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1931_EvaDress Fabric: Black wool flannel from ebay UK: £4 for 4 yards, £4 for faux fur fabric (0.25 yards)
Pattern: EvaDress SE30-6690  Ladies’ Two-Piece Suit
Year: 1931
Notions: Belt buckle: £3
Time to complete: 12 hours for the entire suit
First worn: I wore the skirt in February and the complete suit in March 2011
Wear again? oh yes!!

Total Cost: ~£11

I’m thrilled.  Actually, I am over the moon.  I am so happy that this week’s theme was finishing those  unfinished sewing objects! I jumped at the chance to finish this amazing 1931 suit that I started as the February 20th Sew Weekly outfit.

I adore everything about this suit–the faux fur collar, the tea length skirt, the matching belt, the unique sleeves.  I have a feeling this will be a wardrobe staple for me!


I finally feel like spring is coming!  The daffodils are a lovely site in the Prince’s Street Gardens in Edinburgh! They are everywhere.  It is so inspiring and beautiful.

Overall, this pattern was very easy to put together even with the minimal pattern directions.  You really have to wing it a bit since there aren’t many instructions.  I sort of made up my own version to construct the sleeves and it worked out fine.  However, this pattern does fit tight!  This is a size 18 (bust 36) which usually tends to fit fine but I’ve found the sleeves run tight and short (at least for me).  I had to do three separate muslins for the sleeves to get the length and fit just right.

I made the belt myself and found the perfect art deco style belt buckle for really cheap!

I must say my favorite thing about the suit is the collar.  I love how it is shaped.  It was really easy to do and I found that working with the short faux fur was also very easy (it’s the left over faux fur from my short 1940’s jacket).

What unfinished projects are you working on??


Debi from My Happy Sewing Place

Debi Fry LOVES vintage patterns. She started sewing in 2009 and has been going since. In 2011, she participated in the Sew Weekly challenge and looks forward to the new challenges that lie in store!


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  1. Gorgeous suit. It looks wonderful on you. In fact the whole outfit is great. I am looking forward to the time I can make something like this (I have just started sewing).

  2. You suit has been well worth the wait – I very much liked the skirt and to see the complete suit is fantastic. Great match on the buckle and hat.

  3. Debi this is really lovely (glad to see you back to your old self). I really love the jacket, the fur trimmimgs are lovely. x x x

  4. Wow! your suit is beautiful, and what a lovely backdrop – spring is definitely in the air. I am constantly amazed at your talents – thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! It’s a gem Debi and I love the whole outfit! The pattern is amazing and I love the mixture of black fabrics/ texture that makes it unique, the sleeves are my fave part!

  6. Bravo! The finished suit is stunning–and the collar is such a great touch!
    ♥ Casey

  7. oh yay! so glad to see the jacket finished now! It looks fabulous Debi… you always look fabulous!

  8. You are just too gorgeous! I am in love with the jacket. The collar is indeed fabulous, and belt and buckle add a great flair to the whole ensemble. The hat is perfect! Congratulations on finishing such a wonderful project!

  9. Beautiful work, again! And I love it styled with the hat and shoes.

  10. Darling shots with the daffodils in the background. Fabulous suit and gorgeous hair. Job well done!

  11. Wow! Stunning! The best part about this outfit is how well it suits you – it’s so flattering on you : ) I absolutely love it!

  12. It’s as if it was made for you! Kudos!

  13. margueritedesigns

    You look much happier and at home in 30’s or 40’s outfits. Glad you could get your suit finished, it looks lovely.

  14. Oh, my! Oh, my! So much fabulousness! The suit! The details! The hat! The daffodils! My goodness, Debi, you have outdone yourself! :) What an absolutely lovely suit. Where did you find that fabulous hat?

  15. Yay! I’m so glad your suit came out so well, and that you feel it ‘suits’ you! ;)
    The faux fur detail is really cool. Do you suppose other 1930s patterns have that sleeve issue?

  16. I’m always so impressed with your beautiful creations! 12 hours to complete?! Wow!
    The suit is beautiful on you and the surrounds are lovely! Well done indeed!

  17. Patricia Austin

    this is awesome! So Beautiful!

  18. It is really pretty and I am so glad for you that you finished.

  19. Hooray! It’s so lovely Debi! What a great suit!
    xoxo love those daffs!

  20. Thanks so much Ronniie! Just keep practicing–I’ve only been sewing a little over a year–so it’s definitely possible.

  21. Thanks so much Jen! I’ve been itching to finish it so it’s perfect that this week’s theme is finishing those UFO’s!

  22. Thanks Charlotte!! xoxoxoxo

  23. Thanks so much Debbie :-)

  24. I love the sleeves too! Aren’t they just fantastic? The whole suit pattern is very well drafted!

  25. Thanks Casey! I am loving your early 1900’s blouse this week too! So beautiful!!

  26. Thanks Casey!! I love all of your creations too!!

  27. Thanks Meg! I’m so glad to finish it up! You’ve been making quite a dent this week in lots of projects—I’m loving seeing them all! xoxoxo

  28. The shoes have come in really handy with a bunch of outfits so far! the hat is also a fabulous (and cheap) find! I’m thrilled it all came together!

  29. Thanks so much! I just adore the daffodils! They are so beautiful and I just love seeing them planted en masse!

  30. Thank you so much! I really love it as well!

  31. Thanks Karen–that’s such a sweet thing to say!

  32. Thanks Lauren! I’m itching to make a white linen 1930’s suit like the one you found next! :-)

  33. I know! Isn’t that funny? I definitely found my decade(s) :-) Though I still want to try a few things from the 50’s…I definitely feel more ‘me’ in 30’s and 40’s!

  34. Thanks soooo much Sarah! I always look forward to your comments!! The hat, believe or not, comes from a shop called ‘Monsoon Accessories’…it’s a bit like a Claire’s accessories shop–they were having a clearance on hats and I got it for £4! It’s a perfect hat and I love it!

  35. Thanks so much! :-) Yes, I did notice that the 1933 outfit also had very closely fitted sleeves. I personally love that but I do always have to lengthen the sleeves…apparently my arms are extra long…hahahaha.

  36. Thanks Cathe! I know…I’m a little stunned that this came together so quickly myself. I really take my hat off to 1930’s patterns…no extra unnecessary steps!!

  37. Thanks so much–I am loving it a lot!! I’ve already worn it again!

  38. Me too!!! It was looking so sad sitting on my dress form partially completed! I knew I had to get it completed so that I can wear it during the spring!

  39. Thanks Veronica! I absolutely ADORE your dress this week!!!

  40. Eeep! Love it – way to go girl!

  41. Thanks Sarah! I really loved your coat this week–it’s nice to have the chance to finish some of those ‘more than one week’ projects, eh? :-)