Hot! The “I Will Never Wear a Batik Print” Batik Print Dress

Batik-promo The Facts
Fabric: Batik cotton from Alameda Antique Fair – $10 for ~4 yards
Pattern: McCall's 6224  - $1 from Alameda Antique Fair
Notions: Vintage zipper – $.005
Year: c. 1962
Time to complete: About 6 hours
First worn: April 2010
Wear again? Yes! Yes! Yes!

This past Sunday was the Alameda Point Antique Fair and although there was a good showing of vendors, I left with only one pattern, one pair of sunglasses and one piece of fabric. I actually passed on this fabric when I first saw it because it didn't seem truly vintage (the selvage width is 54" or 60") and I really don't like batik prints. Of course, once Krissy picked it up and showed interest in it, the fabric seemed a lot better — I'm competitive like that.

The good thing was that there were two pieces, one turquoise and one red and we were able to get both of them for less than $20. Not long after we both started having a bit of buyers remorse about the fabric. It just wasn't our style – batik prints, for goodness sake — and it seemed like the fabric that would be our stashes forever.

I told Krissy that it's this sort of fabric that surprises you. You think it's ugly at first, or at least a bit meh, and then once it's a dress you want to wear it every day.

My friends, this is that dress.

I absolutely love love love this dress. It's my first border print and I worked from one of the first patterns I purchased (McCall's 6224). The fabric is super lightweight but is substantial enough to feel like I'm covered and it's just a joy to wear. My only beef with the pattern is the basic 1950s/1960s silhouette issue of too much unnecessary gathering for non-petticoat usage. 

Because I didn't want to add the ruffle detail that's suggested in the pattern, I made a little flower out of one of the border print circles.

I'm on the search of more border prints and can easily see that being my dress trend for the summer.



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I also love love love this dress!

  2. OK, this dress is divine. Just utterly wonderfully splediferiously divine! Flower, the red belt, and of course the dress! That pattern!
    You saw the dress in the fabric and that is an impressive feat. I too an not that into batiks, but after seeing this, I might give them a whirl!
    Thanks for the inspiration (again),
    – Dottie

  3. I LOVE IT. It looks comfy and cool, but the color is sexy. Love the little flower detail, too. Great job!

  4. J.B. Wheatley

    Just beautiful! You’re inspiring me to both sew and get to the Alameda Point Antique Fair next month. ;-)

  5. It is absolutely beautiful, such a stunning shade of red too!

  6. I share your feelings about batik, but this is just… wow. The deep red, the border print, the combination of plain bodice and gathered skirt. I’m having serious envy. This dress reminds me of the song “A Rose in Spanish Harlem”. Va va voom!

  7. Ditto to your fans…this dress is gorgeous and so lovely on you.

  8. I can see how you love love love it! It is gorgeous!! and looks so good on you to boot! :)

  9. Super cute. Love everything about it. The fabric flower is perfect.

  10. This is absolutely my favorite thing you’ve made so far. It’s just perfect. Love love love.

  11. where is Alameda and why don’t I live there?
    gorgeous dress and what a bargain

  12. Oh WOW! I love this one, I am a huge fan of border prints and this dress looks spectacular on you. Total success. Yay!

  13. Perfection, absolute perfection. Well done. Border prints are the best! I love all that gathering, too- swishy!

  14. OMG, as soon as that photo appeared I thought ‘what a beautiful dress!’ It is absolutely gorgous and the corsage and belt at perfect. Love it!

  15. The dress is an absolute gem! I can see why you love it and I’m sure the fact that you made it will give you an extra skip in your step when you wear it. Once again, your latest creation is an inspiration :-)

  16. Wow! What a wonderful dress! Now I want summer and some borderprint fabric to make such a dress, too! Also bravo for the clever idea with the flower. How did you do it exactly?

  17. this is stunning! i’m glad you picked up that fabric because you look fabulous.

  18. Gorgeous!! I Love red, I Love batiks & I Love vintage patterns! Thanks for showing how well all three work together… Off to search for fabric!

  19. This is absolutely gorgeous — maybe the best design so far!

  20. stunning…very jealous!

  21. It looks beautiful! More batik dresses!

  22. This dress is so cute! All of your outfits are! I’m so impressed!!
    Andrea @

  23. Amazing! My favourite outfit so far.

  24. Great color on you! It turned out cute!

  25. Oh, I absolutely adore this dress. You did SUCH a fantastic job.

  26. That dress is fabulous. And you look absolutely stunning in it. I can imagine you want to wear it a lot, beautiful!

  27. I LOVE batik. I’m in a dyeing and textiles class and I’m making batik prints! can’t get enough. The dress is too cute.



    Im so impress ! I just started sewing myself and love love to have the ability to do those wonderful creations !!!!

  30. Oh my gosh! Great dress–yet again.

  31. Gorgeous! The dress is lovely and you look amazing in it!

  32. O.K., I’m so inspired by this dress (and blog) that I just picked up a beautiful antique White sewing machine – model 764 – and I’m going through the manual to figure out how it works. Thank you for sharing your projects and love of handcrafting clothes!!

  33. Love it. And your smile too – you just seem like such a nice person!

  34. WOW This dress is stunning!!! I found your site from a link a friend sent. I am so glad she did!!!

  35. this is stunning!

  36. Libett Magana

    I love this dress! Nice job!

  37. I have just discovered your website. I am stunned by your creativity. This dress iss so beautiful.

  38. Beautiful dress – it is so unique. I love it

  39. This dress is amazing !!