Ask: 2/28/11

Do you have a favorite pattern from Colette Patterns? What colors are in your Spring Palette? 


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Personally, I love all Colette patterns. If I must choose then my two favourites would be the Sencha pattern and the Macaroon dress. Just simply adorable. I was just thinking about ordering the pattern itself, when I discovered that I could buy it here in Paris too!!!!!
    For colours, I would use soft pastels, e.g. yellow, baby blue, light pink;

  2. I love the Ceylon pattern and I just cut my fabric for the Oolong pattern so I’m hoping I love that one in finished form too :) My colors are blues, reds, golds and sand — somewhat similar to yours!

  3. I think all the Colette patterns are lovely, but my favourites are Parfait and Sencha.
    My colour palette is red, aqua, and teal. I’m sewing the Parfait this week as part of the challenge. :)

  4. I’m utterly and madly in love with the Ceylon pattern. It was instant love when I first saw it and even though I wasn’t a good seamstress when I first got it (I’m still not that good, jikes), I had to give it a try and it turned out ok. I hope to make a well fitted version once in a beautiful fabric, but first I need some more practice.

  5. I adore the Ceylon pattern, like so many others. It’s so 40s and pretty, with so many possibilities. I’m not good enough yet to make it, though, so will watch everyone else’s work. :)
    I don’t have a spring palette yet, things are a bit hectic here and I’ve been obsessing over/fighting with the Crepe. Maybe I’ll look at summer and go from there!

  6. Yesterday was such a gorgeous day I sewed for 11 hours straight! My Spring into action colors this season are Coral, Banana and Sage.

  7. I love the nutmeg pattern. Over Valentine’s day Colette Patterns’ Blog was filled with ways to embellish and I was totally in love. The Chantilly is also so sweet. I love making sweet dresses for summer. I am very excited about the discount and am going to indulge in some patterns.

  8. Try it! NOW! – the way you get better is to keep trying. It doesn’t matter if you initially end up with something that you can only wear around the house (I’ve got plenty of those) – call it your practice piece. Hectic is a whole different matter. Hope things calm down for you. Cheers, Jen (other Jen :-)

  9. I have so many favourites! My first choice would definitely me the Macaron dress, which is on its way to my apartment. Waiting is making me crazy! Of course, I also have my eye on the Crepe and Rooibos dresses… And I can’t decide if the Beignet skirt would suit my body shape, but I love it.
    And my spring palette involves cream, mustard, chocolate, and sage. :P

  10. I love Ceylon Dress, Beignet Skirt and Nutmeg underwear. I chose muted rose color, light grayish blue and ivory colors for this spring’s color palette.

  11. I love them all; I can’t choose just one.
    My palette is hot pink (and other pinks now) along with dove grey and black.

  12. My favorite Colette–which I just broke down and ordered–is the Crepe Dress! My spring palette are usually the same colors as my summer palette, although typically in lighter hues: Raspberry/Mulberry, Lavender/Eggplant, Aqua/Teal, Tan/Mocha, Dove Grey/Charcoal. No pastels for me!

  13. I’ve only made the Chantilly dress, but it is my favorite. I’m also looking forward to trying the Beignet skirt and the Crepe dress, as well as the Rooibos dress. Right now my project for spring is another Chantilly dress from black cotton eyelet with a hot pink silk lining that peeks through. I like bright colors, and this year I’m leaning towards aqua/teal and bright citrus-y green for spring.