Gatsby UnProgress

Oh dear reader, I'm supremely frustrated with my Gatsby dress. I've bought three different fabrics for the dress and none of them seem right. I've actually sewn most of the dress with the blue floral fabric I bought from While it was pretty, it doesn't feel nautical at all (me and my stupid constraints!!). I bought some blue and white seersucker but it just won't hang the way I want. Finally, yesterday, I bought some white georgette at Britex and while it hangs beautifully, it just doesn't look "right."

I'm not sure if I'm simply in a place where I have an idealized image of the fabric I want (blue and white striped chiffon) and nothing will make me happy. Should I continue with this direction? Should I have gone with navy chiffon and white trim? While that would look more nautical, it just seems so dark for something like an afternoon picnic. Is navy acceptable?

I need some feedback!


Mena Trott

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  1. I love the idea of the navy chiffon with white trim!

  2. Navy and White would look great. I can’t wait to see pictures.

  3. I love the blue floral fabric and think you should continue with that. You can accent it with red accessories – even a kicky red hat – and there you go!
    I love your blog! It’s so inspiring and has kicked off my own handmade closet project. Thank you!
    Sarah :)

  4. Navy sounds perfect! The white will add the nautical feel you need. Can’t wait to see it!

  5. What if you add the white trim to the blue/white lawn? is there too much white already with the floral pattern? Make the belt all white and then use the accessories. White hat, white gloves and beads. The cotton will be more comfortable in the summer than georgette or chiffon.

  6. I agree that there is something off with the white geogette. How about posting a picture of what you have sewn with the other fabrics. Right now I prefer the navy floral pattern.

  7. I love the blue and white.

  8. How about this blue and white striped silk chiffon? Did you already see this? It’s not outrageously expensive.
    I really love this blog, and you have inspired me to keep mine up a little better!

  9. I love the blue fabric.
    I was intrigued and did a search and came up with this. No idea if it will drape correctly for your project- or if it is way too late- or if this would look terrible as a dress! Like I said, I think the blue you already have is perfect. Finding a nautical feel/color combo is definitely hard unless you want a quilting cotton!

  10. I like the idea of navy with white trim–it does sound a lot more nautical. Don’t worry about it being too dark for an afternoon dress; I’ve seen plenty of 30s dresses that are darker colors that fit this garment type!
    That being said, I do still like the floral that you picked initially. You could always add some trim or accessories to reinforce the nautical look…
    ♥ Casey
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  11. I would vote for navy with white trim.

  12. I liked your prototype in white why not a white dress with blue trims like a sailors uniform

  13. I Love the idea of navy with white trim. As I was waiting for this page to load (trying to upload pics of my son’s day at the aqaurium at the same time…Mac doesn’t run as fast as she used too) I was reading your progress in the following post. I LOVE the blue floral fabric and flower. I think maybe a smaller trim around the neckline would be more dainty…just my opinion though, I can’t wait to see this dress complete! And the pics from the day of! Super jealous I don’t have anything like this to attend in my area…
    good luck Mena!!