Ask: 1/17/2011

Which film romance provides you with the most sewing inspiration? Is there a particular costume you would love to duplicate?


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. zoe’s wardrobe in 500 days of summer. I love everything she wore in that movie!

  2. I love Diane Lane’s white dress from Under the Tuscan Sun (when she goes to visit Marcello) and am determined to make a similar one!

  3. Grace Kelley in Rear Window. I’ve always loved the black and white Paris dress and the blouse she wore with the green suit. All the outfits showcase 1950’s fashion perfectly. Edith Head at her best!

  4. Kelly, that is.

  5. margueritedesigns

    I have my fabric and pattern ready for the challenge this week but it’s a little secret until I’ve completed the project!

  6. I swear, every time I watch Pride and Prejudice (Hello, Mr. Firth!) I want to sew up an entire wardrobe of empire gowns. I restrain myself, but some day I will sew myself one. Some day!

  7. It’s recent, but I was very inspired by The Tourist.

  8. I love BBC’s North and South (2004). I covet Daniela Denby-Ashe’s lace trimmed blouse that she wears in several scenes (as well as the dress in the closing scenes).

  9. Favorite movie is Gilda with Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. They have an intense love triangle including Mr. Mudson who is connected to Nazi Germany. I most famous dress she wore singing “Put the Blame on Mame”, which she then attempted a mini strip tease. I would love one day like to try a floor length gown with boning and opera gloves.

  10. Oh boy–so many to choose from. But right now, I’m still in love with Dangerous Beauty. The fantastical “working” costumes worn by the Venetian courtesan characters are so luxe, they’re simply dripping with over-the-top embellishments. And even the daily, non-working outfits worn by the main character, Veronica Franco, are beautiful and sumptuous. I have plans to recreate (with my own touches) three of the costumes from this film: Veronica’s “coming out” fantasy gown (not based on historical garments at all), what I call her “King Henry Seduction gown”, and the gown only seen once as she’s shown moving into a new house with her family.
    If you love the Renaissance, Italy, and costume dramas, see this movie.

  11. i love zoeys style too! but i would LOOOOVE to have Keira Knightly’s green dress from Atonement

  12. I love the Thin Man movies right now, give me anything Myrna Loy wore (and the body to wear it with) and I’d be a happy camper!

  13. Ive always loved Pleasantville, and i can’t go past Mad Men.
    I want a Betty Draper wardrobe!

  14. Ive always loved Pleasantville. I can’t go past Mad Men.
    I want a Betty Draper wardrobe!!

  15. I don’t know the name of the movie or even if it was a movie and not a TV show (Perry Mason or something) just that it was B & W and the woman in it was wear this amazing dress/skirt/pants thing. Not culottes but actual pants under or attached to a skirt and top or dress. The skirt part is open. It is a much more elegant outfit than I have made it sound here. I may have even seen Lucy wearing one. I have looked on the internet several times but can’t seem to find a picture of it. There are many individual outfits/dresses that I have loved in old movies but can’t think of any one movie to choose from. I do know I would love to know how to make some of those hats women used to wear.

  16. Yes, yes, yes! After this question was asked, I found myself googling pictures of this dress.

  17. Eh, Gone with the Wind. I was the blue dressing gown with fox fur.
    Generally, it’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I don’t want to recreate the clothing, but it is beautiful.