Hot! Lavender Bag & Pincushion

As part of 30 Days of Pincushions, Unni has generously provided this pincushion for one Sew Weekly reader to win! Instructions on how to win it can be found at the bottom of this post.

image from ny-image1.etsy.comName: Unni Strand
Shop name: Strand Redesign
Location: Norway
How long on Etsy: Since January 2009

Describe your aesthetic in three words: Natural, simple & fun.

Any new projects you want to tackle? I would like to become better at sewing clothes. Particularly clothes in elastic fabrics.

What do you love making most? I love making lavender bags because it makes the whole room smell so lovely!

Thanks, Unni! Be sure to visit her Etsy shop and check out her other pincushions for sale!

Want to win this pincushion? You just have to answer the following question:

What's your favorite scent?

Each giveaway is open for twenty-four hours from the time of posting. Please only post one comment in each thread. Winners will be announced each Monday in April. Winners can only win once but are encouraged to answer all the questions! 



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Lavenday is my favourite along with mint – I have made barley bags (heat bags) and if there is any dried lavendar available, in it goes. Just fabulous. I also quite like the smell of a good steak :-)

  2. Oh what a phenomenal idea to put lavender in a pincushion! I do love me some lavender, but I would have to say my favorite scent is… it’s so hard to choose. Ok, my favorite COMBINATION of scents is cinnemon, apple, orange, and nutmeg. It’s the perfect smell of fall. :)

  3. my favourite scent is lavender or any fruitie base! :)

  4. Citrus is my favorite scent. Lavender is nice and so is Honeysuckle but Citrus is my absolute favorite.

  5. Rosemary. I wouldn’t have thought of it as a scent, but I received some rosemary lotion and it is to die for.

  6. a gental patcholi with geranium is a lovely scent, I often have it in my oil burner, it is warm and relaxing, with a touch of floral.

  7. Patchouli & ylang ylang are my favourites.

  8. lavender for my home, citrus for me and greenery for the outdoors.

  9. Lavender reminds me of my Grandma – she used to make her own lavender bags and put them with her clothes. My favourite “non bottled” scent is the smell just before it rains

  10. I really like the scent of vanilla. OR an apple pie with cinnamon. It depends on the occasion, I suppose.

  11. margueritedesigns

    Freesias. They are my favourite flower.

  12. My husband is my favourite scent, but barring that… elderflower and sun-warmed strawberries.

  13. Cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Ah, Chai! Not only does it smell wonderful, it tastes great. It does beg the question: why would anyone pay $4 for a cup of hot milk? I still love the Chai latte.

  14. baby powder

  15. The smell of soap on my husband’s skin after he’s showered.

  16. I love the smell of vanilla and anything baking!

  17. I’ve always been partial to lavender :)

  18. I love that pin cushion!!! We just got chickens and I have two of that very kind. I do love lavendar the best, although I also like vanilla too.

  19. I love lavender! I’m not really a huge fan of most fragrances around the house, but lavender just makes me think of the lavender hedge we used to have in our garden when I was little, if you ran really fast you could jump all the way over, and the smell just makes me feel like I’m outside in the sun.

  20. I love the smell of pachouli. I’ve worn the oil since my dad bought me my first bottle at 16. Now at 47 I still get comments in the elevator that recognize the scent or ask about it.

  21. I love the smell of sage and other herbs. My mom and I grow several different varieties and enjoy the smell when drying them for preservation.

  22. Hard to pick one, but I have to go with rose.

  23. I love food scents – especially vanilla and coconut.

  24. shannon Burchard

    Lemon….I love lemon

  25. I LOVE Unni’s creations and designs-such a wonderful shop and she’s a fellow Eco Etsy team member!
    It’s hard to pick a favorite scent. Might have to go with sage, freshly picked from the AZ desert.

  26. Rose, but lavender is a very close second.

  27. I would have to say Lavender, Fresh Cut Grass, or Rain. If I could bottle these and sprinkle on my pillow, I would.

  28. Lilac, without a doubt. I currently live in an apartment and dream of having a big garden with lots of lilac bushes. In the meantime I just go along other people’s gardens furtively smelling their lilacs :-)

  29. New books.

  30. lumbar (like walking into Home Depot) and fresh baking bread.

  31. Apple and cinnamon.. and strawberries running right behind that.. Cute pincushion..

  32. Oh, I do love vanilla – or even the smell of garlic and onions sauteed in butter!

  33. My favorite scent is gardenia. My second favorite is coffee.

  34. I’m a fan of lemon verbena.

  35. I really like grapefruit — especially when I am on chemotherapy and cannot eat the grapefruit :)

  36. there’s a fancy bath salt that is a combination of bitter orange, cypress and cloves- have tried to reproduce it but can’t quite. after that it’s lavender….

  37. Lemon and orange are the big ones for me. My mom used to have a great lemon scented perfume and the scent brings back so many memories.

  38. Lavender is definitely the tops, sometimes paired with lemon, or rosemary, or bergamot, or dewberry oil… but it always begins with lavender. I want to stuff my mattress with it.