Hot! Twenty Questions with Lauren Maringola


I had a chance to interview Lauren in conjunction with her participation in A Common Thread project. Here's her take on the 20 questions:

  1. Name: Lauren Maringola
  2. Location: San Diego Area
  3. Pattern tracer or cutter? Both. Newly converted tracer for most vintage, but I cut modern and repro patterns.
  4. Most exhilarating sewing step: Planning and attaching trims.
  5. Most dreaded sewing step: Cutting.
  6. Favorite pattern at the moment: I'm pretty partial to "Moderne", the new repro I just put out since I just finished it.
  7. Favorite decade to sew: 1930s
  8. Pattern weights or pins? Pins.
  9. Favorite style icon of all time: Ginger Rogers.
  10. Fabric before pattern or pattern before fabric? Usually fabric before pattern, as I have a large stash I'm working my way through, but sometimes it backfires and I am forced to shop for fabric!
  11. Sewing room: messy or clean? Probably somewhere in the middle. Organized chaos.
  12. Biggest sewing splurge: My Wolf form.
  13. Biggest sewing success: A Ginger Rogers inspired evening gown I designed and draped myself.
  14. Biggest sewing failure: Silk velvet embroidered with ribbon embroidery. It was pricey and my plan backfired, so I've got lots of interesting scraps but no dress…
  15. Hats? Yay or Nay. YAY! LOVE hats.
  16. Favorite season to sew for: It's a tie between Summer and Autumn.
  17. Seam Finishing: Pinked, French, stitched or serged? Really depends on the project but usually serged or French.
  18. Favorite skirt: A-Line, Pleated or Circle? Although they are a pain I do have a fondness for pleated skirts!
  19. Style kindred spirit: Ginger or Mary-Ann? I don't know! Probably Mary-Ann, but I haven't the show since I was a kid.
  20. And especially for you: You can go back in time for one week. What year do you chose and why? Probably 1936. I'd love to take a trip on a transatlantic ocean liner like the SS Normandie or the Queen Mary, with steamer trunks packed with a perfect wardrobe, of course!



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. So fun!! Lauren’s work always amazes me and spurs me on to better my own sewing even more. :)
    ♥ Casey

  2. I agree with Casey! Lauren is one of the main reasons that I started sewing! She is so inspiring!

  3. Thanks, Gals! You are so sweet! :D
    And thanks to Mena for asking me the questions!