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The Facts

Fabric: Synthetic drapey fabric with a pinstripe of silver $3 from Ballarat Op Shop
Patterns: New Look 6752 (a gift from my friend) & Butterick 3958 (op shop) 50c
Year: New Look 2007 and Butterick 1986
Notions: New black ribbon-esque bias binding $.50 metre
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: February 2011
Wear again? I think so, with less costumey accessories and maybe some tights in winter.

Total Cost: ~$4

image from www.joblo.comSo it was the costume designer from Chicago, that inspired by Sew Weekly creation this week for me. I loved the film and have seen the stage play a few times as well. It’s set in the 1920s, and the 2002 film was very HOT and probably heaps more sexy in costume than the original time. But Colleen Atwood did win best costume for the film at the Oscars nonetheless!

I had loads of different dreams about 1920s and loads of different patterns (online!) to covert, so perhaps did a bit more time scheming than sewing this week. In the end I settled on a few drop waist patterns, because whilst Roxie & Velma in the film have great mini dresses (and all the tassles and glitz to go with them), I really want wearable clothes this year and opted to be inspired by the era instead of showing off my pins.

The two patterns I settled on (and there were other necklines and sleeves options, as my shortlist for this Frankenstein affair was four patterns initially!) was the neckline & armholes of New Look 6752 and the diagonal drop waist of the 80s Butterick dress.



I had only a remnant of this black synthetic material, and really wanted to use it because it had moderate ‘glitz’ with the silver pinstripe through it. It wasn’t the brightest day taking these photos, so you kinda only see it as grey lines, but I promise when I wear it under disco lights it’ll shine for you! I’d made the New Look pattern a few years ago, but it was kinda big around the neck, and since it was a pull on dress (no buttons or zipper) I had to resize it so it was still a little big, but shorter in the shoulder seam and bustline. But I wanted a little more shape and tightness in the neckline so this bias binding ribbon (from a proper sewing store) held it together well.

For the drop waist, gathered skirt, I chose the Butterick pattern just to make the dress a little different… and whilst it’s not as drastic in the diagonal (I once again had to resize it and crop it shorter because of the amount of material I didn’t have), I still think it’s a rather sweet little twist to a usual shape.

Are you ready for my dance moves now?


AND, I tried out French Seams for the first time on this dress! My overlocker had red threads through it, and since I plan on making another red dress and an orange one in the coming weeks, I didn’t want to change. So it forced me to reinforce those nastly synthetic seams, and I googled all the French Seams tutorials I could find. Unfortunately, as the fabric looks very similar on the right side and wrong side, it was really hard to remember which sides I was sewing… not that you can tell!

Just enough Razzle Dazzle I reckon!


Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. Great job, Veronica! I totally hear you about changing the threads on the serger. Everything I sew has cream color stitches because I never want to touch that beast!

  2. Which Ballarat OP Shop?? I’ll have to have a look. Great way to create the mood without looking like you have just dashed off-stage.
    (and I’m finding that out about my overlocker)

  3. looking great veronica! .. and I have a tip for you all for changing overlocker/serger threads (I had to change mine mid dress this week) if you cut the threads near the spools, then put the new spools on and knot the old threads to the new, you can just pull them through (gently). The only thing you can’t pull through is the eye of the needle – because the knot won’t fit. Super easy.. re-threaded in a snap! Takes me about 1 minute. Of course if anything ever comes loose I have to consult my book to re-thread from scratch.

  4. Great dress…I really love the seam at the bottom!! I think I might need to invest in an overlocker one of these days :-)

  5. Thanks Casey! VERY helpful, and I think I have done that before… keeping the needle thread a neutral colour so only changing the other two. (I only thread three spools on mine, and it always works fine)
    Thank you!

  6. Debi – you should treat yourself – overlockers aret the best sewing tool, they make all the difference to the finish of your garment – I LOVE mine!!

  7. You should so get an overlocker Debi! They make life so much easier!!! (Especially if you’re doing anything with knit fabrics.) :-)

  8. Thanks babes! Yeah, I go for a greyish or a beige base sometimes for the overlocker too! “What won’t show through this fabric? Grey or Beige” Oh such trickery on the inside!

  9. Thank you Jen! Yep, I just didn’t have the lavishing expensive materials nor do I feel comfortable enough to wear such revealing things at this time of my life!

  10. YES, I reckon you should get one too. I felt like my whole sewing world opened up when I got mine!
    I just have to get over the laziness of changing threads!

  11. What a sweet little dress. I like how the pinstripe is sort of menswear 1920s.

  12. I really like this because I think I may have the same fabric. I have this beautiful black with silver pin stripe. I kept thinking in skirt and jacket but now I might do something sassy with it instead. Don’t know Hummmmm. . .
    Anyway nice dress you did a great job and I can see it with tights or leggings for sure. Love the shoes too.

  13. Cute!! Love this dress – and the amazing shoes!

  14. I love it! Chicago is one of my very favourite movies (and plays – I saw it in Toronto with Bebe Neuwirth and Alan Thicke) and you’ve done a marvellous job! I love the fit and the length on you. I think you’ve created a very wearable garment! :)

  15. I agree, it’s kinda ‘tough’ ladies wear with a pinstripe!

  16. Yeah, this is kinda lighter and drapey-er (is that a word!?) than jacket material!

  17. They are super hey? They’re Melissa’s but with a shoe clip diamante!

  18. It’s so great live on stage hey!? Thank you, I’m aiming for wearable things, so very pleased with it!

  19. This dress is so cute! I love the fabric and how wearable it is! Adorable shoes too:)

  20. I love it! It looks so comfortable and stylish. The shoes accent the dress perfectly :)

  21. It is very comfy! Thank you!