20 Questions with Sunni Standing


Yesterday, Sunni from The Cupcake Goddess shared her Modern Day Geisha dress with us as part of A Common Thread. Today, we get her take on The Sew Weekly's 20 Questions.
  1. Name: Sunni Standing
  2. Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  3. Pattern tracer or cutter? Depends on the pattern, but lately I've been into tracing only because I've now come to a point in life where my shape has changed a little from what it was before. I do so dread tracing though. Tears are coming to my eyes even now just thinking about it.
  4. Most exhilarating sewing step: Cutting into the final fabric and sewing the first seam!
  5. Most dreaded sewing step: I might need a really stiff drink before I put in one more zipper!
  6. Favorite pattern at the moment: Still haven't finished it, but my Katherine Hepburn pattern! Sigh… It's Spadea N-1149. The pattern got lost in the mail the first time I bought it, then the sweet shop owner who I bought it from found another in my size! Yay! And now its mine! All mine!
  7. Favorite decade to sew: I'm a big fan of all the decades but oddly I really love late 70's early 80's patterns. They are so sadly under rated but there are some real gems to be found (for not very much money either, hurrah!). That era hearkens back to my parent's youth and that part of their life (though I wasn't born yet) really holds alot of romance and wonder for me!
  8. Pattern weights or pins? I use both, especially if I'm sewing with slippery fabric, but I would rather die than trace with chalk. GACK!
  9. Favorite style icon of all time: This is a hard one for me, but being a musician I look for talent, beauty and the ability to make an audience fall in love with you – Maria Callas. What a diva who lived a somewhat tragic life! She was terribly exotic, talented even though not everyone loved her voice, and people were mesmerized by her. She totally had the verve!
  10. Fabric before pattern or pattern before fabric? I do both, but since I have a serious problem with buying fabric its usually fabric before pattern.
  11. Sewing room: messy or clean? In the middle of a project its messy, but otherwise I'm fairly organized though there was a silk lace trim I was going to use for my geisha dress as a hem and have yet to remember where I've put it.
  12. Biggest sewing splurge: My machine was pretty expensive for me and I really do love it. A Bernina 230. And I do have a lovely dress form from Fabulous Fit.
  13. Biggest sewing success: My boyfriend's jacket! Made from a 70's pattern and tailored with all sorts of bells and whistles to boot! Not to mention petting zoo friendly! (Made from velveteen)
  14. Biggest sewing failure: A slip, if you can believe it. You know, the kind you wear under clothes! Oh dear, it was utterly catastrophic. I'm surprised I didn't cry over a failure that was so easy.
  15. Hats? Yay or Nay. Oh yes! I do love hats though have very few and have had the luck that everytime I wear one someone always tells me that I have a face for hats.
  16. Favorite season to sew for: Fall. The colors are so rich and after summer its so fun to start breaking out the wools.
  17. Seam Finishing: Pinked, French, stitched or serged? I do all, but recently invested in a serger and have found that projects go alot faster! Hurrah!
  18. Favorite skirt: A-Line, Pleated or Circle? I haven't worn one in awhile but I love pleated skirts. I've had a few that were to die for! A really good pleated skirt beats all!
  19. Style kindred spirit: Ginger or Mary-Ann? Come now, I have the orange hair, though mine is real! He he!
  20. And especially for you, Sunni: What's the best music to sew by? Oh I do love french folk music with accordian and guitar! It is terribly relaxing and does seem to inspire one's creativity. In another life, I will be an accordian player!



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Lovely interview! I love the fact that you mentioned Maria Callas (I adore her too!!). Your dress was amazing this week!!

  2. I really enjoy these interviews, thanks.