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The Facts

Simplicity6327 Fabric: 1 yard sage green linen rayon $5 (from etsy) and 2 yards chocolate mint polka dot cotton $9 (from chinatown)
Patterns: Simplicity 6327 (Used only the bodice, skirt is sewn without pattern, same skirt as my Blue Garden Frock)
Year: c.  1965
Notions: Buttons $0.10
Time to complete: 5 and a half hours
First worn: March 2011
Wear again? Absolutely!

Total Cost: ~$14.10

Dear St Patrick

As one Mister Murphy used to say "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". That's exactly what happened this week as I was making a dress to celebrate your special day. 

I'm really thankful that green is your color. It is my favorite color too.  Until this challenge, I had no made-me dress in green so I thought we would both be pleased when this is done. The dress started off really well. The bodice and skirt were pretty easy to put together and I thought "yay! this dress is gonna be done in no time!"

But, alas! That evil seam ripper had to create a tiny hole on the super light sage fabric next to the invisible zipper sewn to the finished dress. The seam ripper felt so bad thereafter it has gone into hiding. Helpless without the assistance of the seam ripper, I spent sometime pondering over what to do. Should I start on another dress? I really adored the colors though and I hate to not finish a project. As a last resort, I devised the most desperate plan of cutting away the invisible zipper and the ripped portion of the fabric and replacing them with an interfaced panel of buttons and another with buttonholes.


I think it's far from perfect but the situation really pushed my creativity button and gave me an adrenalin high. I do love the end product, the  lovely sage green and the chocolate mint polka dots.  The dress comes with a cute cowl neckline too and a mix of cute green buttons down the back.  

Were you happy to see me bring green polka dotted balloons to Emerald Hill in the dress? I think you were because as I was setting up the tripod you sent me a thirteen year-old helper who said to me, " Excuse me, do you need any help, I'm a scout from St Patrick's School and we are doing a fund raising. I smiled to myself. The young man said he knew how to operate a camera and helped me take three shots with my balloons before moving on.

That was when I saw a closed pub and decided to take some photos there with my tripod. But, as I sat on a huge barrel, my balloons took flight! 

At the end of the day,  I am grateful that I have learnt to be more careful. More careful when using the seam ripper, more careful with balloons, more careful with every step :) I guess I have to be more tidy and place the seam ripper back to a fixed location. As of today, the seam ripper is still missing. Please let it know I'm no longer upset with it. And thank you for getting me out of the house to beautiful Emerald Hill for an interesting encounter on an unusual week!

Happy St Patricks!


P3163543See my balloons in the trees?

P/S: So sorry that my blouse was so crinkled.  The unforgiving linen has been under the seat belt.










Adey Sew Convert

A former kids' television channel manager turned stay home mum from Singapore, I hated sewing since I attended my first home economic class at the age of 14. In 2007, something miraculous happened when God blessed me with a second pregnancy. I discovered that I was expecting a baby girl. That changed everything. First I went crazy shopping for handmade clothes for her on etsy. Then I decided I needed to make something for her on my own. I was a month from my due date when I took an intensive 8-hour sewing class. In Dec 2008, I made a dress for my princess before she was born and have not stopped sewing since.


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  1. Adey – I love the dress, and the letter – well done! I hope your seam ripper has come out of hiding??

  2. What an adorable dress and an adorable letter! Luck of the irish?! lol. I personally love the contrast button back.

  3. Love your post, so cute! I love what you’ve done with the buttons down the back of the bodice as well – great idea for a fix, and it ties the skirt and bodice fabrics together so well as well.

  4. Adey this is lovely, subtle and beautifull. I love to see your photos they are always so good.

  5. LOVELY! I hope your seam ripper comes back out of hiding! I love what you did with the back of the blouse! Well done. I think St. Patty is very happy!

  6. You’ve made me smile, with your beautiful dress and your letter. The contrasts are lovely and the buttons up the back work beautifully.

  7. Great post! The dress is lovely, and the polka dot fabric are a happy choice for St. Patrick’s Day (or any fun day for that matter). Enjoy!

  8. Your pictures are always so intriguing! And the dress came out darling. I’m glad it all worked out. I use an old jar to keep all my sewing “utensils” (seam ripper, scissors, pencil, etc) nearby, but organized.

  9. Wow, that’s thinking on your feet. Love the pocka dots and good to know etsy has good finds on fabric. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Hopefully a great day for a parade.

  10. I love this. It’s amazing.

  11. I think so too! I love the fix.

  12. The dress is beautiful and I love the color on you. You are so brilliant. What a great idea to take out the zipper and put in the buttons. That was sweet too that the young man was able to help you and himself at the same time. Have a blessed week.

  13. Love this! So charming, all around.

  14. Adey, the dress and the balloons are adorable! And I loved the way you told us the story behind it. You made a gorgeous fix out of the botched zipper — that contrast button placket is inspiring.

  15. Oh Adey what a amazing story, with the boy scout and your seamripper making a special appearance!
    You are so gorgeous in this style, and it’s a very smooth soft look! The cowl neck is darling, and it’s really flattering for you!

  16. Oh… I love the chocolate and mint green together..So pretty.. Looks so pretty on you..

  17. Adey, that is such a pretty dress! I love the neckline and I really, really like the polka dot button placket at the back. So beautiful!

  18. It’s so chic. I love the extra detail along the button band in the back, too.

  19. margueritedesigns

    I like the brown and green together too – reminds me of chocolate lime sweeties!

  20. Beautiful dress and great color combination I am huge fan of cowl necks. I love the story too it put a smile on my face.

  21. Thanks so much Debbie! Afraid it’s still playing the game of hide and seek with me or perhaps it’s upset that I couldn’t wait and bought myself a replacement yesterday :P

  22. Thanks casey sew! I am glad you like the back placket, it makes the extra effort fixing it all worthwhile.

  23. Thank you so much Macskakat! I am so glad you like the back placket. I thought it was a little weird initially cos it’s my first back button dress but it has grown on me too:)

  24. Thanks Carrie@One Pink Duck! Glad you like the fix!

  25. Thank you charlotte. I’m happy that you like the dress and thanks so much for liking the photos. That’s an encouragement for me as I always have to rely on the tripod and am trying to improve my photography skill through the process.

  26. Thanks Debi! I hope it comes out of hiding too. I couldn’t wait any longer so I found it a buddy seam ripper. Hope they get along! Can’t wait to see your outfit today!

  27. Yay! Glad they brought a smile to your face:) Thanks so much for encouraging me and I am so glad you like the back placket. I wasn’t used to back buttons on the dress but am liking them very much now!

  28. Thanks Jean for the sweet encouragement! Love the happy dress too:)

  29. Thank you so much Lisette, I am glad you like the dress and photos! Thanks for the tip on using a jar, will definitely give it a try! I am just so disorganized sometimes, hope I can improve on that.

  30. Thanks Krista! Have a happy St Patrick’s Day too!

  31. Thanks Sue! I am so glad you like the back placket idea. It took some getting used to since it’s my first back button dress but I am loving it:) The young man was such a miracle sent! I couldn’t get over it! Have a blessed week too!

  32. Thank you Sarah! So glad you like the dress:)

  33. Thanks Krissy! Am so glad (and relieved) I managed to fix the back and it turned out well:) Hurray to my first incidental back button dress, am loving it:)

  34. Thanks Veronica, it has been quite an eventful week LOL. I still can’t get over the scout coming to my aid! The seam ripper is unfortunately still making a special disappearance!

  35. Thanks Judy for the sweet encouragement! Glad you like the color combination:)

  36. Thanks so much Sarah! I am just glad the placket fix worked and I’m loving my first back button cowl neckline dress. You cap sleeve blouse is so sweet, can’t wait to see you in it! It looks so much better than the pattern cover too:)

  37. Thanks so much Zilredloh! I love the colors and lace you have chosen for your macaron dress btw:)

  38. Thanks margueritedesigns:) There’s definitely inspiration of sweets in those brown/green combo. For me it was choco mint ice cream haha:)

  39. Thanks Tania! I am becoming a fan of cowl necklines too and am so glad the story made you smile:)

  40. Sp beautiful! I love the texture in the top and the colors look great together!!

  41. Thanks Sarah:) Have great St Patrick's party!