Hot! A Common Thread: The “Spring Planting” Blouse by Lauren M.

Our first stop on the “A Common Thread” tour takes us to Southern California and to Lauren from Wearing History — the blog and pattern company. As the name “Wearing History” suggests, Lauren’s love for vintage styling, vintage fashion and lifestyle is strong and her passion is infectious. As I mentioned in my introductory post, I’ve been reading Lauren’s blog since I began sewing vintage religiously and her take on the 1930s has certainly been quite the inspiration for me.

Lauren starts this project with a bang with this picture perfect and ultra-feminine blouse from the 1930s. Thanks so much Lauren for participating and giving the lace a good home!


The Facts


The Fabric: Lightweight cotton- probably lawn-  $1 yd, Downtown LA
Pattern: Repro 1930s Blouse from Vintage Fashion Library– $16
Notions:  The lace.
Time to Complete: Didn’t track, but probably 6-8 hours
First Worn: March 2011
Wear again? Yes! 
Total Cost: Probably about $20.

I was so excited when I got this lovely lace in the mail and immediately began dreaming of what I would do, and what pattern to use. Should I use a vintage pattern or a reproduction pattern?  A new pattern or grade one up, or draft one myself?  After a rummage through my fabric stash I pulled out the perfect fabric match and dug around in my patterns to see what I could find.  I remembered this pattern I had bought earlier last year and knew it was meant to be!

What drew me to purchase this pattern initially were the unusual sleeves.  It was something I would have expected to find in modern fashion, not so much fashion of the 1930s! I just love quirky little details and forgotten fashion, and I knew I could easily incorporate this blouse into a modern or vintage wardrobe.

The blouse itself went together very easily and quickly.  A very fast and easy pattern! If you get crazy with handwork it can take a while.  In fact, in a moment of pure insanity I decided that I would not only hand gather the lace, but hand attach it to the finished edge of the ties and sleeves! Ah well, a few nights on the couch cuddled up with tea, an old movie, and sewing… not a bad thing.


I called this the “Spring Planting” blouse because I took the photos at a local park where old farm structures are still present.  With the earlier 30s pattern, the cotton blouse, the lovely sunshine, and the old farm buildings I really felt a kinship to the history and to the past lives of women during the Great Depression,   and very thankful to the women who lived through such a difficult time in history.


For vintage wear I paired this blouse with a vintage 30s linen skirt and vintage heels.  For a little fun I added an oversize hair flower.  I will definitely be wearing this blouse a lot!

Thanks again for including me in the “Common Thread” project! 




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  1. Lauren, I absolutely love this top! The plaid, the lace, those sleeves and the front tie- to die for. If I saw that in a store, I’d totally try it on. Great job!

  2. That is so pretty! I love the colors and the outfit is darling! The blouse came out beautifully – love the use of the lace – and the details are charming!

  3. Ohhhhh! I LOVE this! I’ve eyed this blouse but seeing it all made up makes me want to get it—the sleeves are absolutely wonderful! I love them! And the lace looks fantastic!

  4. Lauren’s blouse is GORGEOUS!!! I am loving the cut-out sleeves especially; it’s such an unusual detail (further reason why I adore the 30s–they were very adventurous with their details). Bravo, Lauren! :)
    ♥ Casey

  5. A lovely blouse with wonderful details. The sleeves are just amazing. Beautiful use of the lace. Love the flower too.

  6. Wow! Fantastic! For once a vintage pattern that isn’t just a sloper with buttons! And the fabric is sensational, especially with your coloring.

  7. I don’t think there’s anything about this blouse that I don’t love. Ingenious!

  8. Thank you! It was fun to plan how to use the lace :)

  9. Thanks! I had been eying it for a long time before I bought it last year, so I’m so glad I got to use it! I totally recommend the pattern. I’ll probably make it up again, and I seldom do that!

  10. Thanks, Casey! That’s why I loved this pattern, too. The cut is so unique!

  11. Thank you! :) the flower was from my wedding, so I’m glad I finally had a chance to wear it again!

  12. Thanks so much! That’s why I was drawn to the pattern, too! All the fun details :) I’m always a bit on the fence about pastels, but this one seemed to work ok.

  13. Oh Lauren! It’s darling! I adore the fabric you picked and I love that you handstitched so much of the project. It is rather nice to curl up on the sofa, watch that movie, tea and stitch. Kind of an escape from a busy day. It turned out just lovely! Those sleeves are really sweet and the way you’ve styled it, looks just grand. Really fabulous job!

  14. I can’t believe those sleeves are from the 30s. Kudos for wearing them and looking stylish and confident! I would feel ridiculously self-conscious. :)

  15. So interesting Lauren! I’ve never seen a blouse like it!
    Well done, it’s so unique!
    I haven’t seen your blog before, so will go and have a read! xoxo

  16. Lauren, your fabric is fabulous! I love spring colors and materials and you have a great mix here. So delightful and inspiring!

  17. This is SO pretty and dreamy, I love the fabric choice! I have this pattern too and you’ve inspired me to work on it already!

  18. So pretty! Love it! I too cannot believe those sleeves are from 1930!

  19. Amazing. Great choice of fabric, the plaid really shows off the patterning so well!

  20. oh Lauren what a beautiful blouse, the sleves are quite unusual but they work with the rest of your outfit perfectly!s

  21. It’s beautiful and the best thing is the 3 choices together that make it uniquely yours: lace, plaid and style.

  22. This is so beautiful and unique. Your styling is fabulous too: where did the hair flower come from? Purchased? Vintage? Made? If you made it, *please* tell us how!

  23. That turned out so great! I love the sleeves on that blouse – so creative and fun!

  24. Thank you!
    I agree! I used to hate hand sewing, but I enjoy it more and more these days. :)

  25. Thanks! And thanks for checking out my blog!

  26. Thanks! It’s a great pattern! I want to sew it again :)

  27. Thanks! I know, aren’t they unusual sleeves?

  28. Thanks so much! I went digging around in my stash and decided the plaid would be fun to use- since the cut was pretty simple but add interest to the belt piece thing :)

  29. Thanks!
    I made the hair flower for my wedding, so it was nice to use it again :) It was just a big silk flower from a store called Michael Levine in Los Angeles. I just bought a hair come and sewed it to the comb- was really easy :)

  30. WOW! I love this – the sleeve details are really cool and the lace is perfect with this fabric! Way to go!

  31. Great! The bluse is just gorgeous. I love the pastel plaid and the sleeves.

  32. This is amazing!!!! I would wear this in a heartbeat. The photos are breathtaking too!