Hot! The Perfect Pear Pincushion

As part of 30 Days of Pincushions, Rebekah has generously provided this pincushion for one Sew Weekly reader to win! Instructions on how to win it can be found at the bottom of this post.

image from Name: Rebekah
Shop name: Pinpinn
Location: Ohio
How long on Etsy: About 3 years if you combine it with my original shop Tumus

Describe your aesthetic in three words:
Three words is never enough to describe anything! But I love the words Vibrant, Fun, and Practical to describe my shop's style.

Who (or what) is an inspiration for your pincushions?
I love a pincushion that no one else is going to have. Rare things make for special finds. Not everything that I'm am in love with will work itself into a pincushion, but I am constantly inspired by vintage quilt appliques, my food and flower gardens and a love of all things cute and unique. I want people to look at what I make and say, "Hey! That's cool!! Where'd you get that?"

Do you sew for yourself?
I do sew for myself occasionally, but I mostly sew for others. Like most crafters I have a raging case of stash fever. I like to do felt applique and embroidery, plus I have a healthy addiction to Moda fabrics which I continue to add to. It's not that I don't have a desire to make something for ME, it's more the fact that I really love giving away something I made and having that person love it even more than I do. Warm fuzzies always make people happy ^_^

Thanks, Rebekah ! Be sure to visit her Etsy shop and check out her other pincushions for sale!

Want to win this pincushion? You just have to answer the following question:

What was one of the best things you have ever crafted/sewn for someone else? If you haven't yet, what would you *like* to make?

Each giveaway is open for twenty-four hours from the time of posting. Please only post one comment in each thread. Winners will be announced each Monday in April. Winners can only win once but are encouraged to answer all the questions! 


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I recently made a gorgeous oliver + s dress for my daughter (as a present for when her baby brother arrives), and lined it with the sheets from her bassinet, which I couldn’t bear to throw away! It’s so gorgeous, I almost can’t wait to give it to her when he arrives in the next week or so!

  2. The circles quilt I made for my Dad’s 70th and the cats quilt I made for a good friend. Only two quilts I almost wish I hadn’t had to give away :-)

  3. I really like this pin cushion. I love felt fruit.
    I think the best thing I ever made for someone other than myself was a coverall I made for my oldest son when he was about a year old. It had snaps at the shoulder and it was made out of a light weight denim. He looked so cute in it.

  4. The first quilt I ever made was a gift for my sister’s 21st birthday. It wasn’t perfect (in fact it was anything but), but I think it was special.
    In reality, until this year, almost everything I made was a gift for someone else.

  5. One of the best things I have done was both by crafting and sewing! My daughter was three years old and I found the cutest pattern! It involved a top of crocheted granny squares in two colors with a skirt sewn onto the bottom. I had never seen anything like it and I just loved it to pieces. I also created it with two sets of buttons so it could grow with her. :) She’s 4 now, but I think she’ll be at least 5 or 6 before she completely grows out of it. Most of what I sew/craft is for her or her sister. ;)

  6. I think the thing I made for someone else that I’m proudest of is this bag:
    I hand sewed the design on a front panel and then made it into a bag for a friend. There were so many tiny details (pockets, knee caps, lace edging on the dress, buttons) that it took an unbelievable amount of time to finish!

  7. I love those pears- so clever and unique!
    I am way to selfish to have sewn for anyone else yet, as soon as I hear the words “Hey! You sew! Would you mind…” I start running or point behind them screaming “Look! An eagle wearing neatly hemmed pants!”. Perhaps when I’m less selfish I’d love to do a wedding dress, or something special and ceremonial. It would be a real honour! (And more fun than hemming pants).

  8. I knit coordinating (but not matchy-matchy) sweaters for my sister and brother-in-law as a wedding gift.

  9. I made an entire tea party set for my little niece and it’s been her favorite toy for the past 5 months -that’s the best compliment ever! =) I made her a little tablecloth, place mats, napkins, felt cookies and a tiered felt cake w/felt candles and felt ‘frosting decorations’.
    I’m at the beginner/intermediate level, so this totally boosted my confidence! =)

  10. Cute pears! I would have to say my favorite things was a set of placemats and napkins for my sister in the most adorable cat fabric. One side had the novelty print and the other side was black. Then on the napkins, I appliqued the same cat onto a pastel colored napkin! Tres cute!

  11. I love to sew presents for family and friends – partly because you can then give them something really personal and full of love, and partly becuase we live on a very tight budget and if not cheaper than buying something – the value/quality for cost ratio is significantly better. Choosing the my favorite hand crafted gift is difficult – but perhaps the best reaction I got was for white hand embroidered pillow cases for our friends wedding – I designed a motif using their initials and the date of their wedding – it was all whitework on 500 count egyptian cotton. For personal satisfaction though it has to be the colourful play quilt I made for a friends first born baby – it still gets dragged around 3 years later!
    (love those pears!)

  12. I spend alot of time making gifts, for the last few years I have not bought xmas presents but made them all. I think my favourites would be my most treasured vintage fabric (not all of it) made into place mats with a ric rac finish for my mum, also if you are familiar with cath kidston I made a stan the dog for my baby nephew.

  13. I’ve knitted a lot of gifts for people (my boyfriend constantly needs socks!) but only rarely do I sew. I’ve made a few dresses for my sister but the thing I’m most proud of was 2 dice bags I made that looked like d20s. They’re incredibly geeky and perfect for my dungeons and dragons playing friends, but they alos made me realise that piecing fabric is not for me.

  14. margueritedesigns

    I made a cross stitch sampler for my brother, in delicate single thread, of lots of Welsh motifs – daffodils, sheep, Welsh tweed patterns etc and he was really quite indifferent about it, until he tried a bit of cross stitch himself and realised how much work had gone into it! He loves it now and has it framed on the wall at home. Recently, I enjoyed making an apron for my mum for one of the Sew Weekly challenges.

  15. A fairy dress for a three year old. My first sewing project!

  16. When I was eight I, with the help of my mum, made Flounder from the Little Mermaid as a stuffed toy for my sister. She really liked it and I was so proud of it.
    BTW, really cute pincushions!

  17. Oh,now those pears are super cute! :-)
    I’ve made quite a few things for people, but I think one of my favourites was a tulle fairy skirt I made for my friend’s 8 year old daughter. She was in hospital when her class at school had a teddy bears picnic, and she was so sad she missed out that we threw her her own teddy bears picnic at the Botanic Gardens a couple of weeks later when she was better. All the girls dressed up in fairy skirts and wings and blew bubbles – so much fun! Apparently she wore the fairy skirt I made her to school a bit after that. :-)

  18. I made a beautiful corduroy pinafore, all lined in a lovely printed flannel, embroidered front and teddybear patches on the back panels, even hammered in a few snaps. It was the most gorgeous colour raspberry cord and her little girl looked gorgeous in it, I was soooo proud of my efforts!

  19. Our second wedding anniversary isn’t until next January, but I’m already compiling all the fabrics and squares I want to include in an Anniversary Quilt (2nd anniversary is cotton). ;) I got the idea from Susan Beal’s new book – “Modern Log Cabin Quilting” (
    But my goal this year is to hand-sew all of my Christmas gifts for next year, which I’m already working on, slowly but steadily.

  20. I would really love to give each of my sons a wedding ring quilt to snuggle under once they’ve found that special person. <3

  21. My favorite things I’ve made are a sweater and a button-up for my husband. He truly appreciates the love that went into them and wears them often.

  22. I was playing and made a free-form patchwork jacket for a friends daughter. It was so soft her son wanted to wear it too : )

  23. I just finished making a sock-monkey print baby quilt for my brand new tiny nephew. It came out so beautiful, my sister just loved it!

  24. My best crafts for others have been my quilts, and I think the ones that have been most graciously received were ones for babies. The one most special to me is the one I made for my son. It hung above his crib for a time (whenall he did was spit up) and now he sleeps with it. I hope that when he’s a grown man he’ll love it again (after the hiatus I know will come with the teen years). :)

  25. Back when I was in high school and first learning to sew, I sewed my (now) husband a pair of fun pajama pants. He wore them forever…

  26. I made my mother-in-law an apron last year for Christmas, which she loved. I used the same pattern when I made my own so we have similar aprons. :)

  27. During the winter i picked up knitting and I made my first hat for a friend!

  28. I already won a pincushion, but I hope it’s okay to answer anyway. :)
    I made my daughter a quilt for her first big girl bed. It’s a scrap quilt, made with scraps from my stash as well as a few of her baby outfits that I cut up. The fabric in the quilt connects her to some of the women in her life: I used my own scraps, fabric my mom had given me, as well as outfits given to her by her godmother.

  29. a friend bought me a tiny toy sewing machine for christmas last year, and in retaliation (hey, if you get a gift you have to give a gift!) i made him a small pair of owls using my favorite wool suiting fabrics – one with an embroidered 0 on it’s belly, the other with an embroidered 1. we are both computer nerds & the thought of binary owls cracked me up while i was sewing them. when he opened the gift, he immediately caught my drift & said it was the best gift he ever received. every now & again i’ll get a text message from him with several pictures of the owls, spelling out something in binary :)

  30. I would love to make the ladies in my family aprons and matching cooking mitts.

  31. I try and make all my Christmas/Mother’s/Birthday gifts each year if I can…and right now I am working on making a sundress for one of my friends!

  32. The pear is so cute! I just finished a knit sweater for my mom. I usually knit/sew for myself, so it was really fun to make for her. She got to pick the style color, and mods so it really fit her well and she is so pleased with it.

  33. Hands down the catnip toy I made for the family cat 2 Christmases ago. Granted he was only interested in the catnip and not the toy itself, but I couldn’t stop laughing. He’s a tuxedo cat so I took a triangle pincushion pattern and added ears, a tail and face with black and white fabric. He held it in his paws as he rolled around with that thing. Every once in awhile I see it on the floor, all used up, a shadow of its former glory – though it still brings a smile to my face!

  34. i was so happy to have learnt to do quilt,my first ever was a card trick cushion cover.The feeling was awesome..I cannot your pincushion,can it be mine?

  35. those pears are wonderful!
    The first baby quilt I made was given to a friend for her first child and was made with my favorite Heather Ross fabrics!

  36. The hardest item to part with was a baby quilt I made when my good friend was expecting her little girl. It was a basic nine-patch set on point, but the fabric was an amazing collection of yellow, orange and green jungle prints. I had been “quilting” casually for a few years at the time, but it was the first actual bed-quilt I had finished.

  37. What a clever idea with the paired pears! Too cute!
    I’ve been on a kick making baby blankets for friends (it’s that time in my life – everyone’s having babies!) following a cute pattern from Cotton Ginnys. Each blanket has the head of an animal, so the result is a mix between a blanket and a stuffed animal. Minky fabric is a bit of a pain to work with because it gets everywhere, but the end result is worth it. Soft and cuddly, cute and fun.

  38. What a peary lovely pincushion! What with working full time and studying in my spare time the only time I really get to sew is during my holidays (and I could not imagine a more blissful way of spending those days or weeks). So last year for my cousin Susan’s birthay I made her a Birdie Sling (Amy Butler Design) in lovely pink tones of Amy Butler fabric (of course), and for her 10 year old daughter Holly’s birthay shortly after a basket style bag with bamboo handles (courtesy of a free tutorial by Lisa Lam of ) in the same fabrics. I only finished the bamboo handle bag when I was staying with them in Scotland for a holiday and noticed too late that I had mixed up two different pairs of bamboo handles, the other one being on my own finished bag back in Switzerland. So now Holly’s and my bag both have mismatched bamboo handles and it’s the detail I love most about the bags. It keeps reminding me of the Scottish part of my family – not that I need reminding anyway :-) – and makes me smile every time I think about it.

  39. Shannon Burchard

    Recently I made some mushroom caps (for the head) to include in the school auction. Each sold for almost $100 dollars…not bad for an hours work:)

  40. I made a cover for a baby pillow for my godson out of an embroidered dress that used to belong to my grandmother. The skills involved were minimal, but the meaning in the product made me feel pretty proud.

  41. My brother got married last summer, and all the stationery was printed with a design of the couple’s initials linked together. So for Christmas I gave them a set of napkins with their monogram design embroidered in the corner, each one a different colour. They looked really cool but personal, and were so easy to make!

  42. I made a vintage skirt for my daughter, and it looks really good. Satisfying :)
    (this pin cushion is cute, cute, cute!)

  43. Crazy to think the neatest sewing project was over 10 years ago! Yikes. I made my friend’s prom dress. We were all pretty low on funds- I worked at House of Fabrics, so the 50% discount was awesome! The style back then was floor length, ball gown with gloves. So- we created a strapless burgundy gown with a huge black feather boa attached. Very 1998 glam.
    I don’t need any pincushions. Just enjoying the Q&A! Cheers

  44. I made this wonderful baby quilt for my friend and she loved it! It was super easy and very modern looking. Just basically two pieces of fabric. It has turned into my go-to baby shower giftie!

  45. The best thing I made for someone else was a wedding dress. It wasn’t my best work, and I could do a much better job with my current skills. I think it was the best because it was a gift for her special day.

  46. made a sweater for a friend years ago that she still treasures inordinately. calls it her ‘magic sweater’ and just loves it. swears she has had strangers stop and ask her how it was knit as I used a combination of cables and applied I-cord to make cables that seem to defy gravity and knitting! how wonderful for a hand made thing be appreciated.

  47. I mostly make clothes, and I’m not very good at fitting things unless I have a body to put them on, so I haven’t made as many things for other people as I’d like to.
    The favorite is probably the Death Eater wallet I made and embroidered for my sister, who’s obsessed with Harry Potter. It’s a ridiculous thing, but she loves it.

  48. Gifts for others..especially my grandchildren. I made my daughter’s wedding dress which she looked so beautiful in.

  49. I have made tons of dresses for my 4 grandaughters.. But,I think making my daughters wedding dress ,was really special..We spent alot of time together ,planning this dress and then fitting and making. and ALL of that work… it only got wore about 1 hour and it was all over.hahaha

  50. I made embroidered pillow cases for my grandma that were nice, but probably the best item I’ve made was an apron for my mom that included a pocket with my greatgrandma’s recipe written by my grandmother, so it was multigenerational.

  51. I have been waiting for this pretty pear! I fell in love with it as soon as i saw it. Last year I made four little stuffed animals with button joints from my recently deceased father in law’s very favorite special occasion suit, complete with a mini tie cut from his special occasion tie. I gave one to each of his grandkids for Christmas so that a small part of him can be at all those special occasions he won’t be here to see. (pictures of a few of them here