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The Facts 
Parfait cover Fabric: Dark Blue linen, (3 yards at $7 a yard)
Pattern: Colette Parfait pattern
Year: c. 2009
Notions: Vintage zipper and two spare buttons – $1
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: April 2011
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: $~22

SNOCONES!! Thanks to this week's awesome childhood challenge, I was able to visit one of my favorite spots in Houston – Mam's House of Ice – and get a delicious snocone!

As a child these were my treat of choice when visiting my grandparents, who would take me to a little place in their hometown to enjoy something ice cold on a hot summer day. And with temperatures topping 100 degrees in August, something refreshing is always in order – especially if that something is covered in sugar syrup.

In order to enjoy this experience fully, I needed to go back – waaay back – to my childhood and figure out what outfit could fully represent such a wonderful time in my life.

What did I come up with, almost immediately? Jumpers folks. Jumpers (some may call these rompers or playsuits) are the optimal childhood clothing for little girls. They're cute, easy to clean and allow for maximum playing/tree climbing/raising hell with minimum underwear showage. Simply put, I have no idea why I don't wear one of these every day!

Sar10One of the first posts I came across while searching for jumper patterns was from Sarai at Colette Patterns. She turned the adorable Parfait pattern (which I own!) into a bike friendly jumper by mixing the dress top with a 1950s shorts pattern (which I also own – SCORE!) – it looked so easy, I couldn't help but try it!

As if I couldn't love Colette Patterns more, this project turned out to be one of the easiest I have made so far and one of my favorites! The shorts were very easy to make and fit to the yoke of the Parfait. I'm even happy with the way the linen adds body to the bottom of the garment – it gives it the look of a full skirt!

Jumper full

The only thing that I wish I would have thought about was the wrinkleocity (yep – I made that word up) of linen. I ironed it then wore it to the shoot location (a whopping 5 minutes from home) and it was wrinkletown. 

Back view

If my husband/friends doesn't disown me for doing so, I'm making a wardrobe of these and wearing them everywhere! Especially when the weather calls for some snocones… 

(BONUS – just so we can all publicly judge my mom for putting my sister and I in what appears to be drapes – here's another shot of me in a jumper. One possibly made of drapes.)

(Woman – what where you thinking?!?)


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. I like your interpretation of the “jumper” (this is really weird – we call sweaters jumpers~!) – and that snocone looks great.
    The “wrinkleocity” of linen is the what I love about it!

  2. nice pick-up from your childhood. Like Debbie, I think it’s the wrinkles that make it. Glad you didn’t try to emulate the bottom photo. (seriously eeeek) although your Mum’s dress looks pretty good.

  3. I love what you did to the jumper, it is cute and looks like a great out fit to wear in Summer.
    The picture of your sister in the “drapes” made me laugh because about 10 years ago I bought some material just like the green with the big red flower on it and I was going to make drapes out of it. I got it out again recently and I plan to make drapes with it this time for sure.

  4. Love your parfait! the last photo is so funny!! It does indeed look like curtains–mind you, very craftily done indeed! Great job and snocones are wonderful!!

  5. Lovely jumper! The wrinkles in linen drive me nuts too but I can’t stop buying them! Looking at the queue for snocones, that must have been good!

  6. Super cute outfit! and that last photo…. wooo hooo… are you all wearing big round clip on earings too! hahahahh.
    Like Debbie said… to us Aussies a jumper is a pullover/sweater. Although it makes perfect sense to shorten jumpsuit to jumper. go figure.

  7. I love your jumper, such a good idea! Ah linen, gotta love it!
    Your bottom picture is hysterical, the tights really make the outfit don’t you think?!

  8. I think your mom was going for the bridesmaid effect…she looks stunning in that two-tone taffeta dress and you guys look, well, interesting! Love the giant plastic earring especially. But anyways, your jumper is very fun! And even if linen is wrinkley as heck, it will at least keep you cool.

  9. I have very similar equally embarrassing photo of me and my sister in full body jumpers (are they still jumpers if they are long sleeves and pant length?) that my mom made for us out of what looks like drapery fabric, with the Easter bunny, no less!
    Also I love that you used linen. I think you just have to embrace the wrinkles. Linen is so lovely in Houston heat. Great job Sarah!

  10. WOW. that last picture could be grounds for child abuse.
    i love your jumper, and especially the excellent excuse for a purple snocone!

  11. I love the Parfait, I was worried it would make me look really young so I haven’t gotten it, but you pull it off so well! I have so many photos like that last one, oh boy!

  12. I wasn’t so sure about the jumper, but that is too cute! Makes me wish I had an ounce of sewing ability! And even in drapes, you and Dev were just too, too cute. The sad part? I had an almost identical outfit – except mine had a pink background. Yup, pink roses on pink. I looked like I was meeting Duckie for prom.

  13. I was so cute!!
    I love this jumper you have on. I feel like you should let me borrow it.

  14. I love it. I can barely tell that the bottom is not a skirt.

  15. NICE! My younger sister and I were dressed alike for years. The best were my mom’s homemade halloween costumes. Love the jumper idea. LOVE

  16. I shoulda had boys. All I would have needed was some jeans and t-shirts…

  17. Great the way you added the 2 patterns to make one..great!!1 and your sister look “adorable ” in your drapes…cute.

  18. Hey, if drapes were good enough for Scarlett…
    I do love the jumper, especially that the bottom looks like a full skirt!

  19. Thanks Debbie!! The wrinkleness is growing on me – I like the idea of playing to the fabric’s strengths and if I wanted a garment that holds a press well I should have picked something else!

  20. Thanks Jen!! My mom’s dress is actually her wedding dress – crazy right?!?

  21. I love the jumper! You look so comfy and happy…especially with your snocone (jealous!)! Fabulous work :)

  22. Thanks Sue! And OMG – drapes would be lovely in that kind of print! Just don’t put children in them and try to pass it as an outfit *shudder*

  23. Thanks Adey! And yes – the queue is always that long! With an equal wait for the snocone, but that’s ok – they’re delicious and well worth the wait!

  24. OMG Casey you’re right! I AM wearing clip on earrings the size of a button – I bet I was feeling classy that day!

  25. Thanks Cathe! Yes ma’am – the tights and the sneakers!

  26. LOL – I think you’re on to something Lisette! She hosed us with the outfits so that she could look even more amazing!

  27. Pictures Emily! We have to see this!! And thank you so much! I agree – linen will be nice for summer – which is basically now until October!

  28. HAHAHAHA! I think so too – I’m calling the law on her!

  29. Thanks Amanda! I had the same reservation – like it would be a bit too juvenile (I say this on the childhood post. Irony, party of one?), but I the top is flattering and when made as a dress(my project for next week) it can be very grown up!

  30. Thanks Sarah! And HAHAHA! Pink on pink – you must have been very Pretty in Pink!

  31. Yes! You suffered too – this shall right that past wrong mom put upon us!

  32. OOOH! Love homemade Halloween costumes!! Very cool!

  33. I judge you mom. JUDGE!

  34. Thank you Mary!! Maybe we can get Ella hooked up with a drapes ensemble – she would rock it!

  35. Great post! I had to laugh because I did make some of my daughter’s clothes out of drapes once. I told myself it was like the Sound of Music. I actually had so much of the fabric, I use to joke to my mother that I’d probably end up making their prom dresses out of the fabric as well. Fortunately, that did NOT happen, but I did make several sun dresses, overalls, and two clown outfits out the re-purposed fabric.

  36. Love the jumper, and had no idea that’s what it’s called! WEIRD! Another American/Australian difference! I’d say romper or playsuit… or jumpsuit!
    I remember having a pink and grey Flower Girl dress in the 80s for my Aunty’s wedding! What a weird combo!

  37. That is an awesome modification and great dress/jumper/romper/snocone enjoyment outfit! Have to love the mum-made matching “sisters” outfits… I definitely have a few of those in my photo album!