Ask: 2/14/11

Some women swear by their red dresses, while others think they look a bit, well, tarty. What's your take?


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I guess it depends on how much skin is showing. I like mine. It has a modest neckline and short sleeves, though I guess it does fit a little slim. Anyway, isn’t tarty okay once in a while? ;)

  2. As someone who adores red, I’m definitely in the red-dress camp! I think it depends on the cut of the dress and the personality of the wearer; red is such a “loud” color that you can’t hide when wearing head to toe red. I know I personally have to be in the right mood to wear a red dress (confident and not wanting to just “blend”). ;)
    ♥ Casey

  3. My all-time favorite color to wear is red, along with blue! I’m kind of a quiet person, so red really speaks for me when I wear it :) I think it can look beautiful and feminine with the right fabric and pattern choice, and of course, it’s a fantastic accent color!

  4. I like the effect of red dresses on other women–depending on the skin revealed it can look tarty or just flirty. But I can’t myself wear red, as it emphasizes the pinkness in my skin and I end up looking like a big red tomato. I go more for garnet or mulberry or fuschia (which you wouldn’t think would work, but the blue tones in it balance my own pink/red tones). That’s how I do “red”.

  5. I love reds, specially solid. I must have 4-5 red skirts and I wear them regularly, but for some reason no dresses and only 2 pieces of fabric in my stash. I dont know if you’ve seen the red V1206 from but that’s an awesome dress!

  6. I love red dresses! Red is one of my favourite colours and never fails to bring a smile to my fave. My mother always said that a lady’s wardrobe is not complete without a red dress and a pair of red shoes.

  7. I LOVE red dresses – I think you can find a red dress to suit most occassions, and it is so empowering!! This is my current favourite red dress…… nothing tarty about this one …
    I would love to make this dress …

  8. margueritedesigns

    I love red too – especially in the winter time and at Christmas.

  9. I love red dresses! They’re one of those things that can instantly make you feel more feminine, sexy, happy, and confident.
    I reckon tarty is more about the style than the colour. (But then, I am somewhat biased towards red. ;-)

  10. I’m not normally a ‘red’ kind of girl; I like to look cute in my creations, but I think red is very “look at me” and makes a strong statement.
    I think it’s a gorgeous color and I’m slowly incorporating it into my wardrobe, as I gain more and more self confidence. :)

  11. I love red, I look great in it and I think bright colors are great for the mood