Hot! Vintage Hankie Inspired Pincushion

As part of 30 Days of Pincushions, Cathy has generously provided this pincushion for one Sew Weekly reader to win! Instructions on how to win it can be found at the bottom of this post.

image from Name: Cathy Ziegele
Shop name: The Daily Pincushion
Location: Florida
How long on Etsy: Started in March 2008

Who (or what) is an inspiration for your pincushions? For my first pincushion it was a cupcake! 

How did you start making them? Selling on etsy? I was a buyer on etsy and wanted to make cupcakes to sell. I saw some amazing work with felt and changed course and opened The Daily Pincushion. 

Do you sew for yourself? I don’t make clothes anymore. I was a professional chef for 30 years, so sewing was a hobby I really enjoyed. I have embroidered denim jackets in the 70’s, made quilts in the 80s… I loved to make outfits for my stuffed bears. I recently sold a collection of bear outfits on my etsy site. I still make the occasional felt outfit for whoever needs an update.

Thanks, Cathy! Be sure to visit her Etsy shop and check out her other pincushions for sale!

Want to win this pincushion? You just have to answer the following question:

Once upon a time hankies were a part of the wardrobe. Do you think you could ever get used to carrying one around? Do you already? 

Each giveaway is open for twenty-four hours from the time of posting. Please only post one comment in each thread. Winners will be announced each Monday in April. Winners can only win once but are encouraged to answer all the questions! 



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I am a committed hankie user!

  2. So many hankies are to pretty to be used for their original purpose. I must confess I am a tissue-kind-of-girl. Tucked in a pocket as a sprig of decoration however, is a whole different consideration.

  3. no hankies for me, but I like the pretty ones for decoration.

  4. I do not carry a hanky nowadays but I keep pretty hankies especially embroidered ones for keepsakes, they can be so romantic and nostalgic.

  5. It depends on the occasion really, on a day to day basis I carry a packet of disposable pocket tissues (or 3 if it’s hayfever season!) but high days and holidays (Christmas, Easter, Weddings etc) all require a proper hankie.
    (love this pin cushion!)

  6. What a lovely pincushion. Reminds me of all the fruit trees in flower just now. I used to carry a hankie as a child. But nowadays it’s usually one or several packets of tissues. My mum still carries a hankie in her handbag though.

  7. No, I’m a germaphobe. My grandma always has one in her sleeve though, I think I’d like to be that kind of grandma: hanky at the ready!

  8. I don’t personally, but as a child I always gave them as gifts with embriodered initals for the recipiant.

  9. I do carry a handkerchief around, but I intend to extend my collection I do not keep running out before having time to do the laundry.
    When I was little, my handkerchiefs were soggy unpleasant things and my grandfather always carried wrinkly old wear-bleached plaid ones, and when he blew his nose in one he really blew his nose. It took a while to shake the negative feelings about them.

  10. I’m not a hanky person at all. Not even a tissue person! I don’t get sick at all really. Haven’t had a cold in at least 2 years!

  11. i carried hankies around when i was a little kid. now i use tissues but i collect pretty handkerchiefs. i’d take them out and admire the prettiness whenever!

  12. Although I have a zillion hankies, I don’t actually use them for their intended purpose. We used to use them when I was a kid.

  13. Sadly, though they are lovely, I don’t think they would stand up to the demands of my hayfever!

  14. I do carry vintage hankies! I love them!!

  15. I definitely use hankies! I have a small collection of them that I rotate; they’re so lovely with their soft colors and delicate embroidery. Waaaaayyyy better than a tissue! This pincushion is the loveliest one I’ve seen so far!

  16. I might carry one, but I’m not sure I would use it! :) That is a gorgeous pincushion, though!

  17. I have several of my grandmother’s embroidered hankies, but I would never use them for their original purpose. It just seems so unsanitary. I am so in love with this Etsy shop!

  18. I have some hankies that once belonged to my grandmother. I keep them in my evening purses so when I go out with my husband, I feel like I have something elegant to use for an elegant evening.

  19. No, I couldn’t see myself walking around with a hankie. My uncle used to have one (maybe still does?) and I remember him blowing his nose and putting it back in his pocket. As a little kid I was so confused by this (being used to tissues). Now when I see home videos and he’s doing it I think “ew!”

  20. nope. tissues for me.

  21. I don’t carry a hankie with me but I do agree they can be very pretty :-) Sam

  22. I’d like to carry a hankie, or two. I already use cloth napkins on a daily basis, and it wouldn’t be much different.

  23. My grandfather gave me a vintage hankie when I was ten and I carried it around with me everywhere. Now, I’m so used to our disposable culture I think it would be difficult to transition away from tissues.

  24. I used to always keep a packet of tissues in my purse then switched to hankies when I realized it was easier to just wash a hankie. They are now one of those things that is always in there, kind of like a my phone and keys.

  25. I am not posting for the contest because I already won onces but I just had to say how cute your pin cushions are. Love them.

  26. I love vintage hankies for decorative purchases, but alas, I can’t commit to using one for it’s original purpose. I have some hankies around the house that I use as ‘doily’ type decorations though.

  27. Absolutely I think hankies are a very dainty accessory and necessity, I would defiantly use one.

  28. Stasha Switzer

    I would carry a hankie for sure! But I would not use it– I’d carry one simply because it’s nice to have beautiful things around.

  29. Such a lovely pincushion!!
    I do indeed use hankies. Just found two more at the thrift store yesterday. I have them in my purse and also use them at home. Hardly ever have to buy tissues and it’s so eco-friendly! Tammis Keefe hankies are my favorite (but I could never use those for the intended purpose!).

  30. I love the idea of carrying a hanky, but I think I’d still use Kleenex for actual, you know, nose blowing.

  31. I have a ton of vintage hankies from my great grandmother – I’m using these to make a quilt for my Mom for Mother’s Day :)

  32. I’m not there yet in my eco-transformation… I’m using cloth diapers tough, but with a washing service!
    I bought one once in Mexico, but used it mostly to get rid of forehead wiping, lady like!
    I love this pincushion! I should make one for myself and alter it to be a wrist one!

  33. With this crazy brit weather… one its always in hand.. and of course they are pimpped by me !!!! I love the reactions when I pull one over.

  34. I could definitely see myself carrying around a hankie, one to match each outfit. But for now I use them in sewing projects. Thanks for the giveaway, I could use a new pincushion.

  35. It is my goal to use hankies – when we went through my mother-in-law’s house found a score of lovely ones. washed them and they are in my dresser to use but find I just don’t use one that much.
    I did when I had the winter cold but otherwise not so much.

  36. i could TOTALLY be a swanky hankie user!! for fashion only, though, or the occasional dab on the forehead or neck.

  37. I would probably use a ton during allergy season but I am willing to give it a try! I guess I’d never really thought of it. I do love old fashioned stuff.

  38. I have all my Grandmother’s old hankies. I really should start carrying them. Love the pin cushion.

  39. I too love hankies. I don’t carry them (yet), but keep a basket of them in the living room instead of a kleenex box. My oldest child carries them all the time. I’m guessing I will soon. That’s is a wonderful pincushion!

  40. As a child I used hankies, but I’m a tissue devotee. The very thought of washing dirty hankies is enough to put me off! I do love vintage Lacey hankies – purely decorative accessory though!

  41. i love hankies and i love keeping them handy. I try to hand wash them but don’t very often, so I usually run out. this pincushion is just adorable! thanks for the giveaway.

  42. I always use handkerchiefs! (Honestly, tissues gross me out, plus I try to avoid disposable paper products–no paper towels or napkins either–and use reusable versions instead.) Today I have one of my favorites: a pretty, light green linen hankie with white and brown crocheted edging. I found it recently at an estate sale.

  43. margueritedesigns

    I can’t remember when I last had a hanky … when I was small they used to be printed with flowers and nursery rhymes. I don’t even know where I’d buy one now!

  44. I probably could get used to it, I have a whole bunch of pretty ones.

  45. I would love to carry a hanky, but I would need lots and lots of them, as I tend to misplace these types of things. I keep meaning to make some hankies, but I am distracted by other projects :)

  46. Yes and no, I have a small collection of hankies from my Grandmother and vintage purchases that I carry with me but I don’t use them as intended, just something pretty that I enjoy daily.
    I love felt and embroidery and your beautiful pincushions! They are lovely! They really are cupcakes :)

  47. Carry one in my purse all the time!

  48. I think I used to have them when we were very little – but I definitely can’t get used to the idea of carrying one around now!

  49. I have a small collection of hankies, and used to carry them around. Not quite sure why I stopped carrying them, actually…..
    My mother used to have a lovely carved wooden box, filled with hankies for her and my father, in all sorts of nice designs. I used to love looking through it when I was a kid, so I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for hankies. :-)

  50. I carry tissues, so it wouldn’t be hard to carry a hankie. I just need to find a fabric that won’t rub my nose raw after one use.