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The Facts

Fabric: Green Cotton Sateen-like remnant $10 (from Sydney’s The Fabric Store) & Black Light Cotton material, also a remnant ~.20c
Patterns: Butterick 7982 (on loan from Amanda in Adelaide)
Year: c. early 1960s
Notions: Vintage Zipper .10c
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: March 2011
Wear again? Totally!

Total Cost: ~$10.30


SW_StPat_114What a lovely day for a Guinness! For this week’s St Patrick’s Day Theme, I wanted to use this lovely green remnant, that had some nice stretch and shine to it. It’s the perfect Irish green in my opinion! The remnant was quite small and I did measure and lay out 2 other dress patterns in the past few weeks to test out just which pattern I’d be using this week! And sadly it wasn’t enough for a full dress.

Luckily I’ve had this Butterick pattern on loan from a penpal Amanda (who has been joining in via the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle!) and it had the ideal pencil skirt shape for this fabric! Which meant I could sew it together with the black fabric, so it has that skirt/shirt look without all the ‘tucked in shirt tails’ look around the waist of a real skirt and shirt!

This pattern is now my total fave! It has the most dearest darling-est neckline with kimono sleeves. I’m in love with these sleeves!

SW_StPat_114It was rather ‘smooth sewing’ for me this week, so I’m really pleased as I was SO busy with work and social engagements!

The hardest part was resizing the pattern, as it was two sizes too big for me and I found this thread on the Sewing Circle about resizing patterns, and I tried a few of your suggestions that helped out totally. I’m pretty happy with the fit and the stretch in the skirt makes it really comfy!

I kinda resized the bodice front a little more than the skirt (not too sure how my calculations worked out there!), so I had to re-sew the side seams (and eat into that lovely green fabric) a few times. And in retrospect I should have resized the waistbands as it feels a little ‘up around the boobs’, but it doesn’t look too weird.

It has a back zipper that seems a bit odd with the kimono sleeves/wrap front and it was the first time I’ve sewn a back zipper that goes in ‘halfway’ into the back seam. So you sew the lower skirt seem, then you sew the top part to the (high) neckline, then you stick the zipper in, in the middle of the seam. Anyways, it feels quite old fashioned when you put it on, but I love it anyways!

And yes! We’re in an Irish Pub, that is obviously getting ready for St Patricks Day! In Australia there are quite a few Irish peeps, but I think it’s mostly younger people (who love drinking) who celebrate it in full force.


The above shot was when Husbie lay on the floor to get a ‘tall’ angle for you! Excuse the wrinkles, I wore it to work that day (got heaps of compliments!) and was very busy sitting and running around! The beer is certainly a Guinness too! I could only drink a ‘pot’ though, a much larger pint of Guinness would have spoiled my dinner!


And did you spot my ‘fascinator’ shaped like a shamrock? I got the idea from Mena’s Tutorial during the ‘I See Red’ Val Day theme, and used some tiny scraps to make little lovehearts, and joined them together! Looks look like it’s my Lucky Day!


Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. You are too cute! I love how you made this dress work with the amount of fabric you had – it looks fantastic. Yay for pattern sharing! Also – super well done you for pattern re-sizing! I’ve spent most of my weekend trying to re-size the pattern for my green dress… hopefully I’m getting closer and will actually have a dress this week! xx

  2. Great work Veronica! You look fab! That is the perfect shade of irish green! Glad you found the resizing info useful..well done you for successfully using a pattern that was two sizes to big!

  3. What a striking dress! You look the complete part for St. Paddy’s day but it looks perfect for any time of the year. Love the cross-over front.

  4. Love the dress. I once did this with a zipper in the back. Bought a green zipper and died the top part black. I dipped it upside down in black, set with white vinegar and let dry overnight. The vinegar sets the die but to be safe I wash the zipper before constructing it into the dress.

  5. This is fabulous!!! I adore the green and black together and that you posed with a Guinness in hand. This dress is so flattering – I can see why you are in love with the kimono top! Great work as always :)

  6. I noticed the fascinator (that was a new word to me when Mena posted that tutorial) and it’s so cute! That definitely is the perfect shade of Irish green, and the setting really tops it off. Well done!

  7. Great dress and I defintely have to copy the shamrock fascinator idea!!!

  8. It is great and you look so cute as always.

  9. Eeep! So pretty! You are so dang stylish Veronica – I love the way you put things together!

  10. I. Love. This. Dress. Fantastic, fabulous, fun!!

  11. Wow I looove green and that dress is just gorgeous! Looks amazing on you – accentuates in all the right places :-D

  12. I love the top of this dress. The sleeves and neckline are so flattering and look comfortable to boot. I’ve been wanting to do a dress like that with the contrasting top and skirt.
    I agree that the midriff piece is a little too long on you. (If I remember correctly you are of shorter than average stature). Next time you make this dress you should lengthen the top front pieces a little more to fully clear your bust and then shorten the midriff section so the seam where it meets the skirt is at the smallest part of your waist.

  13. this is my favorite of yours so far!! LOVE it!

  14. Thank YOU for the pattern Amanda! It’s takes time and a big effort to resize, if you stick with it I bet it’ll turn out great!

  15. Thank you Casey Sew! It was such a great read! I love flicking over the forums and seeing what people are talking about!

  16. Thank you Jen, it is a really flattering bodice having that cross-over front bit!

  17. YOU ARE AMAZING and I can’t believe you prepared your zipper so well! I remember choosing the vintage zipper (a green thrifted one) because the greens matched really well, and I did not even consider that the top bit would be in the black fabric of the bodice. Genius Krista!

  18. I’ve heard that Chicago is a very large Irish town, is that right Meg? I’m glad you liked the Guinness!

  19. It’s really very cute isn’t it, Amanda?! I’m going to wear it to work tomorrow for St Pat’s Day!
    Fascinators are really popular in Melbourne because of the Spring Racing Carnival! Heaps of girls opt to wear them instead of the massive hats these days!

  20. Thanks Christina! Go for it! Remember to show us your results!

  21. Thank you Sue, very kind!

  22. YAY I love that you think it’s fun too, Sarah!

  23. It’s a really bold green, but it does look more normal with the black, hey? Thanks Esz!

  24. It does ‘feel’ a little high along the midriff, and I’ll totally take your advice next time Ryan (I’d love to make the longer sleeve version)! I have to resize the top because my shoulder to bust is very small as well, so it’s often a lot of tailoring/pre planning to get right!
    And yes, I’ve 4 foot eleven, so quite petite! BUT, don’t you think everyone has to resize patterns to make them perfect… we’re all unique!

  25. Awww thanks Nichole! YAY!

  26. You look wonderful in that green! The dress is so fun and cute! I love the setting and your husband always takes wonderful pictures:)

  27. Your dress is so chic and yet fun at the same time :) I’ll bet if your hubby wasn’t there you would’ve gotten lots of compliments at the bar too! I’ll have to check out that post on resizing, because I have quite a few patterns that are too large for me.

  28. I was a bit worried that 2 sizes too big would be hard, but just go slowly and you’ll be right! (and like I mentioned the skirt and the waistband was way too big even after I resized it)

  29. I understand the re-sizing. I have the opposite problem as you, I’m 5 foot eleven, everything is always too short.