Hot! 7in7: Day One, Macaron

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Fabric: Dotted swiss from, $3, Blue floral print from Joann's -$12
Pattern: Colette Patterns, Macaron
Year: Contemporary
Notions: Invisible zipper, $3
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: May 2011
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: $18

First stop on the crazy sewing train is the Macaron. Four hours to complete, the Macaron turned out pretty well. There's something about the Macaron pattern made up with a white top that reminds me of those spaghetti strap dresses that were worn in the 1990s with white T-shirts. Despite my desire not to achieve this look, I made it up with a white Swiss dot top. It's definitely a departure from what I'm used to wearing. It's pretty short and form-fitting, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just a thing that I need to get used to.

Three things I'll do differently next time

  • Use bias tape instead of hemming the neckline. Yes, it's just a hemmed collar. I was incredibly meticulous while working on the hem at the neckline so it turned out as well as it would have if I used bias tape. But, bias tape would have been faster.
  • Skip the piping. I'm going to have to fix the piping at some point since I sewed it too close to the edge in one section and it's caving in on itself.
  • Include the pockets. It was a time saver last night to skip the pockets. I was a bit confused about the process and making one dress a day doesn't allow much time for confusion.

Things I liked about the pattern

  • It took four hours! And this isn't involving shortcuts. All of the seams are serged and no glue sticks were used. As with every Colette Pattern I've sewn, the instructions are clear and straightforward.
  • The fit. Even though I used quilting cotton, not much stretch was needed. I like how it fits, though I'm used to wearing my sleeves a bit shorter or longer.
  • I love how the bodice is constructed. By following the instructions to the letter, I ran into absolutely zero problems when it came to joining any of the pieces.
  • There seems to be so many different combinations that will create completely different styles.

So, no, day one of the Seven in Seven Challenge was far from a disaster. And now, we move onto the next dress: The Parfait.

Also! Want to buy your own Macaron? Colette Patterns is offering Sew Weekly readers 20% off the patterns until May 18th. Just use the code: SEVEN20 (It's case sensitive). 

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Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Wow, it’s gorgeous!

  2. It looks great! In fact that dotted swiss has the wonderful advantage of carrying the tiny white flowers on the blue into the white :)
    very nice!

  3. i got so excited when day one popped up! as a matter of fact, “she’s a bad mamma jamma” just happens to be on the stereo, which indeed, you are.
    i’m loving the swiss dot with it, not reminiscent of the 80s at all– and especially with the necklace– although i wanted the other fabric, now that i see the blue i’m sold!

  4. Looks gorgeous. I can’t believe that you finished it in 4 hours…I have been struggling with this pattern forever! It seems made to work on you, while on me, i can’t get the fit right.
    And I loved the spaghetti-strap dress over white tee look from the 90s.

  5. That looks fab! I can’t believe it only took 4 hours!

  6. You look fabulous!! This dress should definitely be in the top 10% of your wonderful me-mades. Four hours? Wow!

  7. It looks fantastic on you and I love the necklace that you paired with it. I’m dubious of this pattern for myself because of the neckline but I always like the FO’s I see around the web.
    Also, I’m thrilled with the 20% coupon code. I’ve been wanting to try a colette pattern and this may be the push I need!

  8. It is so cute! I am glad you went with the blue, I was going to vote for the other one but the blue is darling. I also love the piping and it looks perfect from here.

  9. omg, it only took you four hours, the result is so awesome. Good fabric pairing

  10. I like how you embellished the outfit with a red necklace. Very cute. The dress itself with the yoke treatment is very retro. It would be fun (and I say this to myself) to do some machine embroidery maybe on a nude mesh tulle. Like a giant tiger lily maybe the leaves spill on to the rest of the dress. I’m such a dreamer when it comes to sewing!

  11. You look fabulous in it! The piping adds a nice contrast and it is a very becoming length. Just takes some getting used to.

  12. Eeep! Love!!! And yay for a coupon code! I may have to buy enough patterns so I can do 7 in 7 too!

  13. A totally lovely version of the Macaron!
    Thanks for your tips, I’m currently in the process of tracing my pattern…

  14. That is as cute as cute can be! It’s wonderful. Congrats on finishing number 1!!

  15. The fit is amazing and it looks really sweet on you!

  16. It looks great! Congratulations on completing the first dress!

  17. Looks great, the fit is awesome, can’t believe it only took you four hours start to finish – it looks like you slaved away for weeks! And you rock the look, too! (I can totally see you remaking this later on with a 50’s style flared skirt, too! :D )

  18. Looks great. How do you manage to sew and have a life??!!!

  19. Do you think it would be possible to use this pattern to make the dress without the…white part?

  20. Yay, you’re off to a great start! Very pretty Macaron. Sometimes I feel like it takes me 4 hours to lay out the pattern pieces and cut them out!

  21. This is gorgeous! It’s a very flattering silhouette.

  22. First, this is lovely! That fabric is so cool and the Macaron seems like it was a pattern made exactly for you – love it!
    Second, “those spaghetti strap dresses that were worn in the 1990s with white T-shirts” OMG – I almost forgot about those!

  23. judy roberson

    Great pretty..

  24. I love how this dress turned out! The blue floral print with the white dotted swiss is so cute and will look great all summer long! :)

  25. The Macaron pattern looks fantastic on you! I am loving the fit! The fabric looks great (good choice readers!!) This outfit is definitely making me want to sew up this pattern! Great job and what a way to start out the challenge!

  26. OMG! I’m so in love with this dress on you! It’s amazing! loving the fabric and the styling with the red beads.. and I’m in awe of your 4 hours. I really want this pattern now. Thanks for the discount code! woo hoo day one down!

  27. Thanks, Rachel! Yes, the dotted swiss is definitely a nice fabric to use for the top part of the dress. Sheer but not too sheer.

  28. Thanks, Oona! Yeah, the orange fabric would have been a very different dress, I think. But I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. Hopefully, the orange fabric will win the match tonight.

  29. Thanks, Farah! What problem are you having, exactly?

  30. Thanks, Elizabeth! Definitely look into buying one — you may want to wait until this week is over and you see all the results!

  31. Thanks, Karen! Yeah, I’m kind of obsessed with my mistakes. But luckily the piping should be easy enough to fix.

  32. Thanks! Yeah, doing some embroidery on a sheer fabric would be a really neat touch. I can only imagine the things I’ll want to do when I’m on a more casual schedule!

  33. Thanks, Stephanie! I’m glad you are excited about the code! :)

  34. Thanks, Alessa!

  35. Thanks, Amy! One down, six to go!

  36. Thanks, Adey. I think your Macaron is my favorite out in the wild.

  37. Thanks, Eileen. I think since I’ve basically learned to sew with vintage patterns, anything with really good instructions is a breeze. The Colette patterns have some neat tricks that really save time.

  38. Thanks, Imaan! I sew a lot at night and neglect my family during the weekends. :)

  39. I don’t know. Maybe if you put in some boning in order for it to stay up. I’m not quite sure if there would be enough structure.

  40. Thanks, Amanda! Yeah, sometimes I have that problem with cutting fabric. It’s usually when I have almost enough fabric and have to do some geometry to get all the pieces to fit.

  41. Thanks, Sarah! Yeah, those dresses were so big when I was in high school. I never wore them but the popular girls did, so I have a bit of baggage associated with them :)

  42. Thanks, Michelle!

  43. I really love the piping. I hadn’t seen that done before with this pattern and I love the effect. And I think I’ll copy the idea! ;)

  44. Thanks, Debi! Yeah, it’s definitely a fun pattern that is quite different than what I usually wear (and you to, I would say). I just finished Parfait tonight and love the results!

  45. Thanks, Donna! Piping is awesome when done right. :)

  46. margueritedesigns

    I love the combination of things – swiss dot stuff, blue fabric and red piping. I get so many ideas from here …

  47. Oh wow – this dress looks amazing on you, the shape is so flattering! And, although I was in the orange fabric camp, I think the blue worked really well.
    Well done for getting No.1 done – only 6 to go! Can’t wait to see them all done.

  48. Congratulations on your fast sewing! It’s turned out a treat.

  49. It is so cute and summery! I really cant believe you made it in 4 hours! It normally takes me that long to find where I have put the pattern. The Swiss dot is amazing, I never really know what to make with it, but I love the translucency of it in this dress, and the softness it gives the sleeves.
    Looking forward to the other creations. Your industry has inspired me to challenge myself to get as many of my UFOs out of the way this week as possible, which is long overdue so thanks!

  50. This looks great on you! I love the blue floral fabric mixed with the sheer dotted white on top. I love Colette patterns and would love to try to make a dress myself. I have never made clothing so I am a little nervous. I think its worth a shot though!

  51. Cute. I wasn’t sure of the fabric when I looked at the choices but I love how this turned out.

  52. Lovely! The fabric choice works perfectly with the swiss dot…I think this challenge is fantastic!!

  53. This is adorable! It does remind me of those 90s dress/t-shirt combos you mentioned, but in the best possible way. I like it a lot.

  54. I have small frame up top,with a narrow back and small boobage, and am bigger on the bottom. I went through 2 muslins before giving up. You have inspired me though.I may just give it another go next week. it’s perfect for the red white and blue challenge.

  55. Okay, so I’m going through my bloglovin reader and this is the third dress I’ve seen from you in this challenge and I have to say you are making me want to make every single one of these dresses! AND you look awesome in every one of them too! Just saying. Thanks for the inspiration!

  56. This dress looks amazing on you! Great job

  57. i love the dress it is very flattering!
    do you think this dress would be okay in a heavier material for winter wear?

  58. This comment is super-late (I’m sooo behind on my feed reader it’s not even funny. Darn computer dying! Finally set up with a new one, but now of course, the Great Google Reader Catch-Up of 2011 must commence! ;), but I wanted to say this is one of my favorite versions of the Mararon I’ve seen! I just love the print you used, as well as the high contrast of the upper bodice. Beautiful–and now I’m itching to pull out my copy of the pattern and make one up! hehe!
    ♥ Casey

  59. Beautiful mesh of colors!!! I know you bought the blue floral print in Joann’s but was it online or in a store?? Thanks! :)