Ask: 4/4/2011

Do you religiously wear aprons when in the kitchen, garden or crafting? 


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I usually wear aprons in the kitchen because for some reason I always, always, always spill, splash, splatter something on myself if I don’t! LOL

  2. I love wearing aprons, mostly to keep my clothes clean – I’m such a klutz! But I’m picky about them… I like them plain and simple :)

  3. While I don’t wear an apron religiously, and my Mom never wore one that I remember, I do wear them and three of the ones I wear were made for my by my two sons and one of my DIL’s. I love them all and wear them a lot. I also have my old Joann’s apron from when I worked there and it has lots of hole in it, and one I got a women’s conference from my church. They come in handy and have saved my clothes often.

  4. I always wear a little apron while I’m sewing– storing my tools in its pockets is the only thing that keeps me from constantly losing my pinking shears/seam ripper/marking pencil!

  5. I never wear aprons but I like them though.

  6. Absolutely. I am a messy cook, and I don’t want to ruin the nice clothes I’ve made. It also helps me get into the frame of mind…time to start cooking!

  7. Um, Yes yes and YES! I collect apron patterns, wear them when I’m cooking and ESPECIALLY when I’m baking (because I make a huge mess!) and will wear one gardening once I’m through with apartment life.
    A month ago I bought an apron by Moda and that is now my designated craft apron… not to mention super cute!

  8. Definitely for cooking. A full apron (is that the right term?) with coverage on top because that’s where the splashes land when cooking (I never “got” the half aprons).

  9. I don’t normally, but lately i have been wearing one more often, mostly because i have been wearing my homemade clothes more often! I definitely needed a new apron so i am making one this week.

  10. I wear an apron in the kitchen if I’m cooking anything with tomato sauce, if I’m kneading bread, if I’m frying something that might spatter, or if I have any other reason to be concerned about getting something on my clothes. :) I only wear an apron for crafting if I’m working with acrylic paint.
    Oh, and I agree with Uta who mentioned that she wears full aprons. Half aprons only do half the job!

  11. I am a religious apron-wearer, especially when cooking or baking. I wear them when cleaning and gardening, too. I find that my clothes stay tidier (I’m notorious for spills!) and I always have a place to wipe my hands.
    I prefer vintage-style aprons to new ones. I really like the 1930’s pullover and the 1950s diner-style ones. :)

  12. I try to wear an apron when I’m cooking because I’m a messy cook and it’s easier on my wardrobe if I do!
    Sadly I don’t have enough aprons. They’re on my to do list though.

  13. No -no- and no (to the kitchen, garden & crafting) though I should – I’m SO clumpsy. If there’s anything to spill, I spill it – if there’s anything anything there will stain your clothes forever and ever I’ll plant my huge boobs in it. If there’s nothing to get you dirty or ruin your clothes within a miles direction I will create it myself.
    I never ever wear aprons – I should. I have one… it’s okay. I like the vintage style half aprons. Perhaps this is a challenge calling out for me.

  14. I have a whole box of vintage aprons – I can’t resist them! That said, I don’t wear them too much. My husband does most of the cooking, I’d never thought of wearing one for crafting and I just wear scrappy clothes when gardening. I have a couple of “full” vintage aprons from my box that I do wear when I have the need – I definitely need full aprons as I make far too much mess for half aprons!

  15. I’ve made one, but the only time I’ve worn it was working at a fund-raising breakfast for church. It fit right in! It is one of those poncho jobbies from the ’50s and actually could be a very cute top as well. I should wear one while doing dishes, but it would have to be waterproof!

  16. No, I always forget to put an apron on when I’m cooking. I got a bunch of them as gifts when I got married. I haven’t worn a smock since elementary art class. And my husband does the gardening….I’d definitely get a kick out of seeing him wear an apron lol.

  17. I usually wear an apron while cooking. And the times I don’t.. I usually wish I had! My husband has an apron too. It has ‘the best thing I make for dinner is reservations’ printed on the front. Oddly enough it’s in near mint condition.

  18. Yes I wear them a lot. In the kitchen more then the garden but there too. I am sooooo messy if I don’t wear an apron I wish I had. Plus there are so many cute ones now and it makes me want to wear a string of pearls throw my head back and laugh whilst baking up cookies…

  19. I would love to say that I always wear them in the kitchen, but I do forget about half of the time. I have a fantastic collection of vintage ones from grandma that really should be shown off more! Perhaps by Friday I can whip up one inspired by those.

  20. Usually wear them in the kitchen and, when the kids were smaller, during bathtime as well. I have never had one with pockets – and having them seems like such a practical idea – so that’s what I’ve made for this week. :-)

  21. Yes, nearly always. It helps me separate “on the job” time from “relaxing and enjoying my home” time.

  22. Yes, regularly. I have a collection of vintage, new, and homemade (from vintage patterns) aprons. It’s gotten so that I can’t stand at the sink without an apron on — without one I feel naked! Aprons add instant style, save clothes, and provide all-important pocketses.

  23. Only when baking since the flour gets EVERYWHERE. Otherwise, when I’m working at home I just wear comfy stuff. I do dream of having fabulous 1950’s style cocktail parties though so that I can run around carrying a tray of martinis in a fifties dress with one of those little “hostess” aprons made of cotton organdy. :)

  24. I always promise myself that next time, “I’ll wear that apron”. And then I sew another, so that I can promise myelf that next time, “I’ll wear one of those aprons”…
    Besides that, I am in that 1950’s style cocktail party idea of Allthingsvintagerouge :-) Just haven’t come around to let it happen!

  25. oh yes, no matter if is my ordinary clothes or my precious me made, why ruin something good with a splatter?, and always one with a bib, not good those waist ones, only look pretty
    : )

  26. Yes! I always wear an apron when I cook. When my college sons come home and they see me wearing an apron, they know they are going to get a good home cooked meal. I also wear an apron when I clean house and when I work in the yard. The pockets always come in handy to carry supplies, and I never have to worry about ruining my clothes.