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Fabric: Japanese fabric remnants from a market in Sydney's Strand Arcade, $15 for a bagful of offcuts and some yellow cotton lawn, $1 a metre
Pattern: Apron Plaid Ruffle Apron Pattern (Vintage) Free and Dress Burda 02/2011 #101
Year: Apron 1945 and Dress 2010
Notions: Interfacing 10c for the ties
Time to complete: 4 hours (plus 2 hours lost on another dress bodice, plus 4 hours for this dress)
First worn: March 2011
Wear again? Maybe the apron, but not the dress, too revealing!

Total Cost: approx $3 for the apron and $1.50 for the dress

Yay hooray!

This has been the longest week in the history of Sew Weekly for me! I feel like I've spent AGES making my garments for this challenge! It all started when, after trawling through my pattern stash, I was shocked that I didn't have an apron pattern! I thought I bought one recently and instead I found a few house dresses, that were more like dresses instead of aprons. Luckily Mena posted a website, called "Tip Nut" that was full of 'tips' and a large range of vintage aprons, all FREE!

There are so many aprons on there to choose, and of course I spent AGES trawling through 'umming and ahhing' over them all. But I found this Plaid Ruffle Apron (because of the pockets) and really liked the Ripply Apron's waistband, so decided to combine the both. I guess one of the main reasons this week felt so long was that I drafted the pattern (or just whimsically cut out the fabric where I thought it should be cut) for the apron AND resized the Burda pattern like crazy.

First up, I chose this darling remnant of Japanese fabric because it was so small, and in two pieces about 50cm by 60cm each. Enough for a front panel, and pockets and the ties! I have just a smidge left over for something like a cute wallet or clutch. I got the fabric at a designers market in Sydney's Strand Arcade, where designer shops were selling all their leftovers. They were selling large bags of small off cuts like this for $15, and whilst I didn't know what I'd use them for, the red remnants have come in handy this week.


How gorgeous are cherry blossoms! So pleased to 'wear' this fabric instead!

The apron pattern was super easy! I stuck to the one in the picture above, and just improvised the waistband and the extra frill on it. I looked at the instructions every now and again, but I kinda went with my own inklings. I feel a little bit professional! Cannot believe I had inklings!



I used interfacing in the ties to make them stiff like a kimono or yakata tie, and the bow is so gorgeous!

But, the Burda dress was a different matter, and whilst it turned out very cute for these photos, I'm shocked at how low the neckline is. You know I'm not modest, or shy, but this neckline made me feel WEIRD. It's my second attempt as well, so I wanted it to be really nice. The first dress was going to be stretch knit, but my efforts to resize the pattern just went wonky and weird. My second attempt at the bodice seemed to be a better size, but after stitching it up it fitted around the waist and the bust but still the straps were too long and the neckline so scoopy and booby!

So I'll have to try it another time, because how nice are those little cap sleeves!?


Hee hee, just covering up the bits that make me feel weird!

Please drop by for tea and cupcakes soon, and we can talk forever about sewing and maybe you can help me with drafting and resizing! Also, notice my title this week? Moshi Moshi is what you say when you answer the phone in Japan! I adore the vintage drawing from the apron pattern! Too sweet!


Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. lol – you are such a ham! Apron looks great. Love being able to wear a piece of material that you thought was too small for anything. The cap sleeves are cute.

  2. love it! That’s one super cute apron. I love the changes you made with the waist band. And it’s so great seeing everyones different experience with ‘that’ dress. lol. I had to make some pattern changes to get it to work. For a supposedly simple pattern it sure makes you work hard for a decent result!

  3. Oh I think it is wonderful that you are modest. That dress is very revealing but I do like the little cap sleeveletts. The bow on the apron is great what a good idea to use interfacing to make it stand out more and I love the print on the fabric. So cute all, you, the dress, and the apron. You are so trendy and fun you remind me of both of my DIL’s. I just love to see what you come up with.

  4. How cute.. Love the apron.. red and yellow together is just beautiful.. and you pulled the black dress off well..
    So proud I decided to skip the black dress part of the challenge.ha
    Wonderful pictures.. Judy

  5. I absolutely ADORE your apron…oh, the yellow band and ruffles are sooo cute and I love, love, love the bow in the back! I hear you about the dress! I feel weird in mine too (though David LOVES it…hahahahaha go figure!)

  6. margueritedesigns

    I love these colours together, the yellow is really cheery!

  7. I love your apron, the fabric, colours and style all work so well together. I think the dress looks great on you – if you’ve got it ……. flaunt it!! Although I am getting nervous about making it now ….

  8. What a happy, inspiring apron! Have to admit I’m not so enthusiastic them, but I seem to be changing my mind. Looks like I’ll be doing some serious modification to the dress pattern since I’m both modest and shy AND have mosquito bites for boobs.

  9. I LOVE aprons and yours turned out so cute!!! I love the illustration of it as well. Your dress is cute too bad about the neck line I know what you mean by “makes me feel weird” and if you aren’t comfortable in a dress then there’s no sense wearing it (that said I think it looks great on you).

  10. I love the apron and the dress. The fabric of the apron is so pretty, and I do just love the little cap sleeves on the dress. Perhaps you could sew a little modesty panel in across the bust. I bought a vintage pattern the other day that had something like that. There’s a photo of it here:

  11. Moshi moshi, that’s fun to say! And your apron is so cute – love the high waist. Exactly a year ago I visited Australia so I could’ve joined you for tea and cupcakes if SW had existed then ;)

  12. Eeep! Lovely as always Veronica – the contrast is divine!!

  13. The apron is kirei! The dress is divine but I do agree that the neckline is too low. Perhaps adding a white bib to it can fix the issue?

  14. You’re too, too cute! I love the details of ruffles and pockets. And yay for finding a useful use for pretty remnants! I’ve had some problems with burda sizing/fitting too – I had to pull apart a skirt 3-4 times before it fit me. Is that a blurry puppy portrait I spy in the background? I’m always on puppy watch!

  15. A little inset of black eyelet or some fun color of lace would help cover up the excessive cleavage–I find I have to do that frequently with many dresses whose straps are too long. Oh, to have a long torso! It’s been my wish my entire life.

  16. Thank Jen! Even if this apron ends up dangling on the kitchen cupboard door handle (like my other one) it’ll still look pretty!

  17. I agree, and the instructions were pretty weird too. I ended up looking at my Colette Rooibos pattern because both used a side zipper and follow that technique of sewing up the neckline all around and then rolling up the bodice to sew the armholes.

  18. Oh Sue, you are so sweet!
    The Japanese print is just beautiful! I tried to makes sure the larger flowers were balanced and there’s one underneath each pocket. I’d love to work with more Japanese fabric!

  19. Haha! I love yours too Debi! We love a bit of ruffle don’t we!!!

  20. Thank you darling! I wasn’t too sure if was going to clash, but you’re right: cheery is totally great for an apron!

  21. Thanks Debbie! I don’t mind flaunting a little bit of it! As I said to my friend, if you have more boob out than in… perhaps that’s too much flaunting!
    Did you post yours to the Sew Weekly? I’ll have to go check out this week’s photos now!

  22. Best comment ever Lee! How’d you go with the Burda dress?

  23. I have considered a modesty panel, and I may have enough of the Japanese fabric to stick a piece there.
    My brain kinda switches off once a garment is complete, so I don’t know if I’ll ever get round to it! Thanks for that link though, how gorgeous is that shop!?

  24. AWWW happy Australia anniversary! Maybe we can meet up in Japan instead! Moshi moshi!

  25. White bib, like a tuxedo? What about a faux collar, like a massive Peter Pan style one?
    My friend might like to wear it, so it might turn into a gift for her.

  26. Yes, you can spot her! Husbie put a photo of her in a frame. We love our dog!
    I’ve tried one Burda before, and it was fine! It’s strange how polarising this pattern is though!

  27. Yeah, I’m CONSTANTLY resizing the shoulder straps and waistband bit… combined with a decent bust it can be a bit annoying. Things need to slim fit me instead of be floaty or drapey!
    Thanks for your tips Stephani!

  28. yep.. wierd instructions! and it didn’t actually say whether the seam allowances were included or whether to add seam allowances. it just said ‘seam allowances 1.5cm’.. what the!? I did actually figure out the wierd shoulder instruction.. it does work pretty cool, but it means all seam allowances are pushed towards the back at the shoulder. Which was a bit bulky in my case. It didn’t help that the patterns are ‘off’ on the shoulder seam. The back shoulder seam is a fraction longer than the front shoulder seam. grrrr.. arrrggh. Burda, I was not impressed.