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The Facts 
Fabric: Wool tweed (5.5 yards at $18 a yard – not cheap, but worth it!); Organza lining ($3 a yard) both from Gorgeous Fabrics
Pattern: Colette Lady Grey
Year: c. 2009
Notions: Vintage button – $1 for a pack of 4 (only used one! So, 25 cents actually)
Time to complete: Too many to count
First worn: March 2011
Wear again? Yes. 

Total Cost: $99.25

The shell Anyone who has been in my home in the past 6 months has seen "the shell." It haunted my office cabinet ever since Gertie started a sew-a-long for the adorable Lady Grey jacket pattern. I"ll have this done by Christmas!" I said confidently. This was November 2010.

Back in November I lovingly cut all the pieces for a muslin (with thread traced seam lines), made one to fit my oddly shaped torso, hand stitched the horsehair canvas to the shell fabric and assembled the shell like it was the only jacket I would ever wear. Then it sat there. And sat there.

Fast forward to this week when I dug through a mountain of fabrics to find the missing lining pieces for this yet-unfinished masterpiece of a jacket. Two pieces were missing and so was the green fabric I used for the lining, so I improvised with some grey-green organza that I had lying around and make a cool, two-tone lining on the inside!

Lining detail

To insert the lining, I did something called "bagging." I have never done this before, but it proved to be the easiest thing ever. Hat tip to Threads for all the help on getting it to work so easily!

This jacket is supposed to have a waist tie, but it had been so long since I had cut the pieces that locating the tie piece proved to be difficult. So I left it out! I never use a tie waist anyway, so it was an easy decision to make!

And just like she knew what I was up to, Mother Nature sent a cold front to Texas (it was 80 last Friday and was 60 Tuesday!) to that I could enjoy one outing in my new winter coat!



Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Well it looks good on you and what a brave soul you are to try it. I keep thinking I want to make a coat and I have some material that I just may try with. Thanks for the inspiration. I love the bright green lining and I think it is nice that you put it in the area that is most likely seen by others. Good job.

  2. Glad the weather turned cool for you – the peplum-style back is lovely (and I like your two-tone lining)

  3. Sarah this is so timely – I have just bought fabric (very similar to yours) to make this jacket – I am doing it as part of the RTW sew-a-long over at pattern~scissors~cloth. I hope it isn’t too difficult. It looks great.

  4. What a well made and beautiful coat! I hope you get to use if for years to come (make all that waiting worth it.)

  5. I absolutely love it! That fabric is soooo amazing (I’m a sucker for a good tweed–and that’s actually a really good price for it!) I especially love how it drapes in the back! Great job!!

  6. I love this coat pattern and have it myself (though I haven’t yet attempted it). Great work on completing it! I love the fabric color.

  7. P.S. Something happens towards the end of each week where my Sew Weekly updates don’t show up on my Google Reader. I still get ones posted by Mena, but not from you ladies. Hmm!

  8. Thank you Jen! I love the look of the peplum more than I thought!

  9. Thank you Debbie! I can’t wait to see what you make!

  10. What a lovely Lady Grey in grey! The fit looks great and I actually like the two tone lining it has. I spent a super long time to finish my jacket as well so I know exactly what you mean by ‘too many to count’!

  11. Thank you Jessie – I will definitely wear this again and again!

  12. Thanks lady! I love tweed too – yay!

  13. Thanks lady! It’s not as hard as it looks – go for it!

  14. Thank you Adey!! OMG it took forever – jackets are crazy and make me take my sweet time!

  15. You finished it!!!!! ohmahgah it looks great!!!!!!

  16. Sarah, it fits like a GLOVE! Wow, I have seen a lot of this coat via the darling Sew a Long and other seamstress creations, and it looks DAMN hard… it’s any wonder it was your UFO!
    I love the colours of the fabric, and even the two tone lining is cute! xoxo

  17. Wow, Sarah – the coat looks incredible! Such a fantastic fit and impressive seam matching on the back! I dream of one day making a coat but it seems a bit too complicated for me at this stage. I love your improvised two-tone lining – it looks great! Maybe Tex is some kind of sewing room magpie*, stealing random pattern pieces and building himself a secret nest somewhere in the house… probably not, but I like to consider the possibilities.
    *I don’t think you have magpies in America. They’re birds that steal shiny objects to build their nests.