Ask: 3/14/11

The color green is a harsh mistress. Are you able to pull it off with minimal complexion woes? 


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. margueritedesigns

    ‘Green’ is supposed to be one of my colours – though there are so many shades and variations. I definitely don’t suit yellowy greens, but bluey greens are ok for me!.

  2. I could be deluded but I think green suits me quite well. I tend towards more muted colours rather than the really bright harsh shades. I like khaki, emerald and apple greens.

  3. It’s a tricky colour isn’t it? I have had a few green tops & always get compliments when I wear them, so I think it is a colour for me – but …. Like Diana, definitely blue based greens.

  4. Today I wore a grass green suit to church. I was amazed how nice the color looked on me as I don’t wear the outfit to often. Still I like blue and black on me better so I offset the green with black accents. A black belt, camisole, and shoes.

  5. I for one love green! All kinds. But this might have something to do with my eyes having a shade of green…;-). Green is one of my absolute favorite colors!

  6. I can wear a bit of kelly green in an outfit but anything more washes me out completely! The only green I’ve foung that I look good in is an almost chartreuse green. Beats me why, I’ve got a typical blue/pink light european complexion.

  7. I do love green – it’s my favourite colour! I also have green eyes. The only thing I have to watch is which shades are right for me. I can pull off any blue-based shade (most teals, forest greens, kelly green if it’s the right one) but have to avoid all the yellow tones like lime, olive, and anything that throws to khaki.

  8. I’m not sure why so many people think green is hard to pull off– there are SO many shades/tones that you are guaranteed to look good in at least one sort of green. But maybe that’s what is so scary about it– you have to be pretty confident about whether you look best in brights or pastels or cools or warms and so forth. For instance, I look horrible in lime and I feel very blah in olives, but a bright emerald or a springy mint are perfect!

  9. I’m a fair skinned red head, greens have always looked pretty good on me. My husband would probably slug anyone who told me otherwise – I can’t escape a grope when I wear green and he constantly stares at me those days.
    I just put on an emerald green knit dress this morning and am wearing it with black tights & boots and a black cardigan. I was kind of iffy on the combination, but one co-worker really complimented me on it.

  10. I have a yellow undertone to my skin, which loves greens and golds. I wish I had time this week for this challenge as I’d love to sew a green dress, but it’s going to be a busy week at work and any sewing I do will have to be towards projects that need finishing (none of which are green!) .

  11. Depends on the type of green! Can’t do anything too pastel, too harsh/vivid/jewel toned. I guess I just own the middle =).

  12. Green is one of my go-to colors. With my pale/fair complexion, I can do almost any shade but pastels, and even then I can if I accessorize correctly. My favorite greens are jewel tones and forest/hunters.

  13. I can’t pull off blue-based greens, and pastels make me look undead, but anything with a bit of yellow or earthiness to it works well for me. It’s a bit of a bummer– olive greens don’t pop in the same way that emeralds do!

  14. I have a chartruese polo shirt – nothing flash, but I do seem to get the occasional compliment when I wear that as opposed to the pink and magenta ones that are the same style. I quite like green and found I have a fair amount of green in my stash.

  15. I do have green/grey eyes but its not a colour ive really ever went for. i have really pale pale pale skin, that might have something to do with the harsh scottish weather we always get. i have no green what so ever in my stash so it looks like i mite be sitting this one out this week. Samantha x

  16. I love green clothing, and I find that when I wear it in subdued shades it brings out the green in my eyes.
    But I am definitely better able to wear earthy shades than anything too vibrant. That goes for all colours really.

  17. i have no idea, but about 20 percent of my closet is green. so i’m hoping the answer is yes.

  18. I love green but have to be very careful which shades I wear. I’m a dark brunette with amber eyes and a pale olive skin so if I pick the wrong green my skin appears to be a strange shade of greenish-yellow. So, I stick to emerald and kelly green. Love to pair it with either navy or white or to add pink accessories.

  19. I also can wear emerald or kelly green. Many other shades of green do not look good on me but occasionally I fine one that really works, I love green!

  20. I LOVE chartreuse and wear it as often as possible. :) I also look really look good in emerald green even though I’m not much of a jewel-tone wearer. Pastels make me look pasty so I try and stay away from beige-y type colors and sage green.