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As part of 30 Days of Pincushions, Donna has generously provided this pincushion for one Sew Weekly reader to win! Instructions on how to win it can be found at the bottom of this post. Additionally, she’s providing Sew Weekly readers with a 10% discount off anything at her shop. Instructions on the discount and how to win this pincushion can be found at the bottom of this post.

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: Donna LaRocque
Shop name: Bluedaisies
Location: British Columbia, Canada
How long on Etsy: Since December 31st, 2008

Who or what is an inspiration for your pincushions?
I would have to say my mom!! :) She was an expert with a needle and thread. My mom made many of my clothes by hand and embellished them with embroidery – like my Toughskins overalls (the only ones I could not wear the knees out of) – they had little ladybugs, snails and flowers embroidered all over them! When I was five, my mom set me up with a Holly Hobby box full of sewing goodies and taught me what she knew. I have many happy memories of sewing beside her on my projects.

I also get inspired by the colors and feelings of happiness that radiate off of the sweet little faces of 1950’s ceramics, such as Lefton’s Bluebirds, Miss Priss or Holt Howard’s Cozy Kittens – I find anything vintage from that time period inspirational. 

Do you sew for yourself?
Oddly, no, I don’t. I have wanted to keep some things that I have made but they always find their way out of here as gifts or into my Etsy shop. I think there is something really special about a handmade gift, so, rather than keep things I make myself, I love picking out a handmade treat from Etsy made by someone else. I have a whole shelf of cute pincushions and creatures wonderfully made by other sellers! But I have to say that my most used pincushion is actually my 6″ wide standard tomato – lol! :)

What do you love making the most?
I love making pincushions! They are wonderful pieces of functional art! Just like snowflakes – no two are alike! Whether they are just a tomato or a fancy half vintage, half sewn creation, they are likely to become an heirloom that is passed down from one crafty person to another. You never throw away a pincushion. Even when they are worn out, you just leave them on the shelf with a couple of pins in them. For anyone who is nimble with a thread and needle, a pincushion has huge sentimental value. Every pinhole in them represents all the projects that they helped you with over the years. I think that’s why so many people love them! :)

Thanks, Donna ! Be sure to visit her Etsy shop and check out her other pincushions for sale! Sew Weekly readers will receive 10% off their orders during the month of April by using the discount code: SEWWEEKLY at checkout.

Want to win this pincushion? You just have to answer the following question:

I love Donna’s sentiment that “every pinhole in them represents all the projects that they helped you with over the years.” Do you have any special notions, tools or books that have a particularly fond place in your heart?

Each giveaway is open for twenty-four hours from the time of posting. Please only post one comment in each thread. Winners will be announced each Monday in April. Winners can only win once but are encouraged to answer all the questions! 



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. My Grandmother’s embroidery scissors – I use them everytime I sew, along with the wonderful pincushions my Dad made.

  2. Oh yes – I have a lovely pair of shears that were my grandma’s. Every time I use them I think of the wonderful outfits she used to make me when I was little. :)

  3. I have a lovely 1940s how to sew book that I was given by a lady on freecycle, I just love it…

  4. Oh this is my favourite pin cushion yet! I don’t have any super special notions, but I’m always on the hunt when I go to thrift stores. Unfortunately for me I seem to have expensive taste

  5. I don’t have anything handed down to me, but I do keep all of those scrap bits of fabric and I have been making a quilt for the last 2years, I feel that has littie peaces of my life and projects added to it.

  6. my stork embroidery scissors, I know many people have them and mine weren’t handed down but my grandmother bought them for me as they looked like a pair that her mother had, I guess the women in my family have similar tastes.

  7. margueritedesigns

    It’s a really old pincushion that I made when I was about 9 or 10. My mother’s friend used to make all her own clothes and she gave me all the leftover scraps. These were converted into all kinds of things! I made a pincushion in the shape of a round face with wool hair, button eyes and a smile – it’s not very good for sticking pins in because it’s filled with scraps of fabric rather than proper stuffing, but I still have it, as it reminds me of happy days.

  8. My favorite notion at the moment is my new clover tracing wheel. It’s not sharp so my pattern pieces don’t get any perforations! Yay!

  9. my grandma’s sewing machine sits in storage and has a special place in my heart. it’s the only sewing related item that is handed down to me. sewing takes up a huge and important part of my life and i hope to take it out and have it serviced once i start living back in my place again in my home country.

  10. Oh, so so cute! Love it! :-)
    I have an old pincushion that holds a special place in my heart, even though it really needs to be replaced! I made it in manual (home economics) class back when I was about 10, and I’ve been using it ever since! It was the first thing we were taught to make – a basic square, made of pink winciette with little cartoon elephants all over it. Not very pretty, but it does have quite a bit of sentimental value to me so I suspect it’s going to hang around for a couple more decades. :-)

  11. I have a metal apple that holds sewing notions that belonged to my grandmother on my dad’s side. She died before I was born so it is really special to me to have some sewing things of hers. Makes me feel more connected to her through my hobby.

  12. I have a vintage tracing wheel that I won in a giveaway from one of my favorite bloggers/blogfriends. I think of her everytime I use it.

  13. Sigh. No i don’t have any sorry of attachment to any particular notion. maybe from now on I will treasure my Fiskars…

  14. I have a pink sewing machine that was given to me from a co-worker. It only sews straight stitches, but it works great and I ADORE the color! It was made in the 1950’s by Brother for Atlas.

  15. judy roberson

    I have several sewing machines,but the first year my husband and I were married, [39 yrs ago], He bought me a wizard cititation machine in a wooden cabinet.It still runs today,and I love it.It doesnt have any of the fancy stuff,that now aday machines have.. I love this machine,it will always be a part of my memories.

  16. I have a book on sewing basics that my aunt got for me when I was 12. She was teaching me how to sew in exchange for babysitting. I still refer to that book.
    I love the skunk! So cute!

  17. I just recently started to sew and knit so I dont special notion YET. Im sure I will soon though!

  18. i have a special pincushion that my mom bought me during one of our mother-daughter sewing dates. we were at a sewing class and during the break, someone was walking around selling these cute little bunny-shaped pincushions. my mom bought us matching ones & i still use it regularly, although bunny is really starting to show his age (he is threadbare & his nose is about to fall off!).

  19. That pincushion is so cute! I have two very special tools in my sewing room. One is an old pair of Pinking shears. They were my mother’s and after she died I was so happy to see them in her things. I played with those pinking shears so often when I was very little. They are at least 51 years old. I cut paper with them!! I know I should have been spanked. LOL
    The other is a Simplicity’s “Simply The Best Sewing Book” sewing book. Copyright 1988. I love it and I refer to it all the time.

  20. When I was young, I always found it magical to sift through the button tin that my mom had inherited from my grandmother. There were all kinds of buttons in different shapes and sizes and colors. I also inherited the pattern trace wheel from her collection of notions and it makes me smile every time I see it.

  21. I have an old “Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing” from my mom. I’m mostly attached to it because it’s bailed me out of trouble so many times!

  22. I have some pink shears from the 1950’s that I love. I foudn them thrifted and had them sharpened and oiled. I have never had anything so sturdy and well made.

  23. I have a collections of buttons that came from my mother’s house. She saved buttons from her childhood. She told me her mother never threw away anything, and took the buttons off clothes that had been worn to rags. Everytime I grab a button, I try to visualize what type of garment it came from and the places it travelled. Oh, if buttons could only talk.

  24. Yes, mine is actually the very first thing I sewed by hand: an old, triangular pincushion. :) I sewed it in 7th grade and it was the only one I had for years and years – even if it was super crappy. ;)

  25. I have my great-grandma’s pinking shears, that I just recently got sharped. They are ginormous, but they mean business.

  26. I love my 1970’s edition of The Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. I found it at the Goodwill for 2 dollars. Between Youtube and that book, I taught myself to sew!

  27. I have my mom’s thimble! I love having it on my finger — it fits perfectly. Miss my mom who passed down her love of sewing.

  28. I have several notions I’m really fond of: my grandmother-in-law’s pinking shears (fantastic) and her sewing box, plus the Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing, which is my go-to resource.
    I am in love with this pincushion!! And by a fellow Canadian, too! :)

  29. The wooden sewing box left to me by aged Aunt. I lived with her for 3 of my highschool years and made many, many pieces of clothing during that time.

  30. the pincushion that my grandmother made, my mother used, and I now have- an american indian with a velveteen skirt that holds a gazillion pins.

  31. Buttons! I have a bunch of buttons that came from my grandmother. As a child I remember playing with them when we visited. Actually I still do play with them. LOL