Hot! 7in7: Day Five, Crepe

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The Facts
Fabric: Quilting cotton from Joann's, $21; green fabric for tie, $2.99
Pattern: Colette Patterns Crepe
Year: ContemporaryNotions: None
Time to complete: 3 1/2 hours
First worn: May 2011
Wear again: Yes

Total Cost: $24

After the nightmare that was was working with chiffon for the Chantilly dress, this Crepe and its robust cotton was such a welcome change. Although I was sewing late at night (I started around 9:30 and finished at 1:00am), the act of sewing Crepe was quiet relaxing. Partly because I had just sewn one for last week's challenge and partly because it's a really easy pattern to make up, there wasn't a single hiccup in its construction. Yay for easy sewing!

Things I'd do differently next time

  • I'm going to move down to the next smaller size. There's a little more room in the top shoulders area than I'd like. And, it would just mean that I wouldn't have to tie the dress as tight.
  • Make it a tad bit shorter. Nothing drastic, just an inch or so.
  • Embellish it. It's such a great base to build on. Don't be surprised if you see this dress made up for a third time this month!

Things I like about this Crepe 

  • The fabric! I was so surprised to find this fabric in the quilting section at Joann's. The fabric I used for my Macaron also came from Joann's. It's quite a nice development that they're stocking more than the usual fleece and silkies. The green tie is the same fabric as the stuff used for the Eclair.
  • It's just such an easy dress to wear! It's a perfect dress for wearing out on errands and just doing boring life stuff. 

Also! Want to buy your own Crepe? Colette Patterns is offering Sew Weekly readers 20% off the patterns until May 18th. Just use the code: SEVEN20 (It's case sensitive). 

Tomorrow: I take on Rooibos!

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Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Love it. Again. I think I loved all the dresses you have sewn this week. It’s cute, in a fun, casual kind of way with this fabric. Nice!

  2. Love this! Honestly, this pattern as modeled on Colette’s website was just so-so for me. I would never have considered buying it, but your version is fantastic. I’m giving it a second look.

  3. Love this version, i really like the fabric, I have the pattern & I was waiting to see your version before I tried it. Now I cant wait to start it tomorrow.

  4. Adorable! Great combination.

  5. Love this pattern on you! You look fabulous in your crepe!! And I just realised I better get my colette patterns soon before your week ends :) Oh and working with gabardine this week after a loose weave was such a welcome change as well! So I can only imagine a stable cotton after chiffon must have been a blessing!!

  6. Your version looks wonderful and fits so well! I really love the fabric that you chose. :]

  7. Adorable again! You look fabulous. I love the backdrop of the lush garden in alll your pictures. You look like you’re hanging out in a secret garden.

  8. Adorable is the right word here! This is my favorite so far…and that’s saying a lot, because the others are cute as a button too. You’ve convinced me to give Colette patterns a try…the question is, which one?

  9. This is so very cute.

  10. I love this fabric. I made a pillow out of it already. There is no way I could pull off a whole dress in that fabric but you definitely can. Gorgeous.

  11. judy roberson

    I love your crepe.Looks great on you.. You are doing a fantastic job on your 7/7.. So proud of you.. YOu look great too..

  12. So, so pretty, Miss Mena!! Gorgeous!

  13. I believe this is happiness and perfection! So well done Mena!

  14. I love it! Your versions of these dresses are just gorgeous!

  15. Looks lovely! I thought the print might be a bit too bold for the shape of the dress, but it really works!

  16. Another lovely dress! After seeing yours I am considering buying the pattern. The model on the website doesn’t look half as fabulous as you do!

  17. This is one of my favorites of your recent creations. I love it.

  18. I have to admit, Joann’s quilting cotton gets me every time :) I know it is not the best fabric for making clothes with- but *I* think the patterns are prettier and I like the way they look ;)
    Your dress looks fabulous- and what a relief for a fast, easy, GOOD pattern ;)

  19. This typepad sign-in thing is weird.
    I loved this dress and the fabric so much I ran out and got the fabric! I already have the pattern. Now to make myself a dress…

  20. Love this dress! It’s my favorite so far! Amazing week and so inspirational! thank you!