I realized I had to line that piece, I groaned. But the instructions are so clever and easy-to-follow. It was super simple!
  • It's totally flattering at the waist!
  • It seriously is the perfect sundress
  • While it took a bit longer than Macaron, there were no parts that required a struggle.
  • I love the buttons I used. They remind me of Depression glass green.

Also! Want to buy your own Parfait? Colette Patterns is offering Sew Weekly readers 20% off the patterns until May 18th. Just use the code: SEVEN20 (It's case sensitive). 

Tomorow: I take on Eclair!

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Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I love this one even more than the last one! And the pockets are adorable.

  2. I love this dress! The pattern is fantastic. It looks great with the fabric we chose :)

  3. Really cute dress! I immediately thought that the buttons might come in handy for someone who is breast-feeding! I would also leave that out, though. The silhouette is really flattering.

  4. This is darling! I have wanted to try Colette patterns for a while and your dress makes me want to try this one especially!

  5. Very cute! I love this pattern but was concerned it’d make me look very young (people tend to think I’m much younger than I am already). But I think it could work! Nice to know the dress was straightforward to sew. Maybe the buttons on the straps would be good for breastfeeding? Not sure that’s what CP had in mind when designing it though :)

  6. This looks great :) Love the design… and it looks good on you :)

  7. Oh how lovely. You look absolutely cute in this dress. Great job!

  8. Mena! What a brilliant job! The colour, the fit, everything looks smashing on you! Well done!

  9. YAY for Parfait!!! It looks fab-u-lous! I love it! I must find some of this 30’s repro fabric!!!

  10. Very cute!

  11. I’ve been following your blog for over a year and these last few months you really look amazing! Having you been doing anything to slim down since last year? I’m looking for inspiration to loose my Mummy Tummy that I’ve built up over three kids. I love all the patterns from Collette Patterns but think my thick midriff would look silly in these dresses :(

  12. Wow, this one turned out so so so beautiful! Guess we made a great fabric choice! ;)

  13. I LOVE the fabric you used. How perfect! I actually had someone make this dress for me out of state and it was a disaster. It didn’t fit at all! I was so unhappy, but I sure learned my lesson. I might need to give it a try myself since I am a bit more skilled now. :)

  14. I love it!!!!! fabric is perfect, buttons are perfect.. you look perfect.

  15. Love the fabric and buttons – what a great style!

  16. Gorgeous! For some reason I’ve not been drawn to the colette patterns much, you may be changing my mind :)

  17. Cute cute cute! I’m with you – I am over the straps on my Parfait! They get all jostled and won’t line up – great idea on the one piece: next time I’m doing the solid strap with the button detail!

  18. margueritedesigns

    Very nice – think I might get this one.

  19. judy roberson this one too. Very cute.. Cant wait to see day #3. Happy Sewing

  20. You’re zooming through these. It looks lovely – You definitely make me want to have a go at the Parfait myself.

  21. I had to take advantage of your coupon code and order my first Colette pattern… and then two more. This is one of them, and I can’t wait!

  22. That is to die cute. Also, one reason the real buttons on the straps would be a good thing– nursing! So many dresses make it really hard to nurse. This looks like it would be a cinch.

  23. Love this one! Turned out great and looks great on. Such fun fabric and details too.

  24. I could see this with a poppy red short sleeve bolero jacket, a style that was all the rage in the 1930s and 1940s, but you don’t see too much these days. Too bad.

  25. Oh it is great!

  26. I was unsure about this fabric when I saw it up for vote- but I absolutely love this one! And so flattering on you!

  27. sooo cute-I love this dress now!

  28. It’s SO ADORABLE!!!! Got to tell you I bought the pattern due to your version :)

  29. This dress is a winner, I may have to purchase this pattern. Fantastic material choice!!! really suits you.