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Fabric: More Purple Corduroy from my stash (for the pants) 2 yards for £5.50; purple and blue check wool from charity shop, 2 yards for £2.
Pattern: Simplicity 8932 from the Salvation Army, £0.50
Year: 1970
Notions: Elastic, £1
Time to complete: 3 hours for the poncho and 3 hours for the pants for a total of 6 hours
First worn: March 2011
Wear again? Yes

Total Cost: ~£9

The only pattern that I own that has a slightly hideous pattern cover is Simplicity 8932 from 1970:

Picture 26
I actually think the pattern cover is kind of cute and definitely very reminiscient of the time period!  However, in comparison to my other patterns, it does stand out a bit.  I mean, who wouldn't want a self-decorated rick-rack poncho in their wardrobe?  Or what about a vinyl cow print poncho with a matching miniskirt?  One of the options for the poncho and mini-skirt is fur fabrics.  I briefly toyed with the idea of making a faux fur poncho and matching mini-skirt…but it was a very, very brief thought!

DSC02837I actually like ponchos.  There is something very appealing about being wrapped up in a warm blanket-like garment on a cold day!  I used to keep a poncho-like wrap at work for when they blasted the air conditioning in the summer.  It is a good garment to have handy.  So I decided to take a go at this pattern to see if I could make something nice out of it.  I originally bought the pattern because it features pants that have the corduroy rib going in a cross-wise direction.  Since I have a never-ending stash of purple corduroy, I thought this would be a fun clothing item to try.  Though the ribs on my corduroy are so small, you can't really tell which way they are going.  Ah, well!

I made the poncho out of some fantastic wool fabric that I got in a recent haul of other wool fabrics at a local charity shop.  The poncho pattern piece is so large that I took a risk and cut it out on the bias.  This was simply because otherwise it would have used up my entire stash of this fabric–whereas on the bias I was able to use only 2 of my 4 yards of fabric (I want to maybe make a skirt with the rest).  I was really nervous cutting it on the bias as I was unsure how it would affect the drape but I figured it was probably ok because it was a heavier wool and I wanted a drapey effect.  Though I did go back and read all the comments from Sewaholic's post on when you can ignore the grainline.  Very illuminating and I decided to take the risk.  Overall, I think it's fine and I don't think it affected the drape too much.  Phew!

Just to give you the landmarks, that's Edinburgh Castle in the background on the hill.  One of my favorite sites in the city! 

I decided to have a little fun with styling this outfit.  I made a headband out of some of the fabric remnants braided together for a bit of a 70's vibe.

  Picture 27

The pants were really simple–no darts, no shaping and an elastic waist! Eeep.  Never thought I would make elastic waisted pants but I actually really like their simplicity and the straight leg look.  I didn't get a proper photo of the pants without the poncho but they are very basic…here's a picture that shows the straight line of the pants:

I decided to go for the simple neckline on the poncho with the opening in the front.  I also decided not to add the hook and eye as I like how it opens slightly at the neck.  This also makes it easier to get on and off.  The poncho is also lined:

DSC02882 DSC02873
It's a purple extravaganza! That's why I call this outfit the 'shades of purple' because with the shoes there are no less than 5 different shades of purple going on here!  What about you? Would you ever wear a poncho?  Do you like 70's styling?


Debi from My Happy Sewing Place

Debi Fry LOVES vintage patterns. She started sewing in 2009 and has been going since. In 2011, she participated in the Sew Weekly challenge and looks forward to the new challenges that lie in store!


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  1. In the 70’s I did wear a poncho. It was a white knit with fringe and I loved it. I have toyed with the idea of making a poncho recently but as I have gained so much weight over the years I think I’ll pass. I love the colors you have here as purple is one of my favorites. Looks great, you did a nice job.

  2. I do like the poncho, purple is deffenatley a colour for you, not so sure about the trousers on you though. All in all a intersting pattern find! I actually like alot of those 70s numbers, must remember to question my style more often!!

  3. My mum made me a purple and white crocheted poncho with tassles (I think I was 8) and I can’t see poncho’s without thinking of that one! I’m not ruling out that I wouldn’t wear a poncho again (just not a crocheted one!).
    Your outfit, and photos are lovely …. as always.

  4. Loving your purple phase Debi! You look great whatever decade you choose! I have a couple of ponchos.. nothing better than curling up with hot chocolate in a poncho! Not that I get alot of opportunity to wear such things. It’s supposed to be Autumn here and our temps are over 30 degrees C.. with 70% humidity. blech!

  5. I like certain 1970s looks, although the poncho has never been a favorite (they came back when I was in grade school, if that tells you anything). I’m already heavy on top and adding a giant square of shapeless fabric never seemed a good idea (even capes are unflattering on me!) However, I do really like draped, knit ponchos. I have yet to make one, but they are tempting. I’m very intrigued by the pants, I wish you had a close-up photo of the grain!
    At the moment, we have snow again! So maybe a poncho isn’t such a bad idea ;p

  6. I love ponchos! I never had one growing up in the 70’s, much to my lasting disappointment. But I wore one when I lived abroad in Ecuador (hand-woven by an indigenous man) and then again in the early 00’s (a loosely crocheted number in HOT pink) when they became popular again. I loved the last one so much that I wore it during an entire vacation with my in-laws when we toured Scotland. In fact, I think I have a very similar picture of Edinburgh Castle!
    I admire your courage to cut the poncho on the bias, and thanks for the link about when to ignore the grainline. I must confess that I find drape to be a bit of a mystery still. Love the purples!

  7. I would absolutely wear a poncho if it looked just like yours!! Debi, it’s a fabulous outfit!! Well done! :)

  8. Wow, you are really into purple Debi! I love your poncho, especially the close up shot cos I just love the texture. It looks really comfy too. Unfortunately, the weather in Singapore is too hot for one but I’m sure it’s great for Edinburgh.

  9. Cute!! You look divine in purple and are honestly the first person to make me think a poncho could be so cute! Great job!

  10. Lined poncho! I want one now in red! Or perhaps I can borrow your purple one sometime!?
    Very daring Debi, but it’s actually quite cute!

  11. Thanks Sue! Your white knit poncho with fringe sounds great!!

  12. Thanks Charlotte! yeah…I’m not so sure about the trousers either! It was fun to try but I like the fitted 40’s style trousers better!

  13. ooohhh…that sounds like fun! A crocheted poncho must have taken forever to make!!

  14. oh yes, Scotland has perfect weather for the poncho! I’m currently hosting a giveaway on my blog for some of this purple corduroy fabric! No matter how much I make with it–it doesn’t seem to diminish :-)

  15. I can’t believe you have snow again! We’ve had three nice days in a row but I’m still hesistant to believe that spring is here yet!!

  16. ooohhh..a hot pink crocheted poncho! That sounds amazing (as does the hand-woven one)!

  17. Thanks so much Sarah :-)

  18. Thanks Adey! It was fun to make!!

  19. Thanks Sarah–that’s such a nice compliment :-)

  20. You can borrow it anytime! :-) Can’t wait to see your red number!!

  21. You look so cute in our poncho, I love the fabric and your purple palette. I really appreciate your love for the scottish culture, it is so refreshing to get a nice glimpse of your life in Scotland! I hope you had a wonderful birthday too, your day shopping and dinning on your blog is so sweet…and your dessert, looks yummy!

  22. So, yes a belated Happy B-day to you (by a few months), I’m just catching with all this fun and enjoying your beautiful blog and Sew Weekly!

  23. Fabulous! Thanks so much! that was such a fun birthday!!

  24. There are no words for how much I love this! You are stunning in violet – and I love the 70’s headband – fabulous look!

  25. Thanks Megan! It was a lot of fun to put together!