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P1050908 The Facts

Fabric: Vintage Tablecloth, ~$4
Pattern: Vogue Easy Options 2429
Year: 2000
Notions: Vintage Zipper ~ .50c
Time to complete: 2 hours in 2009, and 2 hours in 2011
First worn: March 2011
Wear again? Yes, totally. I adore it!

Total Cost: $4.50

Wow, another Sew Weekly theme, another vintage tablecloth for me. And this one really brings the table (and it’s food) to the fabric! As soon as this week’s UFO (Unfinished Object) theme was announced, I thought of this dress (or this dress in pieces!). You guys know how much I love a vintage tablecloth, and this was a project I started in late 2009 for that summertime, especially to wear to summer BBQs so I could point out my ‘fruit salad’ dress and have a laugh with friends!

When I unbundled all the fabric & pattern pieces, I was super happy to find them all cut out, AND the bodice back & fronts all sewn with darts AND the lining sewn to the bodice. Almost all the hard work (darts & gathering) was done!

I was going to use this dress as a colour palette inspiration for a summer/autumn range of dresses (that I never got around to drafting) to sell to friends for their summertime frocks/Christmas presents. As I have a full time job in radio (with an abundance of daily deadlines) and we moved cities 6 months later, my ‘dreams’ of designing a range of dresses got put on hold. One day! I have to learn how to draft patterns first! How ambitious of me back in 2009!


Often I follow a project all the way through to completion, so I don’t have that many UFOs. I’m a little determined, and as much as I’m a really messy seamstress, I don’t like patterns crumpled and material stuffed aside. My UFOs are without buttons rather than totally unsewn! I was really surprised to see in this bundle of Vogue Easy Options UFO, another SKIRT was all cut up ready to be sewn in the SAME MATERIAL. I must have been like: “Oh there’s material left over in this tablecloth, let’s cut out a quickie skirt as well”. So I feel like Old Me was giving Future Me some extra work, but since the cutting of patterns cuts out a lot of time, Old Me was also being thrifty of time as well.

WHOOPS, a blind hem that’s not so blind! At least the stitches match the watermelon & tomato & grapes pink!

This is the third time I’ve sewn this pattern, it’s very easy and was the first modern pattern I bought way back when I started sewing (8 years ago now, maybe?) and it’s truly a winner. Every adjustment (the waist & hemline for me) has always worked and fitted brilliantly and I would really like to make more of these frocks. There are 8 combinations all up with different skirts, bodices, straps and hemlines to choose, and very adaptable and easy to follow for a beginner. I still wear the first dress I made with it too, and that’s even before I knew what I was doing with sewing!

The hemline is right on my knees, a new length for me, but I think I really like it! I added the bust ‘key’ instead of the gathering and the bow, because I wanted a neater finish. I think it looks cute enough!


And considering I just got these Melissa heels a few weeks ago, it’s almost serendipitous for me to finish this UFO while the weather is *just* warm enough to wear them together! Perfect colour match! I’m headed out to a Comedy Festival Opening Night Affair this week, so shall don this outfit!

Fruit Salad Finito!



Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. I LOVE this dress! And the shoes are perfect. You look absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. I love it! I am dying to try a vintage table cloth.

  3. I can’t believe you had this in your UFO pile – it’s too darn nice. Fab shoes, as always. Have a blast at the Comedy Festival.

  4. Great shoes. I love the length of this dress and I think of all the great dresses you have made this one is my favorite because of the length. It makes you look a bit taller. It is beautiful.

  5. I absolutely adore this dress! It’s so cute! Fits you wonderfully, and the fruit print is fantastic. It’s one of my favourites of your dresses so far. :-)

  6. I absolutely adore this dress! This just might be my favorite (though I think I say that about all your dresses–they are all so beautiful). I am really loving the bodice on this and those wonderful inverted pleats! The print is so perfect with those shoes! Fabulous! Have fun at the comedy shows!!

  7. Oh Veronica, I really need to find myself some tablecloths! You always make the most stunning dresses out of them! Love the fruit salad and those shoes!!!

  8. Really cute and I never thought of using an old table cloth which I am a collector of and have quite a few. Love the dress! Also sounds like past you and present you get a long well.

  9. It looks like a fun dress! The shoes are very cute and match it so well!

  10. Such a pretty dress Veronica! .. and I love the length on you.

  11. Darn you and your adorable tablecloth dresses, they are always my favorites! You are right about this pattern- it suits you perfectly, you should totally make more. And I love the tulle and ‘key’- really nice details. I love the original dress you made in this pattern too! Great job as always.

  12. I love this dress, especially the bodice and the twirl factor of the skirt! Thanks for pointing it out (an easy and cute dress pattern is always a good find!) and there are so many variations looking at the cover. Also, I love your hair style!

  13. This dress is adorable!! I love all the colors of the fruit!!

  14. margueritedesigns

    It’s gorgeous and the subtle colours are really beautiful.

  15. It’s such a cute dress and looks wonderful on you :)

  16. Wow… never saw a table cloth look so good. Love the dress and the shoes too.
    What a great UFO…

  17. I love this dress! Your creations have inspired me to take a look at thrift store tablecloths, but I haven’t tried anything yet. What do you look for when you’re buying tablecloths for sewing?

  18. Thank you Rachel! I love it too!

  19. Thanks Stacie, you should totally it!

  20. Thank you Jen! I’ve seen some really great comedians so far in the Comedy Festival! The night I wore this, it turned a little windy and cold in Melbourne… so the shawl came in handy!

  21. Thank you Sue, I love the length as well! It’s very sophisticated, and works extremely well with heels, so I gain a couple of good inches!

  22. Thank you Kat! I know you love dresses as much as me, so appreciated the compliment! Short girls aren’t really supposed to wear big prints (some style/design person said), but I can’t resist them! FRUIT!

  23. Hey Debi, as always you’re gorgeous! Thank you!
    I love the pleats too!

  24. Thank you Adey! I’m actually nearing the end of vintage tablecloths in my stash! I might have to go back to bedspreads and bedsheets soon!

  25. Hee hee! Thank you Jessie, I keep some of the tablecloths that are in good condition for the table… but some are just screaming out to be turned into a frock!
    Good luck and show us when you do make a dress in the Sewing Circle!

  26. Thanks Lisette! I can’t believe how well the shoes match too!

  27. Thanks for visiting my blog Amber! A tablecloth dress always makes it extra unique in my opinion!
    It really is a great pattern, with all those variations!

  28. Thanks Amanda! It’s probably one of the true modern patterns I’ve ever bought, fits well, and easy to follow… Colette Patterns are the best modern patterns (now that I’ve tried them!) but I think Vogue is really great too.

  29. Thank you Mary! It’s quite a gorgeous colour palette! It made me appreciate pastels!

  30. Awww, appreciate that Sarah! Thank you!

  31. Thank you Judy! It’s an awesome UFO hey!?

  32. Hey Melissa, thank you!
    When I’m op shopping (thrifting for you!) I look at the material section first, and grab the larger pieces, or what’s good for sewing… and then I go to the bedding or kitchen section if there’s nothing suitable (and more recently here at our second hand stores, there’s not really a lot of fabric) and I look for a bright and unusual print (like the fruit salad here) and the larger tablecloths!
    The larger the better! I never know what I’m going to make from them until I get them home, so I check if I like the print, and if it’s large enough for a skirt or dress!

  33. Veronica that is so lovely!! Way to go!

  34. Adorable! I’ve got this same pattern in my stash and am planning to make it some day. I haven’t looked through the pieces yet, so can you tell me whether the “bodice key” is included or whether you added that on-the-fly? And if it’s a self-addition, how did you do it?! I love how it finishes the bust gathers and adds an extra element to the neckline.

  35. Thanks Stephani! 
    The 'key' was an improvisation on my part, but I got the idea from another vintage pattern I've used before! I'll have a hunt around and try and find it for you, so I can explain how it did it!

  36. Thanks, Veronica! It’s just such a great addition to the pattern. I look forward to seeing it explained.