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The Facts

1005-cover Fabric: Skirt – 2.5 yards of denim focus fabric (; $7.98 a yard) and 1.5 yards of lining fabric (Amy Butler; $9 a yard); Top – One sheet ($3)
Pattern: Colette Beignet and Burda Slouchy Blouse
Year: c. 2009 (skirt) and c.2010 (top)
Notions: Buttons for skirt (vintage; $3 total for 3 packs) and buttons for top ($1)
Time to complete: Skirt – 8 (4 hour self-inflicted directions issue) and Top – 2 (1 hour stupidity tax)
First worn: January 2011
Wear again? Yes-ish.

Total Cost: $~35 for whole outfit!

Aww high-waisted skirt, why can't I quit you? You're frustrating (look at all those buttons to line up!), you're only kind-of flattering, and every time I thought it was over, you just kept pulling me back in! Just like the heronie, Summer, in my inspirational film 500 Days of Summer, you built me up (buttercup) just to bring me down. You messed me around!


So maybe it wasn't that bad. It's a wonderful pattern by Colette and totally my fault that it took me 8 whole hours to make, but this skirt gave me some issues. First, the metric ton of buttons to line up – I had to keep measuring, remeasuring, sewing on buttons, taking off buttons. The denim just didn't like the line of buttons down the front and refused to lay flat. Perhaps I will need to try again, this time in a lighterweight fabric?

Second, I thought I knew better than the pattern designer (can you see how this will end?) and tried to sew the hem of the focus fabric to the lining. Instant bubble skirt. I ripped it out and remade it the suggested way. Let that be a lesson to any sewing novice, the directions are usually that way for a reason!

April_102_tech_drawing_large When I finally finished it, I was ready to move on to an "easier" pattern: the Slouchy Blouse from Burda Style. Again, I goobered it up and made a one hour shirt in two hours. That's just how I roll people! While the directions of Burda are vague, it was still 100% Sarah that made this a longer process than needed – again thanks to the reading and following of said directions. One big tip about this pattern: it doesn't include seam allowance, so take that into account. 

Overall, I like the way this outfit turned out – the comfy shirt started as a sheet and I think I'm going to make another one again soon. The skirt, while cute, isn't the best fit for denim, but I like the way it looks enough to wear it again. 

Are you directionally challenged too? Let me know how you overcome this affliction in the comments!

*Hat tip to the lovely and talented Erin, who took all these pictures!

MT - pocket detailMT - arm detail


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  1. Well done – it looks great. I too suffer from the ailment of thinking I know what to do – when in fact I don’t. They tell you to read through ALL the instructions at the beginning for a reason …. when will I learn!! Nice to know I’m not alone!!

  2. I really like it! I’ve been too scared to try the beignet pattern (matching up buttonholes is not my strong point) but I think you did a great job! I love the detail on the blouse as well!

  3. I’ve just checked out your slouchy blouse in my Burda mag. Very nice job you did of it too. I like the lapels-no collar. (and I very much understand the whole ‘instructions? aren’t they for reading after you’ve cut and sewn?)

  4. I love this! I think it turned out very well :)

  5. Thanks guys! The skirt’s really growing on me – I’m liking that I get to show off my belts instead of hiding them!
    And it’s not too complicated of a pattern, which means that even with my additions and subtractions, it was still decently easy to make. I’m totally going to make another in linen or something else lighter than denim!
    Also, HAHAHA Jen – I have so done that before. I consider it “guerilla sewing.”

  6. I had to carry on the “makin’ it from a sheet” tradition at the shop – represent!!

  7. Sexy Sarah! :-) Just wish we could see more of them boots.

  8. I must sew REALLY slow, because two hours for a shirt does not sound unreasonable to me. :)

  9. Love the outfit–especially the green belt. It just pulls it all together fantastically. Quite. Alas, I am direction following challenged, but not because I think I know how to do it better. I’m just…challenged. (sigh) I’m impressed with your buttons too.

  10. What a cute outfit! The skirt look fabulous and you did a really great job with the buttons!

  11. I seem to always know better than the pattern, so I feel your pain.
    This, however, looks darling! You do look like cute Zooey as well in your lovely styled photos! I too, love the green belt! Looks great all around!

  12. Oh I love everything about this outfit. It is cute and I can’t believe the blouse is made from a sheet. Top and skirt are really cute. I love your information too. I love it because that’s me, I make things harder than they should be. My husband said to me recently “Did you make it the way the recipe said?” because I am always changing recipes too. But it doesn’t stop there because you know the saying “How you anything is how you do everything.” Yep that is me. I just wish we could have seen the cowgirl boots too. I am sure the entire ensemble is great together.

  13. Thanks everybody! I don’t feel so alone in my totally directionally challenged-ness – and yes! The cowgirl boots will be making many, many more appearances – I love them so much!

  14. I think your outfit looks great and your writeup was very entertaining! Extra thanks for using pretty scenery from my home state in your photo. :)