Ask: 4/11/2011

Do you have a particularly memorable outfit from your own childhood?


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Yep! My Aunty and my Grammy used to sew matching outfits for my cousin, Emily, and I. My favorite was a jumpsuit (long sleeves, long pantsed) with a matching, star shaped beret. It was in a crazy red print!

  2. Sounds cute Lisette.
    I had three dresses that I loved as a kid. One I only remember because of pictures I see of me in it. It was a felt cowgirl skirt and vest. It was red black and white and I must have loved it because I have several picture of it.
    Then there was a navy blue taffeta dress my Grandmother made for me and a green, yellow and brown dress my Aunt made. I loved the Navy dress because it had puff sleeves and a big skirt that really needed more petticoats than I had to make it stand out. I love the gr., yel. and br. dress because my Aunt made herself a dress of the same material and I loved her so much and I was very excited to have something she made and wore herself.

  3. I remember loving this little Bambi tight fitting t-shirt. I thought it made me look soooo tough! But it had Bambi on it! ;P I also loved a red dress with a white bib collar and my first communion dress, which had a drop waist and was all lacy. It’ll be hard to decide what I’ll want to make for this challenge.

  4. Fiona Maclennan

    I had a red velvet party dress when I was 7 years old so that would have been in 1967, it had a shirred bodice and I wore it with a white short sleeved angora bolero and silver sparkly shoes to a wedding and then my school Christmas party, I just remember loving the outfit so much and I still love red velvet dresses at Christmastime to this day.

  5. I had this great little sweatshirt and pant set that had the busts of cats wearing sombreros all over it. It was absolutely my favorite thing to wear. One day my brother came to walk me home from preschool and I got sick all over the sweatshirt. I figure my mom threw out the outfit after that because I never saw it again. It must have been quite traumatic because I remember the event vividly. So funny what we remember!

  6. My Grandmother made me a long skirt for my grade 8 dance. I loved it sooooo much. I still have it AND all the scraps from the making that I could find.

  7. Yes- a few :) There were the matching ‘heart dresses’ my Mum made for my younger sister and I- white dresses with red hearts all over them. We had a white hat and red ribbon around it to go with them.
    Then there were the red and white gingham summer uniform school dresses Mum made us- we were quite sure our dresses were prettier than everyone else’s LOL
    I only wish I had the photos over here with me so I could take another look :)

  8. memorable yes, beautiful no. I remember vividly an ensemble that consisted of bright green jeans, an equally bright yellow collared shirt topped with an acrylic knit, three-quarter sleeved, boat neck jumber. Mmm special.

  9. I had a red gingham dress with a BIG circle skirt for primary school. Some Aunt had made them I think. My sister and I spent hours in the playground twirling round and round making them spin out in a full circle.