This week, we're rounding up the year with our holiday creations.

Most Recently

Happy Holidays

  • The “English Holiday” Blouse and Skirt
  • The “52 Weeks And I still Love to Sew” Pants/Trousers
  • The “Happy” Hats
  • Israelites-The dress
  • Happy 8498…I mean 2013!
  • The “Have a Wonderful New Year!” dress
  • The “I got 67 garments and a crown ain’t one” final frock of 2012
  • Happy Holidays
  • The “Birthday” Dress
  • The “Unexpected Gift” Shirt & The “Be a Doll and Have a Merry Christmas” Dresses
  • The ‘Handmade Holidays’ Gift trio
  • The “Desk Set” Christmas outfit
  • The “One Last Green” Dress
  • Merry and Bright!
  • The “How much is too matchy-matchy?” dress
  • The “All Singing, All Dancing” Dress

Last Week’s Creations

  • The “Two Favorites In One” Skirt
  • The “Strawberry Sundae” Shirt
  • The “My Favorite Things” outfit
  • The “Fun and Flowy” Dress
  • The Bump it Dress
  • All that Glitters….
  • The “Mustard” Trousers
  • The “What the world needs now is love sweet love” dress
  • The ‘Madame Monet’ Underbust Corset