Hot! Win A Fascinator Pattern from WendyBirde!

C As a tie-in to hat week here at The Sew Weekly, Lisette has generously offered seven of her 1960s reproduction fascinator  patterns for a giveaway! They're PDFs so if you win, you'll be making up these playful little caps in no time. Thanks so much, Lisette!

How to win? In the spirit of The Royal Wedding, I want to know:

What will be the silhouette of Kate Middleton's wedding gown?

You have until the wedding dress makes the appearance to guess. Winners will be selected randomly (in other words, you don't have to be right!)


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I think it will be the anti-Diana. Kate tends to draw from more fitted silhouettes. I’m thinking simple elegance, princess (punny) fitted without a bunch of fluff. Maybe some embellishments to the skirt more so than the bodice.

  2. Hmm.. if I were her I’d go for a traditional ballgown style, but seeing what she wears and how modern it is, I think she’ll do something more form-fitting and modern..

  3. I think it will be something chic, elegant, and classy. Definitely not too “frou-frou” and poofy like Diana’s gown was! Probably a sleek design with some sleeves, and maybe even a slight ballgown.

  4. Something more simple and fitted like Caroline Kennedy’s gown.

  5. I’m thinking Mermaid – very sleek and modern.

  6. I think it will be fitted and have really interesting bodice details!

  7. My guess is mermaid-ish, with a semi-lengthy tail. She seems like the simple, fitted type. I mean, I still expect it to be covered in beads and sequins, but not to where the spotlight hits her and she also functions like a disco ball.

  8. I’m thinking subtly detailed bodice, slight mermaid silhouette, with an intricately embellished skirt. Whatever it is, she’ll look amazing.

  9. I’m leaning towards simple and elegant. Long, simple at the front of the skirt with a bit of a fishtale/train at the back, either strapless (although that may not be allowed?) or with little cap sleeves.

  10. I think a modern less poufy line- I don’t think lace. Long or 3/4 sleeve. Can’t wait to see the tiara!

  11. Well, I think will be very slimline and very delicate embordery. Not sure will have a corset on show but definaly a structured waist.

  12. I’m hoping for something like Princess Margaret’s fifties dress, that would be lovely, a classy look x

  13. For the record, I’m thinking it may be something like this

  14. I think it will be classic- more fitted and then a more lacy frilly veil that is going to be long and very stylish.

  15. Shannon Burchard

    I think it will be a dress cut on the bias like something out of Atonement.

  16. I have to go with what everyone is echoing in the comments: slim, fitted, chic, and modern sophisticated. Seems more her style, rather than the big poufy gowns. I think the mermaid tail style would be a probable feature.

  17. princess seams of course – as long as it not a doona cover like Princes Di’s.

  18. Kate will probably chose something fitted with either a 3/4 sleeve or a short sleeve, intricate embroidery, long train. It will be appropriate, modern and very flattering to her figure meanwhile abiding to all those royal wedding rules. Maybe something in the style of the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria?

  19. This is one big guess because I haven’t been following Kate Middleton’s style, but I’ll just throw out a fitted bodice with a full skirt (not too poofy or anything, just that classically feminine silhouette). Not too over the top, just classy.

  20. I’m guessing it will be fitted with a possible nod to Princess Di’s via three-quarter length sleeves and simple bows and ruffles at the neck and sleeve ends. (Think Diana’s without all the lace bits and enormous volume.)
    Thanks, Lisette and Mena, for the fun giveaway!

  21. I’m with the Mermaids. And long lace sleeves. I’m sure it will be more beautiful than any of us can imagine…

  22. I think it would be something elegant and sleek – but probably with quite a fair amount of bling. It will flare out slightly at the bottom but will be closely fitted everywhere else!

  23. I think it will be a long, straight silhouette with perhaps a draped bodice. She’s pretty fit, so maybe sleeveless as well? And Ivory.

  24. I’d love to see something with an empire waist and flowing skirt, but I suspect she might wear a sheath/mermaid dress

  25. I’m betting that she’ll pick either a sheath or A-line silhouette. Whatever she chooses, though, it will be a trend-setter. She has a fabulous sense of style!

  26. Probably mermaid … although I personally think she should do something 40’s inspired! Hehehe.

  27. Princess-seamed? (rimshot)

  28. I think she will go classic. Fitted through out with a train leading from the back,but nothing more than 5ft odds are less. And not mermaid style. Perhaps with dainty sleeves? Or just maybe at this point I am just projecting the dress I have in mind for myself onto her… :) either way we will find out this morning!

  29. I’m betting on an A-line dress, full length fitted sleeves with a cross-over front.

  30. Definitely an A line but it won’t be boring! I think there will be at least 1 unexpected detail and there will be a train although not a huge one. I’m thinking some sort of small capped sleeve because for sure she wouldn’t go sleeveless!

  31. I have 2 guesses. If I am allowed. I think she will either have a drop waist bodice and a full fluffy skirt or a slim trumpet like gown that still has some fluffiness to the skirt half.

  32. And I reckon she will have some element of the new family coat of arm embroidered on it somewhere.

  33. Mmmm… British royal tradition makes me think it will be another cupcake-shaped dress, I mean, a fluffy skirt and a tight bodice, maybe with fluffy sleeves too…In spite of Kate’s modern look, she will appear covered in lace, bows, pearls, and a touch of cream!! hehehe…. I don’t trust British Royal Family sense of fashion, sorry!!

  34. Considering Kate’s style I think its going to be something simple but elegant. Maybe an A-line gown with lace and beading. It might also be a mermaid style. And 2/3 sleeves as it is a royal wedding, probably out of lace.

  35. I’m guessing it’ll be a simple and elegant long silk gown with renaissance sleeves .

  36. I think it will be something simple and elegant with flowing lines and in a fabric that falls and drapes beautifully.
    Maybe something in the style of Madame Grès …
    … or in the style of the lovely blue Issa dress she wore for the first official engagement interview.

  37. I agree with just about everyone else. A more fitting dress although not a corsett, simple elegant with very small detail. or maybe this is the dress I wuld chose ???!!!

  38. A fitted dress, plain fitted, strapless bodiece, a wigle-ish buttom with details… draping perhaps…. should turn on the tellie to check if she’s on :D