Hot! Tomato & Wrist Pincushion

As part of 30 Days of Pincushions, Sunni has generously provided pincushions for two Sew Weekly readers to win! Instructions on how to win it can be found at the bottom of this post.

Sunni-pinName: Sunni Standing
Shop name: A Fashionable Stitch
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

How long on Etsy: Since 2008 when I started making and selling aprons. My heart really wasn't in that so much as garment sewing. After a time, I closed the shop. Later, in 2010 I opened back up finding a small niche in sewing notions and dressmaking supplies. I love garment construction and when I couldn't find the supplies I needed I decided to make them. And that's when the real fun all started.

WristWho or what is an inspiration for your pincushions? When I started selling my infamous Tailor's Hams and Seam Rolls, a customer asked if I could make her a pincushion. I said sure and immediately the idea of having classic tomato pincushions popped into my head having seen the ones in the sewing notion isle at the fabric store recently and thinking, I'll bet I could do better than these. Later, I did an interview with Patty, The Snug Bug via her blog. She gave me the idea for these wrist pincushions. I did an awful lot of research for these and made up a few samples. My first samples were basic and didn't have a base so as I started testing it, I found that I began to poke my wrist with the pins. It was terribly uncomfortable and the thing kept flopping about because I couldn't tighten or loosen the wristband. Finally after quite a few months of thinking and brooding on the whole thing, feeling like maybe I should just give up the idea of wrist pincushions, it dawned on me. I'm terribly terribly excited about these. They have a metal base, so you don't poke yourself, and the wristband is adjustable so you can tighten or loosen them to fit your wrist. My husband, who doesn't know the first thing about sewing, tried one and said they were just the bee's knees! Wrist pincushion – conquered! Yay! 

Do you sew for yourself? Yes! I have a blog, the Cupcake Goddess, where I feature and try to give tips and inspiration on my sewing projects. I'm a garment seamstress at heart and adore fashion and clothing. I try to bring the same excitement and enthusiasm I have for dressmaking to my shop so that others can find the joy of dressmaking for themselves. It's truly a passion of mine. The art of sewing is something that brings me so much happiness and I only want it to bring other's happiness too!

Why do you craft? I love to dressmake. It's my first and foremost love in sewing, however I've also got a crafty urge. It's fun to make things that are bright and cheerful and in a way a little silly. It brings out my inner kid and it's something that I couldn't do without.

Thanks, Sunni ! Be sure to visit her Etsy shop and check out her other pincushions for sale!

Want to win one of these pincushions? You just have to answer the following question:

Have you ever had a particularly painful sewing mis-hap? 

Each giveaway is open for twenty-four hours from the time of posting. Please only post one comment in each thread. Winners will be announced each Monday in April. Winners can only win once but are encouraged to answer all the questions! 



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Shannon Burchard

    Yes, when making my son a long sleeve shirt with plackets, I must have checked the placement 10 times and I still got them on different sides of the shirt sleeve.

  2. I’ve been looking for a cute and functional wrist pincushion for a while now. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of the Cupcake Goddess’s. I’ll be crossing my fingers until Monday… except for when I’m sewing of course!
    So far no particularly painful sewing mishaps other than a pin gone awry here or there. I have seen blood in my sewing class though, so I keep bandaids in my little sewing kit just in case.

  3. No particularly painful sewing moments for me thank goodness. I did watch a girl sew completely through her finger in a class I was taking.

  4. pretty and practical pin cushion – lovely.
    Sewing mishaps? Sewn a finger with the machine when I was a child and numerous stabs with the seam ripper more recently. Still, never any blood on the material – most important!

  5. I’m pretty good at pricking my left thumb- always the same spot!

  6. When I was taught to sew at school I managed to sew through my finger, needless to say that put me off sewing anything for over 10 years, thank goodness I’m passed that now.

  7. I have to be extra careful when I am reducing seam allowances, it seams! I’ve cut in the fashion fabric more than once!

  8. I am completely and absolutely uncoordinated. I have caught my thumb under the presser foot once or twice (absolutely no idea how), I constantly “pin” myself and have multiple accidental iron burns. “Painful” in a non-bodily harm way – I’ve removed an item from underneath the presser foot with perhaps a little too much flourish, caught the fabric on the machine’s thread cutter and torn it.

  9. I was snipping threads from my almost finished garment and I was doing this rather enthusiastically, because I really really liked the garment I had made. And all of the sudden, snip, I had cut in the sleeve. It left a big hole I couldn’t fix. I was devastated for a couple of days. Lesson learnt. Now I cut my threads very carefully. Not painful in the literal way, but it was painful enough, none the less. :)

  10. margueritedesigns

    It’s definitely the seam ripper – I seem to have a particularly sharp one and succeeded in stabbing my thumb with it quite badly when I was making my ‘green top’.

  11. Just pricking my fingers a hundred-million times while hand sewing!!
    I love Sunni’s pincushions – her fabric choices are always so gorgeous – you know using them would bring a smile to your face even if you have just had a serious sewing disaster!

  12. The top I just made had several mishaps, I sewed the shoulder straps wrong, I put the side pieces in wrong and when ripping them I also ripped the fabric. The top turned out lovely, but I made many stupid mistakes that I should have been past by now.

  13. Nothing painful yet (knock on wood)….love Sunni’s sewing notions!!!

  14. Oh yes, my most recent was a cowl neck dress I was making, when I joined the bodice to the skirt I somehow twisted the bodice and one sleeve was inside out, which meant no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the dress right side out, was quite comical really. Sadly, I unpicked it and resewed to find I had somehow twisted it again…sigh…I persevered and got it right, third time lucky.

  15. My most pinful mishap was when I was quite young and had been doing embroidery. I’d lost a needle in my bedroom carpet and “found it” with the bottom of my foot. The eye end punctured my foot near my heal. Yowza. That hurt. I continue to draw blood through my fingers fairly regularly with hand quilting and getting caught on pins. Too bad you can’t upload a photo to a comment. I’ve got a good one. :)

  16. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sewn my finger while at the machine. (Not all the way through mind you, but it still hurts!) I always forget to take my foot off the pedal when I’m fiddling with things. Darn gravity!

  17. Not whilst sewing as such. Some years ago I had to bring my sewing machine to the workshop for an overhaul and just outside my apartment door I slipped at the top of the stairs and slid all the way down to the next landing on the side of my thigh. Not surprisingly the resulting bruise was huge, painful and lasted for ages. But at least I was still holding onto my old trusty Husqvarna, bought by my mum forty years ago when I was a toddler, and luckily it wasn’t any more broken than before the fall.
    Incidentally, I happened onto Sunni’s shop just recently via her blog and loved her colourful tailor’s ham & seam roll sets and pincushions!

  18. Does my sewing mishap count if I was doing upholstery? I was holding a piece of furniture down with my left hand while I pried out a tack with my right. I slipped off the tack and stabbed my left hand with my tack puller. Put a pretty big hole into the webbing between my pointer and thumb. I think I said ow!

  19. No, thankfully all I have had is tiny pin-pricks.

  20. I’m always pinning myself while hand sewing. Most painful place is in between the nail and the nail bed…ouch!

  21. Oh yes…like a couple of other commenters, I have sewed through my finger. The needle actually broke the bone in my finger. After that, I took sewing lessons!

  22. My sewing mishap was when I tried to stitch up my first pair of shorts. The legs, the waist- they were all the same size, I couldn’t get anything strait and I kept sewing them all together or ass backwards.
    Severe blow to my ego : (

  23. Yeah, this is a really painful sewing mishap, brace yourself!
    While embroidering a small piece of fabric, I had this tendency of poking it through a fold of my jeans, since I was sitting up with my knees against my chest. It made sense at the time I swear, and it was a convenient spot so I wouldn’t lose it as I went to rethread the needle.
    Well, as you can imagine, this move was not a smart one. We were playing Taboo with friends at the time, and after having a totally killer round, I slammed my knee down to the floor in excitement — only problem is that the needle was totally still lodged in my jeans, and now, lodged in my leg. OUCH.
    Good times!

  24. Yes! I was once guiding something through my machine that was being a little difficult. I had my fingers too close and the little knob that tightens the needle caught my finger…not pretty.

  25. I had to zip past all the comments so far because I’m terrified of some people’s mis-hap stories! Mine is I was putting a glass head pin into the fabric and the glass ball at the top fell off and the needle jabbed my pointer finger – ouch! I feel like it took 2 weeks for me not to feel some kind of soreness there, thank goodness I had just gotten my tetanus shot!!
    I just placed an order for a wrist pincushion from Sunni’s shop yesterday. I’m so, so excited about it!

  26. My painful moment came from the time when a hand sewing needle had fallen on the floor, and then was mistakenly picked up by my left heel. Insert trip to urgent care, then hospital, to wait for the surgen to have time to slice my foot open (while awake!) and remove said needle. Ouch, worse than childbirth! But I’m still sewing strong! I just wear thick soled slippers in my sewing space now!! :o)

  27. Just when I think the pin cushions couldn’t get cuter . . .
    No I don’t think I have had a painful mishap while sewing but my Mom, who used to sew luggage (and later in life newspaper boy bicycle bags and golf bags) sewed her thumb once. She said that was pretty painful. The needle broke off right in the middle of her thumb.

  28. The needle on my machine once broke and when it broke it broke with a vengeance and sliced through my finger. I was only about twelve at the time and I was terrified my parents would find out because I wasn’t supposed to be using the machine when they weren’t home and of course that’s exactly what I was doing. So I cleaned it and wrapped it and prayed it would heal, and it did, but good LORD did it hurt!

  29. I have a fear of sewing my finger, but so far it hasn’t happened *fingers crossed* But I do have a tendency to step on pins at just the right angle so they go INTO my foot. I guess I really need this pincushion to keep them off the floor!!

  30. Cutting out a corduroy jumper from my mother in law and cutting out half the fabric upside – it was a mad scramble to find new suitable fabric, especially as it was out of season at the time!

  31. When I was 15 I made a blue plaid easter dress…I chose a challenging fabric and pattern–it took forever to match all the stripes in the pattern, there were lots of buttonholes and other fiddly details–but I worked on it steadily to be done in time for Easter Sunday. Then, clipping the waistband seam, I accidentally cut a giant hole in the bodice.
    Much crying ensued and I made weird little pockets to hide the hole, but it was the most (emotionally) painful sewing experience I’ve had to date :)

  32. I was trying to add different sleeves to a blouse I was making, didn’t pay attention to the original pattern, it was designed for a double knit jersey, I was using a shirting fabric. The sleeves didn’t even come CLOSE to fitting around my arm. disaster.

  33. im not one to make a muslim, ever. i usually just start on a project, and a lot of the times, i get into trouble. usually though i can work it out in the end…

  34. I think the worst I’ve done is continually stabbing myself when hand sewing.

  35. I looooove the wrist cushion!
    I’ve been pretty lucky so far! I hurt myself way more often in the kitchen.

  36. Yes! A sewing needle through the finger as a child…but it didn’t scare me away forever. More recently, I sew in a carpeted room which is far from ideal since pins occassionaly fall out of my projects and “disappear” into the carpet. Awhile ago, one must have been lodged into the carpet with the sharp end sticking straight up. Of course, I eventually stepped on it and it went straight into the meaty part of my heal. It was very unpleasant!

  37. Lots of finger pin pricks but nothing major thus far. I am completely paranoid of stepping on a needle though. Eeee!

  38. I’m pretty reckless with a rotary cutter and have cut myself on occasion. And I was pretty upset when I accidentally melted an invisible zipper with my too hot iron.

  39. Until earlier this year — when I made the decision to make all of my own clothes or invest only in high quality timeless pieces — the vast majority of my sewing was done in school. Here, you take mandatory sewing classes grades 3-9 and I guess I am lucky in that I can’t remember nearly as many painful mistakes in sewing class as I can from the mandatory wood workshop from the same years (blood!).
    One “mistake” that stands out, though, is from 7th grade. For my spring project I had wanted to make an item of clothing, In 6th grade I’d made a stretch cotton V-neck top, and I wanted to learn more, but the teacher said NO and blamed the school budget. Instead she suggested that I make an embroidered pillow case. I sewed a pillowcase, I drew my own embroidery pattern and learned new stitches… and then she marked me down and gave me a bad performance review because a pillow case was far too simple a project, required minimal sewing machine work, and in picking it I clearly did not show any sewing ambition at all.
    So now I always seem to pick a slightly too difficult project instead… :P

  40. I love Sunni’s shop! She makes such fun things! My worst mishap was putting a machine needle through my nailbed. Ouch!

  41. An odd injury: I bought a vintage featherweight off Craigslist. Don’t let the name fool you, those babies are quite heavy. Hurt my back lifting it. DOH! The machine was only $10, much less than the pain pills and muscle relaxers.

  42. When embroidering on my embrodery machine, I was pushing some ric rack under the presser foot [so, it would lay flat],I took the other hand and was going to push the needle into the fabric to hold it..My finger was tooo close and the needle went into my cuticly ,all the way through.[oooooooooooooooooouch!!!!].
    LESSON LEARNED___Be sure your finger is not under a needle.

  43. Ive definitely had a lot of pins poking my fingers!

  44. my worst sewing mishap involved an iron, not a needle. i was pressing a seam on the dress i was working on, standing in my underwear (hey, it’s good for fitting purposes), stopped paying attention to the iron and ended up giving myself a glorious 6″+ burn horizontally across my abdomen – exactly where the waistband of a pair of pants hits. it burned pretty badly and it ended up taking a couple weeks to heal properly… during which i couldn’t wear pants.
    i have since learned to watch the iron & turn the heat off the OMGHIGHESTSETTING, but i still sew in my undies :) sorry.

  45. Hmm. Painful misstep brings in mind the time I dropped a hand needle on the carpet, proceeded to step on it where it went into my toe, and as it caught on the backing of the carpet, it broke. I hobbled around for a week with that needle in my foot, soaking daily in epsom salted water and prodding about in the would to find the end of the needle so I could pull it out. Worst. Feeling. Ever. Even worse than breaking an ankle.

  46. What a lovely pincushion!
    I have had lots of almost-mishaps (like almost sewing over my finger), but luckily, nothing more serious actually happened that pricking myself while hand-sewing…

  47. I once stood up from my sewing table so fast that I knocked the chair over behind me, which pulled me down, and I was wedged in between suitcases and fabric…calling for my boyfriend and clutching my wrist. I am careful now not to get too excited :)

  48. I stuck a pin in my lip as I was pulling them out, sewing up a garment. I have a bad habit of putting pins in between my lips while I’m sewing…that’s why I need a pin cushion! :-)

  49. I’ve certainly sewn wrong sides together enough times, but the really painful one was cutting out two left sides of a dress. There’s no way to fix that one unless you bought way too much fabric.

  50. Seam rippers! I am always stabbing myself. As my mom would say,”Just don’t bleed on the fabric!”

  51. In fact, just last night!! I inevitably prick myself with pins when I’m pin-fitting/tissue-fitting. And, last night was no exception, except that I really jammed this pin into my finger while trying on a pinned pattern bodice. Ouch!!!
    That’s why a Cupcake Goddess pincushion is just what I need!

  52. I absolutely adore the wrist pincushion! My most painful sewing experience occurred when I was 12 in sewing class. I was helping another student straighten out the mess he (yes, he!) had made with his fabric under the presser foot, when he put his foot on the pedal and stitched the needle right into my thumbnail! OUCH!

  53. YAY for sunni’s pincushions!!
    i have daily painful mishaps, because i use my body as a dummy, but of course, my tools are more important than a bunch of pin scrapes. the worst had to be hacking into sharp metal pins with my gingher shears while cutting into some thick striped jersey. the jersey was so crazy, i couldn’t see the pins. just kept chomping down, all WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE STUPID SHEARS. now i have teeth marks in the blade. i hate myself every time i think of that day…

  54. Does everyone have as much trouble as I do getting zippers separated from the staples that attach them to the packaging? I hurt myself every time.

  55. My only “painful” mishap that comes to mind was realizing that I forgot to preshrink my fabric and the result was a top I loved but could no longer wear after it shrunk. Boo!

  56. If you mean literal pain, I sewed my finger once and broke the needle off in it. As for emotional pain – pretty much everything I sew gives me some… but the reward in finishing is totally worth it! :D
    Love the giveaway!

  57. I’ve nicked and pricked and stabbed my fingers, but nothing too untoward. I dropped a pin which became lost in the carpet, and my brother who was not very old at the time stepped on it. My mother had to removed the pin, it had gone in deep and bent in the process. I still feel queasy thinking about it. My brother remembers the incident clearly to this day.
    The giveaway is gorgeous.

  58. painful in terms of time- I blithely sewed the sleeve into the neckline on a blouse- held it up and wondered what in the world was wrong then had to laugh at myself for doing it.
    Then had to carefully unpick the serged edge, sigh.

  59. Oh, I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve squished my thumb with the presser foot of my machine. Geez, does that thing come down hard! That’s normally when I throw up my hands, grab a glass of pain-easing champagne, and set the sewing aside for the night.
    Also, I can’t get over these pin-cushions. I’ve just recently discovered both Sunni’s blog and shop. Who knew I could ever lust after a Tailor’s Ham, of all things? Her sewing notions are just so, so chic and the new line of pin-cushions is no exception! Love them all.

  60. Hi. My first projects as a sewing beginner 2 years ago were a seam roll, a tailor’s ham, pincushion and wrist pincushion. Mine were all ugly and very badly made. So bad that I would prick myself from using the wrist pincushion. But my worst accident was when I was 11 and learning to use the treadle machine at school, my right foot started to pedal(?) and squashed my left foot was under the treadle. I stifled a scream, but the whole class heard anyway and someone had to get me some ice for it. It was bruised for a few days but I survived and now sewing again :)

  61. I’ve definitely suffered from a few pin pricks (painful ones), but I think my worst injury has been rolling over my foot with my chair! Twice, actually. As you can see, I’m kind of clumsy…

  62. No major injuries, though I’ve had dents in my fingers from quilting for too long before. And this is why thimbles were invented, people.

  63. I’ve burned myself with the iron more than a few times. I even caught myself on the needle of the machine once. While using scissors (incorrectly) as a seam ripper I sliced a finger. The most startling was when I took part of my left index finger, and part of the nail, off with the rotary cutter. Never any stitches, sometimes a little blood. I feel worse about the fabric I’ve snipped and burned along the way. Fabric can’t heal.