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2246 The Facts 
Fabric: Cotton shirting from (3 yards at $1.95 a yard – huzzah!)
Pattern: Simplicity 2246
Year: c. 2011
Notions: 10 buttons – in stash
Time to complete: 6
First worn: April 2011
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: $5.85 <==== BAM. Let me preface this post with: can I get an Amen? For only about $6, I made a dress – yeeeaaah boooyy! Looking back at the cost makes me proud – I usually go straight for the expensive fabrics without realizing it and this time I found a great fabric for a great price. Yesss!

Being from a big Southern family I'm used to Easter being a big deal. We make a ham, we have lots of eggs to hunt and top the day off with a nap caused by acute eating-too-much-itis. It's basically like Thanksgiving with deviled eggs. Wait – we have deviled eggs then too. It's Thanksgiving without turkey. 

This year is different though – my mom, grandparents, aunts and uncles are in Ireland on a trip. While they're off galavanting around the Emerald Isle, we're stuck at home with 90 degree weather. And no hams because we're too lazy grab one from the store. What – we're the kids?!? Yes I know I'm 30. Still at the kids table. 


Anywho, since we have been abandoned by most of our clan, my beautiful sister Devon (pictured above) and I decided to take matters into our own hands. We celebrated Easter together with our father, my husband and Devon's boyfriend Max (hat tip to Max for the photos – he's AWESOME at taking photos!) complete with delicious food, chocolate bunnies and, of course, hats. You can't have Easter without a decent hat – and by decent, I mean from Target for like $12.

I scooped up this awesome Simplicity pattern from my local Joann's recently and I'm impressed by a few things: 1) the cover art isn't horrible, 2) it's as easy as listed and 3) the sizing is spot on. View C, the one I chose, was incredibly easy to work through with minimal issues and used basic techniques like gatering and piecing the collar to the top edge of the dress. On cool thing was that both the collar stand and collar piece were one (instead of seperate pieces like many shirt patterns), making construction super duper easy. Sometimes collars can be crazy making. My favorite part of this dress is the sleeves – they're gathered on both sides and finished off with a simple band. This style happens to be flattering on arms that … how should I put this? … don't have visible biceps. You know, like mine!


The fabric is a basic cotton shirting from and was shockingly well priced. As the gal who usually goes "Ohhh this is nice!" and then looks a the price tag ($200 a yard?! Wahh wahh waaaaahhh), this was a real treat – a whole dress for under $6! 

The hat was a last minute Target find – I had planned on wearing a wide brimmed straw hat, but found this little beauty instead. Confession: I have it on backwards – and I like it that way! Makes me feel  like a flapper!

Dress - full body

I hope you and your family (even the ones who run away to Ireland – love you guys!) had a safe and happy holiday weekend! 


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Any dress that flatters non-visible bicep arms is a winner in my book. Stripes are a great change from oodles of floral at this time of year. Great little hat too. Hats like this should come back into style.

  2. Amen! I’m with you on cheap and good fabric finds! I love this shirtdress and the casual easter style. Wearing the hat back to front is brilliant!

  3. Sarah, your post had me laughing out loud. You have the best sense of humor. As a fellow “invisible bicep” gal, I appreciate those sleeves in a big way. In fact, I just finished a shirt with a similar sleeve design but somehow got my pieces mixed up. It’s a very long and embarassing story but now one sleeve is gargantuan–big enough for Big Foot’s bicep. ANYWAY, you look fab and your dress is wonderful. I’m going to have to find that pattern.

  4. I have this dress on my to-make-list too (in navy blue no less). I love how yours turned out!

  5. perfect summer dress!

  6. very nice dress! I love how amazing the fabric find was!!! That always makes me happy too! Sounds like your easter was lovely!!

  7. I love this dress and as the days get warmer you will still be able to wear it. I love stripes especially in blue. The hat is cute too and you can’t beat Target. You look so cute in this, and wow, $6.00 is great.

  8. Yea Lisette patterns! Your dress is absolutely perfect and so well done! LOVE!

  9. Love your pretty ..what a great price too..

  10. The perfect shirtdress for $5.85? Greatest. Thing. Ever! I love your backwards Target hat – it is very flapper! Hope you had a good Easter sitting at the adults table :)
    PS. Slightly disappointed that you and Devon seem to have outgrown your “wearing matching curtain” outfit phase…

  11. really nice shirtdress! And cheap to boot. wooh hoo!

  12. Wow! I totally ignored that Lisette pattern because I thought it would look terrible on anyone but a stick, but it looks gorgeous! And the fabric you made it in is smashing.

  13. Thanks Jen! I love stripes and was honestly floored to find some for so cheap!

  14. Thanks lady! Loved your outfit this week!!

  15. Thanks Amy – you have made my day! And OMG – I have so done that before! You put on the dress and look like Lady Gaga or something – I have started marking the pattern pieces with chalk to keep them straight!

  16. Thanks Paloma! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out – I really like this pattern and will definitely make more!

  17. Thank you so much! We need lots of summer stuff here in Houston – it’s summer from April to October!

  18. Thanks Debi! OMG – I love your dress this week and your lovely hat! Happy Easter!

  19. Thanks Sue! I was shocked at the price – shocked! And I love me some Target!

  20. LOL – we should totally wear matching curtains, as we would be passable as hipster sisters. These kids today and their crazy clothes! Thank you for the kind words and I hope your Easter was awesome!

  21. Thank you Casey! I was seriously like “$195 a yard – WHAT? Oh wait – $1.95 a yard. Add to cart.”

  22. Thank you so much Lisette! You have to make their pattern now – you have the same name! And I was honestly surprised too – I’m weary of patterns with the skinny skinny models, but was pleasantly surprised with the fit of this pattern!

  23. Best one yet! My favorite. <3 <3
    But I am a Simplicity girl.

  24. YAY, it’s a gorgeous shirt dress! Love a bargain and a dress for under $6! Congrats!

  25. Fantabulous, bargain, love it.