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The Facts

Fabric: 2.5 metres light pink broderie anglaise £15
Pattern: McCall 5676
Year: c.  1944
Notions: 7 self-covered buttons £1,  2 metres of white ribbon £3
Time to complete: 9 hours

Wear again? Yes

Total Cost: ~£19

Apparently I have always been into dressing up in vintage style:

Me_pink dress

Check out those white gloves! And matching headband! I love that mischevious look on my face!!  I didn’t always have brown hair.  Check out this picture:*uJOjauAeHcwNGkZlCaZ5UCN28zgo*sP6dO*lV5LbHNmkFlEfPmrW5mtyoxOdbeeBm/DebiSmNoPiglets.jpeg

I wanted to capture the dressed-up Easter feeling of the photo above.  I particularly wanted something that had an interesting sleeve detail (check out those puffed sleeves in my childhood photo!), something light pink and something I could wear some lovely white gloves with.

I chose McCall 5676 that I’ve had in my pattern stash for awhile:

McCall 5676 I used version A as my guide and did it up without the lace trim.  I’ve been eyeing the broderie anglaise at the local fabric shop for awhile.  It’s so beautiful and I love fabric with a border.  The problem has always been that I don’t usually wear pastels.  In addition to the pastel color, they are also very sheer.  This week I decided to go for it! It was really fun trying to piece it all together and to use bits of the broderie anglaise for different elements of the dress.

Picture 13

I used the scallop of the broderie anglaise for the hem and the sleeves of the dress.  This was very nice as it meant I didn’t have to hem either of them!!  Of course the downside was matching up the pattern and also figuring out how much length I needed for the dress and translating that into how I made up the skirt (i.e. taking up more into the waist in front than in the back for my bum which affects the length of the dress!)

Picture 14

I also made self-covered buttons with the three-leaf clover design that was in the border of the fabric.  I really like how they came out!


I also found the perfect white gloves to match the dress! YAY! I’ve been wanting a nice pair for awhile and I got this for a steal (love it when that happens!)

I feel like I should be looking for some pastel easter eggs or eating some yummy chocoloate with those white gloves!..hehehehe! Happy almost Easter everyone!


Debi from My Happy Sewing Place

Debi Fry LOVES vintage patterns. She started sewing in 2009 and has been going since. In 2011, she participated in the Sew Weekly challenge and looks forward to the new challenges that lie in store!


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  1. Love the sleeve detailing and the buttons are fantastic.

  2. I am amazed you could match up the hemmed ends so perfectly. I love pink. It is a nice Spring/Easter dress.

  3. margueritedesigns

    That is so cute!

  4. Oh, how lovely! I’m totally loving those daffodils behind you as well – one of my fave flowers, they always make me think of spring and all the lovely weather and pretty flowers that are soon to come!
    I’m impressed with how you’ve used the edgings of the broderie – very very nice! Lovely touch using the trefoils on the buttons as well – ultra cute and very professional looking!

  5. That dress is fab! I am in love with that pattern!!

  6. Well done manipulating the border design! And how cute are the shamrocks on the buttons.

  7. I’m so impressed with your buttons and hem matching abilities!! WELL done :)

  8. Wow! I’m really impressed with how you used the border in the sleeves and everything. All the broderie anglaise in stores here was rather meh so I haven’t bought any this spring, but now I wish it was pretty. I think my favorite part are the covered buttons. They’re so cool!

  9. As always I’m amazed by the detail of your creations. You’re amazing…and cuter than a bug’s ear. (that’s a compliment where I’m from.)

  10. You look so pretty, Debi!! Well done!

  11. O. MY. Goodness. You are adorable and I want to put you in my pocket. Fabulous dress! The color is very lovely on you, and I love love love the fabric! Great work, as always :)

  12. Thanks Jen! It was fun to do!

  13. Thanks Sue! The hem took awhile to figure out!

  14. Thanks Kat! Have a fabulous trip!!

  15. The pattern is great–though the back is a bit tricky!

  16. Thanks Casey! I loved your outfit this week too!

  17. It’s definitely a fun fabric to work with! I want to try other fabrics with border prints now!!

  18. hahahaha! Love that expression :)

  19. hehehe! Thanks Meg!

  20. Just lovely! The details are delicious and so impressive. I could linger on your buttons for hours…they are perfect!
    You are a cutie as a little girl! My hair color at some point changed too!
    This really is the perfect Easter dress!

  21. How pretty..Love the pink fabric. Great job.

  22. What a pretty dress! I love the way you used the borders.

  23. Adorable! The borders are lovely!!

  24. Thanks so much Cathe! The buttons were so much fun to do!

  25. I can’t wait so sew with other fabric with borders! It’s a lot of fun!

  26. Thanks Sarah :) It was great to see your parfait this week!

  27. That McCalls pattern is SO beautiful! I’ve never seen it before!
    The dress has come up wonderfully, even down to the buttons! OMG! How great is using the existing hem on a fabric (that’s why I love my tablecloths) as hemming is boring!

  28. oh gosh, too sweet! Love that scallop edge fabric.

  29. I’m sold! Definitely going to try to find more border prints or tablecloths :)

  30. I am so in love with this dress and vintage McCalls pattern! Debi, you never cease to amaze me.