The “Future’s So Bright” Outfit

TAGG top photo

Fabric: Blue twill – 3 yards ($17) and bamboo/cotton jersey – 2 yards ($13)
Pattern: Built by Wendy 2863 (top) and 3850 (shorts)
Year: c. 2008
Notions: Vintage buttons – $1
Time to complete: 4.5 hours
First worn: March 2011
Wear again? Maybe, but definitely not together (for the sake of other people's corneas!)

Total Cost: ~$31

You may be thinking, "Why so bright Sarah, don't you care about our eyes?" Yes I do, readers, but only a ridiculously bright outfit would do my location justice. 

Erin photo inspiration Tacos a Go-Go is an national treasure – or at least a Texas one. As the name might suggest, Tacos a Go-Go (or TAGG for short) has delicious tacos – so good that Texas Monthly said they serve "Tacos you must eat before you die!" on 2006 – plus Mexican coke and super good guacamole. TAGG is possibly one of the brightest locations in Houston. 

This brightness inspired me to create an outfit with some of the crazy colors one would find inside this monument to incredible Tex-Mex food. Electric blue, orange and bright red – who puts these colors in one outfit? Me. The answer is me. 

Even though I wouldn't normally put these colors together, I do like how it instantly reminds me of my inspirational image, taken by the awesome Erin (who is going to be so sick of me by the end of 2011)! Related: Erin will work for tacos, which is good to know!

The fabrics are simple – twill and bamboo/cotton jersey and both were very easy to sew with! Twill is one of my favorite fabrics to work with – it's sturdy, but not too thick. The jersey was perfectly soft and easy to sew with a regular machine (on a stretch stitch). Related: please ignore the wrinkles, I wore the outfit to the shoot which turns out to be a bad plan in twill and jersey! Lesson learned.

Speaking of easy, Simplicity's Built by Wendy patterns are super easy – no crazy tricks or difficult techniques to attempt. I finished both the top and the shorts in about 4.5 hours – huzzah!

I'm not going to lie to you guys – this is not my favorite outfit so far. It's not exactly flattering and, while I do like the shorts, they are too big (yay for smaller butt, boo for having to dig back in and fix them!). I think I might have to revist this inspirational photo for a future projetc and do something a bit different! On another note, I did get to eat some tacos during the shoot and I'm a happier person for it.

Do you have a place in your town that makes your mouth water? Tell us in the comments!

TAGG inspiration photo
Shorts detail Shorts detail 2


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Argh!! My eyes!! Actually I really like this combination. Sure it’s bright, but you make it work. The top looks casually elegant and would also look great with a pair of black drapey pants and some sparkley sandals and I have been looking for a decent shorts pattern for years.

  2. I love the blue of your shorts. What a fun place to visit – that is now on the “must do” when I visit Houston!!

  3. This is cute and I love the blue and orange together but then some of the Mexican restaurants I’ve eaten at come to mind because I have seen these beautiful colors there. I love the orange top and think it would be great with a big flowing skirt and a thin belt. You did a great job and I love the inspiration.

  4. wow, os so bright really is ! I would love to go there. Your top is lovely although rather bold ha ha. Also, what Fab shoes.x x x

  5. oohhh I really like this outfit! Besides looking great, it looks really comfy as well. oh and the tacos…yummy! My favorite kind of food (which believe it or not they actually in Edinburgh but I would probably imagine it’s a bit better where you are :-)

  6. I love how brave you are with colour! Very bold, but you seem to blend into your location. Great topstitching on the shorts.

  7. Oh you are making me hungry babe! MEGA Hungry! I love the blue shorts and the comfy outfit!

  8. Your outfit looks super comfy. For NYC its the perfect color combo to attend NY Knicks basketball game!

  9. I like the top, and I bet it would look even cuter with a belt on it! And, excuse me, but I like blue and orange together :)
    My favorite local restaurant is also Mexican! It is called Tio Mateo’s. Your outfit definitely reflects that sort of decor.

  10. Colors aren’t bad. Go Gators!

  11. Patricia Austin

    Yumo! I love the color combination! I love those blue shorts. And your shoes are Fabu! Tacos? Anyone?? Horchata? I’m starving now! Well done!

  12. LOL – thanks Jen! I do like this pattern a lot – it has an option for capris, shorts and pants! Love the idea for dressing up the shirt – I think I’ll try it out this weekend!

  13. Thanks lady and Yess! Hit me up when you come to town – I’ll take you on a tour!!

  14. Thank you Charlotte! I bought the shoes recently and this was their madien voyage

  15. Dude – they have amazing food in your city! I had some great Indian food at someplace on the Royal Mile – not sure the name though! Also, thank you – it is pretty comfy, if not blinding!

  16. LOL – yes! I just read this and was like “I need a taco.” Thanks lady – it’s shorts weather here as of today, so they’re getting some milage!

  17. OMG – it is! I could pass as a sports fan – huzzah!

  18. Great idea on the belt – I’m going to find one to put over it next time! Mmm Mexican food – I think this clenches it, I’m eating tacos for dinner!

  19. Thanks Julie! LOL – yes! Go Gators and Knicks!

  20. Thanks lady! OMG I forgot about horchata – so delicious!

  21. I can’t believe you made shorts! AMAZING!
    The tshirt material looks so soft, and those shorts look really well detailed/made (with the pockets!)! I would love to eat here one day (LOVE this kinda food!), so will have to put it on the travel wish list!

  22. Thanks lady!! They were much easier than I thought they would be! And we should totally have a Sew Weekly travel program – like exchange student programs but for grown ladies who sew!

  23. Yay! You’re wearing my signature color (orange) – love it!

  24. Love love love orange, and I would sell one of my dogs (not really) to know where you got your shoes? Are they Swedish Hasbeens?!

  25. OOH! I bet you look great in orange! I love signature colors – mine’s green and/or purple!

  26. Thanks lady! They are Swedish Hasbeens! My first pair and I’m hooked – love them!