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Fabric: Dress – Red synthetic drapy stuff $8 from Lincraft & Bolero – Velveteen op shopped fabric ~ $.50. Both garments are faced/lined with thrifted red lawn, $1
Pattern: Simplicity 3546, from Etsy $7
Year: circa 1950s
Notions: Vintage zipper (12") $.50
Time to complete: 5 hours
First worn: February 2011
Wear again? Yes, the bolero especially!

Total Cost: ~$17


Happy Valentines Week! I had a great week of sewing this week, lovely fabric and a lovely vintage pattern! I'd recently got this Simplicity pattern from a darling etsy seller, and really wanted to try it for the Valentines theme, because of it's darling side bust darts and notched neckline!

20110213-SW_heart_110But mostly because I have been saving this floral fabric for a bolero/cardigan, and it was just right! This much velveteen floral is just perfect with the red crepey/garbidine fabric of the dress, a whole coat in it would look Granny or Costumey.

The pattern was great to follow, firstly the dress was great, and normal! I loved the side darts (as I thought I would!) around the bust, and I decided after cutting the bodice pieces that I would change the skirt to a gathered one (just pretty much 2 large rectangles) because I've made a lot of pencil skirts recently. The material is thick, but still hangs floaty.

I realised that because I was worried it'd be too tight (it is a 32 bust, and I'm usually a 33-34) I forgot to alter the bodice horizontally, so the waistline actually sits on the top of my hips.

The bolero took about an hour and was super gorgeous to whip up! I'm going to make MORE now! I could also make a black (or green OR YELLOW) dress and the bolero will match them too!

Since it's Valentine's, I thought I'd wear my massive red bow ring! My friend made it, and it's SO comfy but hard to wear when you type! LOL! 

This is also my first 'new fabric' dress for the Sew Weekly challenges. I bought a few shades of red a few years ago as my friend needed something to match a hat. Of course when I buy new material, I get worried I'd never have enough, so I bought loads.

20110213-SW_heart_112 I'm so pleased with how the photos turned out too! It was Husbie's idea to take them at night time, to look like we were going on a date! And we did, our fave Thai food place!

I had to hold REALLY still in most of them, because he had a really slow 'shutter speed' (to let more light in through the lens) and we didn't want them to be blurred.




Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.


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  1. Love the dress! And the bolero is just so perfect. Way to go. And way to go staying so still! :)

  2. You look a lot more relaxed with this dress (or maybe that is just the staying still :-)
    The neckline is beautiful and it lends itself well to the gathered skirt. And the bolero is too cute for words.

  3. They look gorgeous together- that neckline is lovely.
    Good work on the keeping still, the pictures look great!

  4. You are so right, that dress is just darling! Really love the neckline and the bolero is perfect. I’m a bolero addict – it’s a tuck shop lady arms thing!

  5. These are gorgeous photos. Ah Melbs *sigh*

  6. well aren’t you a clever little muffin xxxxx

  7. I love this! That first picture is so fantastic!! The bolero is so ADORABLE! I’ve made a similar bolero before and it was super easy…definitely make more!! I also really love the neckline on the dress! And the fabric is fantastic! Great job!!!

  8. I love this look, you did such an amazing job. Love the pop of pattern from the bolero. You are right, it’s too much for a coat, but just perfect for a bolero! And the dress is too cute!!!
    This weeks theme is really making me think that I NEED a red dress in my life!

  9. I love everything about it, the neck line the bolero, the colour, the photos. Yes you should make more ! well done

  10. The pictures are great and the dress and bolero at beautiful. I really like the tiny bit higher waste. Looks great.

  11. Love love love the dress and the bolero!!! I think red is your color, you should wear it more! The ring is so cute and your husband did a fab job with the night shots, they are beautiful!

  12. You did a wonderful job there! Fabics, pattern, skirt and photos – perfect match!

  13. Oooh! I love the combination of the bright red dress and the bolero print–so striking. Beautiful!!! :)
    ♥ Casey

  14. I absolutely love this outfit!! The photos are sensational, too! I love the dress – it looks so lovely on you – and the bolero is amazing! So cute! The bow ring is TDF! :)Pretty, pretty!!

  15. OH! This is beautiful Veronica – wow! I LOVE the dress and the jacket – they both fit so well and the fabrics are perfect for both!

  16. margueritedesigns

    Very pretty! The greens tone really well with the red.

  17. Gorgeous dress – love the neckline in particular. You look stunning.

  18. Great combo of the dress and the bolero, very darling!

  19. That bolero is so cute! Love it!

  20. It was tricky staying still! Thanks Mena!

  21. No you’re right Jen, the garments turned out WAY better than last week’s theme, so very happy with them! Thank you!

  22. Thank you Jessness! The neckline was heaps easier that it looks too!

  23. Emma darling, you’re far from tuckshop lady arms! But I do know what you mean! Thanks so much for checking out Mena’s blog too & my post! xoxo

  24. You could always visit Docklands when you’re next down here babes!

  25. Thanks Debi, I am super amazed at how quick the bolero is… 2 pattern pieces and voila! Love it!

  26. Ooooo Suzie! Watch out, I bet you’ll get mad for red and have to make up heaps of different styles! I’m already thinking of the next pencil skirt type dress I can make… hmmmmmm!

  27. Husbie says thank you, and to all of you too! He’s very pleased the photos look so great on Mena’s site!

  28. It’s a great sized ring hey! Just for special occasions!

  29. The pictures are great, so are the dress, bolero & ring!!

  30. Beautiful photos and congrats on a sewing job well done. i can never manage to sew things correctly!!!

  31. Such lovely comments Casey! Thank you.

  32. I wore the bolero over the weekend and it was just DREAMY, so yes, a great fit I reckon too!

  33. Thank you Tilly! Really appreciate your nice comments!

  34. You are a darling as always!

  35. I bet you could pull it off eventually KV! xoxo