Hot! The Nom Nom Nom Dress & Putting Green Jacket


Fabric: Cotton Blend – purchased from Stone Mountain & Daughter $9
Pattern: Simplicity 1566
Year: 1946
First worn: January 2010
Wear again? Definitely.

Simplicity 1566 makes a return visit — this time I used the rounded neckline view. I told myself I was going to take a break from the 1940s shirt dresses but every time I try to get out, they pull me back in.

I really like working with this pattern and my only setback occurred when I cut the fabric in the wrong direction of the grain. The stretch that this fabric provided if cut correctly was rendered useless by my mistake. Still, even with the grain issue, the dress is highly wearable.

And about the name of this dress? I think Cookie Monster would heartily approve of this fabric.

Putting Green Jacket

Fabric: Woven (?) from garage sale – $6
Pattern: Simplicity 4564
Year: c. early 1960s
First worn: January 2010
Wear again? Perhaps. Will definitely use the pattern again.

The fabric for the jacket came from my garage sale score over the weekend. I've got 6 yards of the stuff and had grand plans of making a coat. The only problem is that I HATE working with woven fabrics. I need some tips on constructing with wovens. (Can someone tell me the exact name of this fabric?) It's a unraveling mess while I sew and I just can't get a clean line.

That said, the jacket is wearable; in fact I wore it to work today with the dress. The styling of it in the photograph makes it look a bit more wonky at the bottom than it really is. Overall, it's a good pattern and if I was using a friendlier fabric would have turned out quite nice.

But damn, it's scratchy. Thank goodness it's lined.



Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. ah how cute! I love the color combos of the green with that dress print

  2. Ooh, that’s a gorgeous outfit! The dress fabric is super-cute and I adore the shape of the jacket.
    The only tip I can give you for working with woven fabric is to iron the whole length of fabric onto really, really lightweight interfacing and *then* cut out and sew the pieces. I think I heard somewhere (but can’t remember where) that Chanel seamstresses quilt the fabric onto its backing first and then cut out, the quilting stabilising the loose weave. But I could be wrong…

  3. Oooh Bron, that’s a great tip about the interfacing. I think that would do the trick. Thanks!

  4. Cute dress. The fabric looks like boulce from the photo, perhaps a wool or poly blend.
    Nice job!

  5. Both items turned out so nicely, well done.

  6. Check out “Gertie’s new blog for better sewing” for tips on sewing a coat. She did some video logs on her attempts to sew a coat, her first one I think, and it turned out really nice.
    Love your outfits.

  7. Where do you find these fabulous fabrics? I love the bold, interesting patterns.