Hot! Swap/Meet Success: The Giveaway

Yesterday at our Swap/Meet I went home with some pretty amazing patterns. I  also went home with a bit more than that — all the stuff that was left over! And since I promised the gals good homes for it, I'll be holding a bunch of giveaways.

The first giveaway is for these three patterns for a 38" bust:


Want to enter? In the next twenty-four hours (by Tuesday 11:00 am Pacific) leave a comment for this post saying which view of these three patterns you'd make first.



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Ooh! I’d definitely make the A version of the McCall pattern in the top left corner. Those sleeves look gorgeous and I love the collar as well. Very casual elegant.

  2. Top left! Top left! So awesome.

  3. Hurray vintage patterns in my size! I would go for view B from the top left corner. I love shirt dresses, but shirt dresses with adorable elbow length sleeves with cuffs?! *drool* :)
    Ashley x

  4. Top left, view A: so lovely!!!

  5. Top right! That top with the scarf collar would be fabulous for the spring, with those kimono sleeves and perhaps an exposed zipper in the back? Love!

  6. Top right pattern, view 1! So cute.

  7. What great patterns…and they’d fit me! I especially love the shirt dress.

  8. Long time reader, first time writer – I’d start with the B view of the top left pattern, because I’ve been searching for a shirtdress and that is exactly what I was looking for!

  9. I think clockwise from top left, it would have to be view A as love the sleeves, view 1 as think the tie on the collar is cute and then I’m struggling to see the difference in the bottom pattern in view A and B apart from fabric choice from the artist impression…
    Would love to give them all a go!
    Thanks for the chance!

  10. I would totally make the shirtdress first. I would make the view in the back with the rolled up sleeves. I can never find vintage patterns in my bust size so this giveaway would be a godsend to win.

  11. I love the suit pattern. I think view b is my favorite.

  12. Like just about everyone else, I’d want to make the shirtdress first. I think I would make the short-sleeved version, but if I had some nice drapey fabric, the longer sleeves of view A could be fun.

  13. I would definitely make the top right dress first – either of the views with the tie! I love neckties and I’m a first-year teacher so I need more semi-professional yet still comfortable dresses. But they’re all so cute!

  14. I would make the shirt dress first in anticipation of spring (everything is sunny and melty today!) but I do like them all. And it’s not always easy to find vintage patterns in a 38 bust.

  15. LOVE ALL OF THEM!! But I would have to make the one with the necktie first…maybe in a nice stiff knit…I’m thinking a baby blue or a nice print to kick off the spring. Also with a nice vintage broach!

  16. I’d make the shirtdress first. Upper left-hand corner.

  17. The tie front top on the top right pattern for sure! I need more blouses desperately :)

  18. I would probably make the shirt dress first.. I’ve been wanting one for a long time.. and that one looks great!

  19. Shirtdress. Absolutely love a shirtdress!

  20. The upper right pattern, and then the most left view of that one – if I was feeling ambitious and my mother in law was nearby the shirt dress though –

  21. The upper right. It looks simplier than the other two. Right in line with my garment sewing skills right now.

  22. Oh I would love to make that shirt dress, ideally in that same blue polka dotted fabric.


    I love all of the patterns, but I think I would make the one in the top left corner, then the suit. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Top left, view A. I have a retro feel polka dot fabric that would be great in that view.

  25. Totally B on 8253. Love the scalloped collar and the pockets! I could totally rock that. :)

  26. Oh, I already have a plaid fabric just waiting to be a shirtdress, so that would be first. The blouse with the bow is my favorite, though.

  27. Easy! The shirt dress. I’ve been wanting a good standard shirt dress pattern that I can customize with some of my own flair!

  28. margueritedesigns

    Top right would be great for everyday work situations, so I’d go for that first. Plus, I seem to suit V necklines. I’d do the middle one next, again for more formal occasions at work.

  29. I would go for the shirtdress first. Though, I would make it for my mum who needs a nice, simple, and clean dress. Hmm, we’ll see.
    Good luck everyone!

  30. Nadine Poplawski

    I would make the “a” version of the suit if I were feeling gutsy…I need practice first…but I love the mccalls shirtdress too, View “c” first. It is a very versitile pattern.

  31. The shift dress at the top left. I need some practice making buttonholes!

  32. Tough choice! I love the Jackie Kennedy-esqe style in 4881. The suit, with a shorter skirt, would also look great. But I’ve fallen in love (again) with the shirtwaist dresses like my Mom used to make me when I was a teenager. Love them then, love them now. Been looking for a nice pattern to begin reinventing the past!

  33. Oooh! So tempting! lol. I think I’d probably make the 60s frock without the neck tie first. I’m really trying to add some “basic” dresses to my closet that I can dress up or down. It looks like a great option for just that!
    ♥ Casey

  34. Top Left view A. Gorgeous =) Love your blog!

  35. the shirt dress! (but all are lovely)thanks!

  36. Definitely the McCall’s shirtdress. Not only are shirtdresses so fabulous, but it looks so comfy! (I’d be sure to make the rest of them too, they’re all quite stylish.)

  37. THE shirt dress…for sure- A classic for any time period… I think I have this pattern in a smaller size but never did master pattern drafting sizing..

  38. I think I’d make the long button down. I really like vintage, but I want to move away from the poofy skirts,and i think that one would look great with some of my many cardigans.

  39. #8253! Tweed Rides are coming up and I have the wool just sitting here, craving to b a riding suit!

  40. top right – it looks the easiest x

  41. Thanks to all for entering! We’ll be holding another Swap/Meet giveaway next week.
    Without further ado, the winner of these three patterns is Erin from The Consummate Amateur
    Congratulations, Erin! We look forward to seeing how your dress turns out! Please send me your mailing address so I can get the pattern out to you.

  42. Hey Erin,
    You won the giveaway! Could you please contact me and send me your postal address?